Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 400


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Su Ziyang swept his gaze to the Imperial Palace, directly penetrating the ground.

All Formation can’t stop him from gazing at all.

After a moment.

Su Ziyang complexion greatly changed, and doubts abound.

“What’s the matter? Little Die isn’t there?”

“Where are Aunt Ruan and Qiao’er? Why did they disappear?”

“What happened?”

Su Ziyang murmured, showing a look of confusion.

Above the wild mainland, Su Ziyang also glanced down, but did not send out Xiaodie and the others.

At the beginning, I didn’t take too seriously, thinking Xiaodie was in Silent City.

Didn’t expect, when she got here, she was simply not here.


Su Ziyang body flashed and came to the room Xiaodie lived in.

The faint osmanthus scent assaults the senses, which makes people smell and refreshed.

“Little Die is back?”

Su Ziyang expression is stagnant, his eyes are gleaming.

Go to the desk and touch it lightly.


A hidden Formation will be triggered instantly.

Immediately afterwards, a transparent silhouette appeared in front of Su Ziyang.

She is Xiaodie phantom.

She smiled and started talking.

“Big brother Han Xing, when you see my phantom, I have already gone to cultivation. Don’t worry about me. I will be safe with my elder sister.”

“Big brother Han Xing, you have entered Hongjun Dojo for more than a year. I don’t know when you will come out.”

“I can’t wait forever, I must strengthen myself!”

“The source world is about to open, and the monster is about to obliterate this World. As the daughter of Spirit Sovereign, I must become stronger. Before you come out, support this World and not fall down!”

“big brother Han Xing, if you come out first, and you still haven’t seen me two years later, come and look for me again!”

“Love you, big brother Han Xing!”

After saying this, Xiaodie showed a sweet smile, disappeared.

Su Ziyang grabbed the afterimage of her, his face full of dismay.

“Little Die, if I knew it, I will take you to Hunyuan world, hey…”

Su Ziyang was secretly sighed and his face became firmer and firmer.

“The monster of the source world, right? I will let you back and forth, I will explain it all here!”

A domineering wave, rising from Su Ziyang’s body, swept the entire Silent City like a violent wind.

At this moment, no matter who it is, it is shiver coldly, with cold sweat.

Everyone, all creeping on the ground, pointed in the direction of the Imperial Palace, and began to salute.

When Su Ziyang recovers his breath, everyone will recover.

They stood up one by one, and their faces showed a smile of avoided a catastrophe.

Who is the coercion of very terrifying? “

“It’s coming from the direction of the Imperial Palace, isn’t it the return of the Great Emperor?”

“The Great Emperor is back, I’m afraid this breath has reached God level.”

Such exclamations kept ringing.

Su Ziyang simply ignores these.

At this moment, he has come to another house in the Imperial Palace.

Ruan Erniang lived in this room.

Inside, it was cleaned very neatly, as if no one had left.

It seems that the maid is very diligent.

“Who is it!”

shouting loudly, coming from outside.

Immediately afterwards, a court lady ran in, fingered Su Ziyang, and shouted loudly: “Who Fang, the little thief, dare to break into the queen dowager’s palace and don’t want to live anymore!”

“Come here, come here!”

These two sounds.

“deng deng…”

There was a sound of rapid footsteps.

Immediately afterwards, guards with knives came in from outside, and all of a sudden, they surrounded Su Ziyang round and round.

The leader is a young man, Su Ziyang frowned and thought, but he had never seen this person.

It seems that this boy has never seen himself either.

The young man looked at Su Ziyang, looking left and right, without taking the lead.

“Excuse me, where is the cabinet?” Young Weiwei cups one fist in the other hand.

“hehe…” Su Ziyang just smiled slightly and didn’t answer.

The palace lady stared at this scene blankly, and the complexion slightly changed.

Even the guard Captain didn’t dare to do it directly. The strength of this person is not simple.

the thoughts got to this point, on the palace lady’s forehead, fine beads of sweat overflowed.

However, she soon calmed down again.

“hmph, with the Han Xing Great Emperor, no matter how strong you are, it will only be an arrow at the end of its flight!” The palace lady muttered, her face becoming calmer and calmer.

“Stop talking, it looks like you want to do it?” the boy said.


Su Ziyang stared at the boy closely.

This line of sight made him feel cold and his complexion changed again.

“Your Excellency, if you have something to find the Great Emperor, please leave the Queen Mother’s palace first, okay?”

“Fighting here is really a lack of style, what do you think?” the boy said.

Su Ziyang still didn’t speak, and walked in the bedroom by himself.

The teenager is like punched on cotton, without any reaction.

His face is a bit ugly, and his eyes roll up and down.

My heart defaults, it seems to be counting.

“Your Great Commander, is coming soon.” Su Ziyang said.

This is like poking the boy directly in the chest, making him look ugly, clenching and clenching his fists.

“Be careful, able to rush in immediately, and send someone to report, this mind, a small Captain, wronged you.”

“And you.”

Su Ziyang looked at the palace lady, “Take care of it in an orderly manner and meticulously work. Starting today, I will be promoted to the queen dowager’s palace chief, in charge of all the queen dowager’s daily life.”

The two looked at Su Ziyang blankly, their faces were full of unbelief.

A kid who didn’t know each other unexpectedly appointed himself as the manager.

“Do you think you are the Great Emperor?”

The maid is coldly snorted, nothing is wrong.

“Who is it? Dare to be wild in my country of killing God Emperor!”

A sound resounded above the Imperial Palace like a bell.

The shock made people’s ears buzz.

When the boy and the court lady heard this, their faces were full of joy.

They looked at Su Ziyang, showing him a look of pity.


A silhouette came quickly.

When he ran in front of Su Ziyang, his whole person was stunned, his face full of unbelief.

Here is Crow’s Mouth!


He knelt down and stood in front of Su Ziyang, crying loudly.

“Great Emperor, you are finally back!”

“Little, I miss you so much!”

These two sounds, like thunder, blasted above the heads of the boy and the court lady.

The two have a dull expression, and their bodies recede.

“It’s over, it’s over, the Great Emperor is here, and I have no eyes, and I called the guards to hit him. It’s dead!”

“What? He is the Great Emperor. No wonder he came to the Imperial Palace silently. I thought it was a Super Assassin.”

“However, I have offended the Great Emperor, what should I do.”

The two lowered their heads, their expressions languished, waiting for the moment to fall.

“Okay, okay, what’s the matter, get up and talk!” Su Ziyang said.

“Yes, Great Emperor.”

Crow’s Mouth wiped away the tears and stood in front of Su Ziyang, respectfully.

“Is he your subordinate?”

Su Ziyang pointed at the boy and asked.

This finger, like the finger of hell, made the young man’s body tremble, and sweat on his forehead rolled down.

Crow’s Mouth heard this, complexion slightly changed, turned his head in a blink of an eye, pointed at the young man, “Are you disrespectful to the Great Emperor, you should fight!”

After speaking, Crow’s Mouth slapped the young man with a slap.

However, he found that the slap couldn’t fall.

“This King didn’t mean to blame him. Starting today, he will be appointed Vice Commander. Any resources will be used by him.” Su Ziyang said.

“And she, from today, will be the commander of the Queen Mother’s Palace!”

“many thanks Great Emperor, many thanks Great Emperor!”


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