Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 397


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“What’s the matter, so panic, are you trying to disturb the military’s mind?”

Marshal Barbarian Race is coldly snorted, concealing his fragility.

“Grand Commander, behind our army, an assassination squad appeared in the breakthrough, and our army suffered heavy losses!” said Lingbing.

As soon as this was said, Marshal Barbarian Race staggered and almost fell.

“Assassination team? How many people?” Marshal Barbarian Race asked.

“Grand Commander, a rough estimate, at least hundreds of thousands!” said Lingbing.

“deng deng ……”

Marshal Barbarian Race retreats physically, his face is full of fear.

He pointed to the messenger, “This major event, it is only now that you have committed a major crime of negligence!”

“Come here!”


A scream interrupted Marshal Barbarian Race’s voice.

Immediately afterwards, a dark shadow appeared not far from Marshal Barbarian Race.

His body is erratic and looks very unreal.

Seeing this person, Marshal Barbarian Race’s voice trembled, his face changed and changed, “You…you are Ye Jiuyou, then…the killing without blinking an eye…”

The words are not over.


Marshal Barbarian Race covered his neck and could no longer make a sound except for the sound of bleeding.

He pointed to the dark figure, and his head fell to the ground uncontrollably.


On the ground, rolled several times before stopping.

Such a scene strongly irritated the eyes of those Generals, with a look of horror, and his face was full.

Everyone’s eyes are on the dark shadow.

This dark shadow is not someone else but Ye Jiuyou.

Once, an ordinary player.

Now, in the eyes of the NPC, it has become the Manslayer Demon King.

Just hearing his name made many people become terror-stricken at the news.

Ye Jiuyou smiled at several Generals, with a cruel smile on their faces, “Sometimes, choosing the wrong camp will cost you your lives!”


After speaking, Ye Jiuyou moved.

The body is like a ghost, wandering around.




The sound keeps on.

each and everyone General and the guards, staring blankly at their slowly splitting body.

Finally, with a “bang”, he fell to the ground, and after a few twitches, there was no movement.

Without a breath, Ye Jiuyou returned to the place.

He secretly shook his head, “Weak, too weak!”

“It’s not addictive at all, it’s not addictive at all!”

After saying these two sentences, Ye Jiuyou’s body slowly disappeared, disappear without a trace, and never appeared again.

On the battlefield, there are Barbarian Race soldiers remaining, struggling and roaring frantically.

It’s useless at all.

Under the encirclement of millions of troops, after a few breaths, there was no movement.

Everyone fell down.

No one is left, no one escapes.

“After picking up the spoils of war, return 10 li for repairing!”

A military order spread everywhere.

The army of millions, after collecting treasures, retreated in an orderly manner.

There was no panic in the whole process.



Barbarian Race camp.

Barbarian Race patriarch and the others paced back and forth in the camp, with worries in their eyes.


At this moment, the voice of the messenger rang.

Immediately afterwards, the messenger rushed into the camp and knelt down.

“Report to patriarch, we have hundreds of thousands of troops, and we are all dead and wounded!”

The words came out.

“deng deng…”

Barbarian Race patriarch’s body deng deng straight back, eyes are full of jealousy.

“What? Dead? All dead?”

Barbarian Race patriarch, muttering to himself, there is no trace of blood on his face.


There was a sound.

A silhouette appeared in the tent instantly.

He is Bill.

“Trash, it’s really a bunch of trash, not even an enemy is killed, it’s so weak!”

“It looks like, I still underestimated this Zhao Chan!”

“Since I am playing tricks with this King, it is good!”

Speaking of this, Bill stared directly at Barbarian Race patriarch.

This stare, like the eyes of hell, made Barbarian Race patriarch’s body tremble.

“Kui Xi, immediately dispatched the Barbarian Race millions of elites, and even hid the Liba troops in it. After killing some of them, they will immediately retreat.”

“I don’t believe it, they won’t chase it!” Bill said.

Hearing this, Barbarian Race patriarch complexion greatly changed.


He knelt down, “Bill Ruler, please forgive my clan, if you fight again, my clan will die!”


The other Elders also knelt down, “Bill Ruler, you can’t fight anymore! Killing the God Emperor country is notorious. They have ruled most of the wild tribes. How can my small tribe Contestable!”

“Bill Ruler, please let us go!”

Seeing what these people looked like, Bill couldn’t beat him up.

He looked at Barbarian Race patriarch, “Are you want to die?”

“Bill Ruler, even if you kill me, I won’t let you succeed!”

“Someone like my clan must not die in my hands!”

Barbarian Race patriarch looked at Bill angrily without flinching.

“Bill Ruler, you want to kill our patriarch, kill us first!”

A group of Elders, all blocking in front of Barbarian Race patriarch, did not flinch.

“In that case, this King will do you all!”

Bill gritted his teeth with anger, his face filled with anger.

Bill waved his right hand, within the body God level power, surging up, rushing into his hand.

Seeing this scene, Barbarian Race patriarch and several Elders, all their faces changed drastically.

They closed their eyes and waited quietly for death.

“Die, a bunch of trash, watch this King kill you all!”

After speaking, Bill waved his right hand.


a dragon roar groaned, roaring Heaven and Earth.

The imposing manner of terror, seems to be able to destroy heaven extinguishing earth.

A Golden Dragon opened its big mouth, aimed at the crowd, and bit it down.

I’ll bite them when I see.

At this time.


Golden Dragon struggled frantically, starting from its head, turning into strands of gold, digging into the void, and disappeared.

In less than a breath, Bill’s trick disappeared completely.

Quiet, very quiet.

Barbarian Race patriarch and a few Elder opened their eyes, staring at the scene blankly, “Not dead? Bill won’t kill himself?”

They all stared at Bill.

But seeing, Bill swept around, his eyes were full of panic.

“Come out, come out for the old boss!”

However, the answer to him was silence.

As if everything is illusory.

“The old bosses don’t believe you can protect them!”

After speaking, Bill waved his left and right hands at the same time.

“Howl! Howl…”

Two dragon roars shook the earth.

Two golden small dragons aimed at a few people and rushed over.

The imposing manner that annihilates everything, the complexion greatly changed by a few people.

They stayed where they were, their eyes widened, and looked at the two small dragons quietly.

Seeing, the two small dragons are about to hit everyone’s chest.

At this time.

A transparent barrier stood in front of several people.

The Golden Dragon turned into strands of light, and was swallowed into the transparent ripples, disappeared.

“This…this is impossible!”

“Who is it?”

Bill roared a few times and sweat rolled down his forehead.

The next second, he couldn’t help but sink into hell, and his body trembled violently.


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