Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 398


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There was a sound.

A dark shadow appeared in front of Bill instantly.

If there is nothing, it is erratic, like a ghost in the night, very unreal.

When he saw this scene, the hair on Bill’s head stood up.

The panic was all over his face.

“Yummy, delicious!”

The black shadow made a sound of have one’s hair stand on end.


Is his trick for eating?

What monster did you encounter?

How could a little Jade Continent encounter such a monster?

Gosh, I knew it, I shouldn’t have come!

Bill is physically, backing frantically.

“You… don’t come over!”

After finishing speaking, with a wave of the right hand, a teleportation vortex appeared in front of him, and he was about to jump into it.


With a sound, the vortex is transmitted, as if the energy has been drained and disappeared.


Bill was dumbfounded, staying in place, not moving for a long time.

Even this kind of energy can be swallowed, what kind of monster is it?

At this moment, Bill’s mentality exploded, looking at the moving shadows, he didn’t dare to move at all.

“Delicious, delicious, and some more for this King!”

The voice came from the shadows again.

Bill’s scalp exploded, and his cold sweat was drenched.


He used a teleport vortex again.

Without exception, the shadow swallowed again.

“Come again!”

The shadow yelled, with that look, if Bill disagrees, I’m afraid he will rush forward and swallow him.

There is no way, Bill resorted to various methods and moves time and time again.

No matter what the move, it will only surprise for a moment, and it will be swallowed by the shadows.

Any method, in front of the shadows, is like the purest energy.

This dark shadow is simply an energy-swallowing machine, without any energy, it cannot be swallowed.

In the end, Bill was exhausted and couldn’t squeeze any energy out of his body.

“Come again, come again!”

I heard the voice of the dark shadow.

Bill squatted on the ground and kept kowtow.

“My Ancestral Grandfather, please let me go, I really don’t have the power to devour it for you!” Bill said.

“Hmph, is there really no? Then this King can swallow you!”

As soon as this was said, Bill exploded and squeezed out another move.

Compared with the previous one, the formidable power is more than a thousand times worse. It is simply too weak.

“Such energy, weak, too weak!”

“In that case, this King will swallow you!”

After speaking, among the shadows, a red glow sprayed out.

All of a sudden, Bill was tied up, and it was useless to let him struggle.

“He will leave it to you, this King will leave first!”

After that, Sombra disappeared, disappear without a trace.

When the shadows disappeared, Barbarian Race patriarch and a few Elders were stunned and couldn’t believe it.

They stared at Bill who was tied into rice dumplings on the ground, for a while.

“Patriarch, what should I do? Did he let him go?”

“No, let him go, he will definitely kill us!”

“Did you kill him? I’m afraid Divine Race won’t let us go!”

“We can only let him go, for the sake of my clan, we can only do that!”

each and everyone Elder, sighing again and again.


At this moment, patriarch stood up, pointed at a few Elders, and cursed.

“Almost died just now, did you forget?”

“You are so cowardly, let the tiger returns to the mountains do not understand the truth?”

“Also, just now, we were able to deal with him so much, if we are not satisfied, what will be the consequences?”

Barbarian Race patriarch scolded, all Elder bowed their heads, afraid to speak.


Bill laughed like he heard the best joke.

“A group of ants, do you dare to kill me with you?”

“The old boss is a Divine Race person, and the status is not low, familiar, let me go quickly, I can test and give you a good time!”

While speaking, Bill stopped.

He looked up, but saw each and everyone Elder, looking at himself angrily.

“What are you doing?”

“Why? Of course it’s you!”

Next, there was a punch and kick.

The sound of “bang bang” is endless.

“Ouch, don’t slap your face!”

“You dare to use severed feet, I won’t let you go!”



The farther behind, Bill’s voice became quieter, and finally, he stopped completely.

After a few twitches, there was no movement.

The appearance of the bruises all over is beyond description.

The face is completely flat, the chest is collapsed, and the limbs are separated…

What a terrible word.

“We have no way out. Only the Han Xing Great Emperor can protect us. Don’t be stunned, lead all the troops and surrender immediately!”

“Yes, patriarch!”



God Slaying Temple in the barracks.


“Come in!”

“Report to Grand Commander, Barbarian Race patriarch will lead the army and come to surrender!”

“Surrender? Surrender if you can’t beat it? How can there be such a good thing in this world?”

“Yes, Grand Commander, absolutely not your own eyes, there must be a conspiracy!”

Hearing these words, Zhao Chan waved his right hand and stopped everyone talking.

“Did their sincerity of surrender brought?” Zhao Chan asked.

“I brought it. It is said that I have brought a map, treasure, city list… It is said that there are two colorful wings!”

As soon as this word came out, several Generals immediately complexion slightly changed.

“What? Colorful wings, this is a symbol of God level angels, they, how can kill and behead get colorful angels?”

“God level angels, in Divine Race, that is also a high-level existence, they were even beheaded by them. Now, they have no way out!”

“In this case, this kind of allies can be made!”

Zhao Chan stood up immediately, “Come with me and welcome Barbarian Race to join!”

“Yes, Grand Commander!”

Everyone got up, rode on the strange beast, followed Zhao Chan, and left quickly.

The alien beast is rushing, and the smoke is billowing, it looks very mighty.

“Meet Grand Commander, I will wait for my surrender!”

Barbarian Race patriarch led a group of soldiers and knelt down.

Huge body, dusty from the shock.

“What about the sincerity of surrender?”

“Please wait a moment!”

After speaking, Barbarian Race patriarch waved, and someone immediately sent Angel Wings over.

As soon as this thing came out, it immediately shocked Zhao Chan side.

“Gosh, it’s really the wings of Divine Race angels!”

“They really killed God level angels? Fake?”

“impossible, impossible!”

Such exclamations kept ringing.

Zhao Chan held two Angel Wings, his eyes swept away, and his eyes were light flashed.

“The breath of Little Black Lord, so that’s how it is!”

“Little Black Lord, helped us solve another problem!”

Thinking of this, the corner of Zhao Chan’s mouth raised a faint smile, “This God level angel, did you control it?”

Hearing this, Barbarian Race patriarch gave a sorry smile.

“Grand Commander, I naturally don’t have this kind of strength. I am able to control it. I just killed him!” Barbarian Race patriarch said.

Zhao Chan is slightly nodded, this Barbarian Race patriarch is sincere, in that case, there is nothing to say.

“Well, from today, you Barbarian Race will be a part of my country of killing God Emperor, do you have any objections?” Zhao Chan said.

“Farewell to Grand Commander, I have no objection to wait!”

“Take people to start the settlement, you start today, follow this King!”



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