Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 401


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Su Ziyang returned to his bedroom and sat cross-legged on the ground.

With a movement of mind, it connects to the Divine Statue.

He discovered that on the Protection Lord God, the energy reached more than 1,000 trillion, equivalent to more than 1,000 yuan of source world energy.

Although not many, it is not bad, you can give away a few God level powerhouses.

Su Ziyang basically doesn’t care about the energy on Protection Lord God.

I still have more than 800,000 yuan of Source World Energy in my body, which is basically enough.

One thought moves.

Su Ziyang uses the secret technique—tracking.

He is very familiar with Xiaodie’s breath, so he doesn’t need any guidance at all.


The air trembled.

Su Ziyang’s body, a beam of light flew out, and finally, it exploded into billions of lightning glow and flew in all directions.

A thousand miles.

Two thousand miles.


One million li.

Within a million li, there is no trace of Xiaodie.

Next, continue to spread out.

With Su Ziyang’s current strength, it stretches 3,000,000 kilometers without any problems.

However, he discovered that within 3,000,000 kilometers, it was impossible to locate Xiaodie’s specific location.

3,000,000 kilometers, basically even the gate of Divine Realm has been covered.

The only mainland that is not covered is the gate of Demon Domain and Extreme-Cold Land that are farther away.

“It seems that I must go to the south and use this tracking secret technique again!”

Su Ziyang murmured, clenching his fist secretly.

He body flashed and came to the Hunyuan world.

After that, he took out a drop of Divine Beast blood essence and placed it in his hand.

Looking at the terrifying Bloodline breath, the entire space buzzed and seemed to burst.

However, a few strands of avenues flew all at once, instantly calming the super Divine Beast blood essence.

Next, with a thought, he called Copy Avenue to wrap the blood essence.


With a few tremors, a drop of Divine Beast blood essence was copied.

“It takes a day to run energy to replicate a drop. This is beyond Divine Beast blood essence, and it consumes too much energy, right?”

Su Ziyang opened the backpack and looked at 110 drops of Divine Beast blood essence on it.

Later, I looked towards 2 drops of Divine Beast blood essence in my hand.

The color of thinking appeared on his face.

“Let’s strengthen Little Black first, so that one more Super Divine Beast will also give you more life-saving skills.”

Thinking about this, Su Ziyang clenches the teeth, madly starting to replicate the Divine Beast blood essence.

It took 2 and a half years of operating power to replicate 888 drops of Divine Beast blood essence.

Let Su Ziyang’s flesh hurt for a while.

Now, Hunyuan World, running at full capacity, has only ten years left.

If ten years have passed, my own Hunyuan world will be useless.

By then, there will be no way to cultivate God.

When you are stronger, you must go to the source world to find Dao of Primordial Chaos Qi.

Thinking about this, Su Ziyang made a secret decision.

Afterwards, he moved his mind and put Little Black in the Spiritual Space.

“Owner, this is your Spiritual Space?”

Sensing to the mighty Spiritual Space, Little Black expression was dazed, and it has been a long time since he came back to his senses.

“Owner, this…this is Hunyuan world, oh my god, you have been integrated into the Spiritual Space, Owner, really amazing!”

“At first, the World Controller that made me consider you as the master was not wrong.”

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