Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 399


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In the sky.

Su Ziyang watched this scene quietly, not satisfied with nodded.

“Zhao Chan has begun to look like a Grand Commander, and everything he does can be thought through! My vision is right!”

Su Ziyang is satisfied with nodded.

When a thought moves, a voice is spoken, wrapped in spirit strength, and passed directly into Zhao Chan’s ears.

“After the arrangement, you will bring the principal and return to Silent City immediately, this King will announce something!”

Hearing this, Zhao Chan’s eyes bloomed with a strange glow.

“Great Emperor, are you back?”

Afterwards, Zhao Chan began to arrange.

Su Ziyang’s body gradually disappeared.

After arriving thousands of kilometers away, Little Black turned into black energy and rushed towards Su Ziyang.

“Owner, you are finally back, Little Black has been waiting so hard!” Little Black said.

“Come less!”

Su Ziyang pushed Little Black away and looked at its sturdy body, “Hey, this is Grade 9 Immortal Realm?”

“Owner, I am Divine Beast. I am just restoring my strength now, so I can upgrade quickly!” Little Black said.

“Where did the harm go?” Su Ziyang asked.

“No!” Little Black shook his head repeatedly.

“Say or not?”

“Owner, actually I just went to the Silent Forest to eat some food.” Little Black said.

“What did you eat?”

“I ate all the terrifying beasts in it. In addition, I found a god tomb and swallowed all the treasures in it, which made me promote to Grade 9 Martial Immortal.” Little Black said.

Hearing this, Su Ziyang expression was dazed.

Casually, it’s so easy to break into the tomb of the gods.

It looks like, this Little Black is not simple.

“Do you want to become a super Divine Beast?” Su Ziyang asked.

“What? Super Divine Beast? Owner, have you found Super Divine Beast blood essence?”

Little Black looked at Su Ziyang, his face full of desire.

“No.” Su Ziyang said.

“There must be, Owner, you want to lie to me!”

“Owner, give it to Little Black. I have become a super Divine Beast, and my strength will increase ten thousand times. By that time, I can skip grades to challenge the 7th Rank!” Little Black said.


Su Ziyang slightly smiled, did not speak.

Enhanced to Grade 9 [Super Divine Beast]: Super Divine Beast blood essence *1000, Dragon Soul *20,000, energy *100 trillion; success rate 84[0%+Luck 84%].

I need 1,000 drops of Divine Beast blood essence, but I now only have 11 drops, which is far behind.

However, I can use the power of the Hunyuan world, and use Copy Avenue to copy 1,000 drops. There should be no problem.

“Yes, but there are, but it’s not enough for you to grow to Super Divine Beast. I’m thinking of ways to help you. Next, I need to see your performance.” Su Ziyang said with a smile.

“Owner, go up to heaven or down to Hades, climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of ​​fire, whatever you say!” Little Black’s expression, like a pug, kept turning to Su Ziyang Please.

“Well, you go back to Pet Space first!” Su Ziyang said.

“Yes, Owner!”

Until Little Black disappeared, Su Ziyang flew to Silent City with a smile on his face.

Not long after.

Ding, congratulations to the players for completing the great Spirit Race quest: Unifying Jade Continent

Ding, Dragon Soul +100

Ding, experience +10 billion

Ding, Gold Coin +10 billion

Ding, Luck +10

Ding, Thunder God Boots +1

Several consecutive system hint sounds.

At this moment, Su Ziyang’s Luck reached 94 points.

He has not had time to be happy.

At this time, there were a few more sounds.

Ding, congratulations to the player for completing the quest: Becoming the master of Jade Continent.

Ding, Dragon Soul +20,000,

The crystal of divine ability +20,000,

The power of the source world +100,

Luck +10,

Super Divine Beast blood essence +100

A few more system hints sounded.

treasure, you can ignore it for now.

Luck, however, made Su Ziyang have to pay more attention.

At this moment, his Luck value has reached 104 points!

Ding, it is detected that the Luck value of the player is full, and the extra points are stored in the Luck storage box.

Ding, players with Luck reaching 100 have the chance to trigger the Super Luck event, which is limited to once a month.

Ding, this super Luck is finally used at the most critical moment, don’t waste it!

Hearing these few sounds, Su Ziyang’s eyes gleamed uncertainly.

Sure enough, there is a Super Luck event.

Su Ziyang has ten thousand urges to use the Luck event immediately, but he still resisted thinking that the source world monster was coming soon.

“The system is used once a month, or must it be used every other month?” Su Ziyang asked.

“It is used once a month. If you use it at the end of the month, you can still use it at the beginning of the next month!”

An unprecedented answer from the system Su Ziyang.

Hearing this, Su Ziyang secretly nodded.

If so, keep it for now.

Because, now, it’s only the beginning of the month.

At the end of the month, it’s not too late to use it again.

You must ensure that you can use Super Luck every month.

Recovering his mood, Su Ziyang glanced at the Luck storage panel.

See above. There are 4 points in total, which can be assigned to anyone.

“If this is the case, it is really very good. I will assign all future Luck to Little Die!”

Su Ziyang murmured, secretly making a decision.

Ding, trigger the expansion of Spirit Race quest fourth stage: Unify the six continents, may I take it?

It’s quest again, this can increase Luck, so why not hesitate?


[quest]: Spirit Race quest fourth stage: Unify the six continents.

[Level]: Legendary

[Difficulty]: ten stars

[Explanation]: Unify Jade Continent, Sword Continent, Pengzhou, Demon Domain Gate, Extreme-Cold Land, and Huanzhou, and unite these six forces into one.

[Progress]: Jade Continent unified, Sword Continent unified, Pengzhou unified

[Reward]: body tempering divine ability *10,000, source world power *100,000, angel divine power *1000, Luck *60, destroy ancient tower [low grade Divine Item] *1.

Looking at the introduction of this quest, Su Ziyang was dumbfounded, and it took a long time to come back to his senses.

Let’s not talk about the other things, but this angelic power alone shocked Su Ziyang for a long time without came back to his senses.

This thing is definitely Supreme Treasure!

Chen these, there are low grade Divine Item above.

This thing is called Super Divine Item by this World and has the ability to destroy heaven and extinguishing earth.

Didn’t expect, you can get it!


apart from this.

There is also Luck 60.

“Little Die, when I complete the quest, you will also have 100 Luck!”

“By then, you will also trigger Super Luck! You will have life-saving ability.”

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