Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 402


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Silent City, Imperial Palace, above the great hall.

“Meet the Great Emperor!”

The minister of civil and military affairs, kneeling in front of Su Ziyang, saluting respectfully.

“Flat body!”

Everyone stood up and leaned slightly to show respect.

Su Ziyang swept his eyes, looking at the familiar silhouette of each and everyone, the corners of his mouth raised.

Among these people, there are Zhao Chan, Mei Caigan, Xia Mofan, Feng Qingxiao and the others, and a lot of old monsters.

These bosses, in addition to the original bosses of Hongwu Empire, Reckless Dragon Empire, and Xiluo Empire Three Great Empires, there are also other bosses conquered from Monster God mainland, Lieyang mainland, and Wildland.

Everyone plays an important role in Jade Continent.

This can be regarded as the central figure in the Kingdom of Killing the God Emperor.

“Everyone, today is the day for rewards for meritorious deeds. Nothing is more meritorious than Zhao Chan!”

“Zhao Chan, come and listen to it!”

The words came out.

Zhao Chan stood up and saluted respectfully.

“This King ordered you to be the Grand Commander to protect the country. From now on, all soldiers will be commanded by you, can you have any objections?” Su Ziyang said.

“many thanks Great Emperor!”

Zhao Chan knelt three times and nine times, saluting respectfully.

When Zhao Chan got up, Su Ziyang saluted again, “To command the three armies, there is no absolute strength to convince the crowd!”

“In Jade Continent, perhaps your strength is the strongest, but in other mainlands, your strength is the weakest. Not to mention Pengzhou, Sword Continent alone cannot convince the crowd.”

“So, this King has given you to rise to the gods today!”

“When you reach the realm of God, you will rely on yourself for everything in the future, and this King will be helpless!”

After that, Su Ziyang’s thoughts moved, using 10,000 yuan of source world energy to release on the system.


He waved his right hand.


Thousands of blue rays of light, instantly wrapped Zhao Chan round and round.

After that, Zhao Chan’s breath grew wildly.

8th Rank Martial Immortal.

Grade 9 Martial Immortal.


This moment.

There are thousands of golden light on Zhao Chan’s body, rising to the sky.

The pressure on her body, like a tsunami, rushes in all directions.

That kind of strong breath, crushes everything in an imposing manner, swept away.

In the great hall, all of them are complexion greatly changed.

look of shock, written all over the face.

Then it turned from shock to envy.

In the end, it became worship.

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on Su Ziyang, showing endless desire.

While waving, let Grand Commander break through to the gods.

This strength, this method, is simply heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, no one can match it.

Among the crowd, the expressions of other mainland bosses are dumbfounded.

until now, they all just heard that Han Xing Great Emperor has this kind of strength.

I saw it today, and then I knew what a shocking method is.

It’s simply too unimaginable.

For a long time, these old monsters calmed down.

“many thanks Great Emperor!”

Withdrawing his breath, Zhao Chan knelt down in front of Su Ziyang and performed three kneeling and nine knocking salutes.

When Zhao Chan retires, Su Ziyang speaks again, “Feng Qingxiao, you are the second best. This time, this King will also help you break through the gods, assist Zhao Chan, and stabilize the kingdom of God Emperor!”

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

Immediately afterwards, Su Ziyang used the same method to raise Feng Qingxiao’s strength to the god level.

Feng Qingxiao stood in place, clenched his fists, and his face was full of joy.

Afterwards, he looked up to the sky and laughed, “haha, I actually have a breakthrough to the gods one day.”

“Great Emperor, thank you, thank you!”

Feng Qingxiao bowed down in front of Su Ziyang and kept saluting.

Su Ziyang is also very rascal for his former playmates.

I reach this kind of realm by myself, the other party can’t keep up, I depend on myself to exist, and it is impossible to regain the friendship of college.

If he doesn’t kneel, he won’t say anything.

However, he will definitely be rejected by others and may drown in saliva.

He must bow down even for himself.

This is reality.

When Feng Qingxiao withdrew, Su Ziyang gave another breakthrough again.

However, not everyone will help them break through the gods.

Only the core people, Su Ziyang helped them break through to the gods.

Everyone else has a unified breakthrough 1st Rank.

This time to help others through, Su Ziyang spent more than 300,000 yuan of Source World Energy, and it was heartache for a long time.

Fortunately, I still have nearly 500,000 sources of power in my body, and I should be able to break through 1st Rank.

“The reward is finished, next, this King will announce something!”

“Source Realm, you must have heard of it, right?” Su Ziyang glanced at the great hall and asked.

As soon as the words came out, many people’s complexion greatly changed.

Several of them, their bodies trembled violently, and their faces were covered with fear.

“Great Emperor, source world, I have naturally heard of it.”

“A thousand years ago, a Source Realm monster fell on the Fantasy Continent from Space Crack, almost destroying the entire Fantasy Continent.” An old monster stood up and said.

“How is this possible, how can a source world monster be so powerful?”

At this time, someone retorted.

“What a stop!”

Old monster coldly snorted, “Do you know that the source world monster, whose body was riddled with scars torn by space turbulence, actually severely injured the Lord of Illusion Continent.”

“In the end, it was the lord of the fantasy continent who sacrificed their lives before beheading the source world monster!”

The words came out.

Many people took a breath.

Most of the bosses in the great hall are thousands of years old.

Naturally know the power of the Lord of Fantasyland.

“What? The 5th Rank Martial God, has he been together with a seriously wounded monster perish?”

“God, putting it that way, doesn’t it mean that the source world monster has been infinitely close to the God level, if it is not for serious injuries, would it not destroy the entire Dragon God World!”

“Very likely!”

In the entire great hall, old monsters are discussing vigorously.

For a youngster like Su Ziyang, you can only listen to it, and can’t even put it in.

Every youngster has a look of fear written on his face.

The Great Emperor said the Origin Realm. Could it be that the Origin Realm monster is coming out?

Thinking about this, many people trembled.

An old monster stood up and cup one fist in the other hand saluted, “Great Emperor, you said the source world, is the source world monster coming?”

“Not bad!”

Su Ziyang nodded, his face is full of grave expressions.

“This time, it’s not a wounded monster in the Source Realm, but came out in full force. Each one is a peak of strength and will gallop across the mainland of Dragon God World!” Su Ziyang said.

The words came out.

In the entire great hall, no one spoke for a while.

Many people stand where they are, shiver coldly.

The shivering voice came from the old monster’s mouth.

“Great Emperor, how long will the source world monster come, and what should we do?”

“Good question!”

“There are still more than 20 days, maybe sooner. What I need you to do is to tell the world about this immediately, so that those who survive, come to Evil Valley immediately!”

“At that time, this King will bring them into the Spiritual Space!”

“I will give you ten days to bring those who are willing to accept the protection of this King to Evil Valley immediately. Can you understand?” Su Ziyang said.

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

“This King has something to do, first go to Fantasy Island, ten days later, I will return here.”

After speaking, Su Ziyang’s body disappeared instantly.


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