Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 408


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After half a day.

Su Ziyang and Xingling stand in front of a huge city with a radius of 100 kilometers.

Over the city, there is a special large array shrouded in the sky, which can shield the fog from all directions and make it impossible to penetrate.

On the city gate, three characters are written: “God Dream City”.

City gate is full of busy traffic.

It looks extremely prosperous.

Seeing this city, Su Ziyang secretly nodded.

“Line up, line up, if you want to enter the city of dreams, each one has a Dream Stone, take it out and prepare!”

“You, clearly remember an iron rule for the old boss, in the city of Dreams, it is forbidden to use Illusion Technique without permission, otherwise, die! Do you understand?”

Several guards, maintaining order, loudly he he.

Su Ziyang heard these words with a look of doubt on his face.

Dream Stone? I have never seen it before.

Where is it?

He was about to line up. At this moment, the Protoss took Su Ziyang and walked to the city.

“She… She is the Protoss Princess, one of the seven disciplines of Old Ancestor! My God, she actually has Dao Companion?”

“My sky has lost its color. I am here just waiting for you to return, but you have found Dao Companion!”

Such sounds kept ringing.

One after another unkind gaze, all staring at Su Ziyang.

The look that seems to swallow Su Ziyang, like waves, continuously.

Su Ziyang sighed then said, revealing a look of helplessness.

It seems that this celestial spirit is not inferior in this city of dreams.

She held herself like this, it was too easy to attract hatred.

For the first time, this is not a good thing.

“I have seen Princess Lingxing!”

When several guards saw the Protoss, they quickly cup one fist in the other hand and salute.

Without any obstacles, Su Ziyang and the Protoss entered the city smoothly.

“Big brother, let’s go to the Tower of Dreams, where, you can choose the Illusion Technique!” Protoss said.

“How to choose?” Su Ziyang asked.

“It’s very simple, you can choose which level of Illusion Technique by your own strength, which level you enter!” Xingling said.

Hearing this, Su Ziyang secretly nodded.

It seems that the principle is similar to Dao Comprehension Pagoda.

If so, it would be too simple.

“The most high-quality Illusion Technique, can it also be found on it?” Su Ziyang asked.

“Of course!”

The Protoss is nodded.

“It is said that this phantom tower was created by the phantom Old Ancestor. There are seven in total, distributed in the seven main cities of the mainland!”

“Each phantom tower, a total of 9-Layer, each floor, has the Illusion Technique, my Master Old Ancestor, I enter the 8th floor and obtain the Divine Dream Technique, and this has the current strength!”

“Only the Lord of Illusion Continent, Old Ancestor of Heavenly Dream, can match it. His Illusion Technique was also obtained on the 8th floor.” Protoss said.

“In that way, anyone can enter this fantasy tower?” Su Ziyang’s eyes are shining, as long as he enters the 9th floor, he will be able to obtain the Illusion Technique and crush two Old Ancestors, which is not a problem.

“Of course not! To enter the Tower of Dreams, it will take a lot of assessments, but in my capacity, naturally no one dares to say anything.” Protoss said.


Su Ziyang nodded, expressing understanding.

This is obviously opening the back door.

It just so happens that I don’t have enough time to save a lot of trouble.

“Let’s go.”


Led by the Protoss, the two walked to the Dream Tower.

After half a moment.

The two stood outside the Tower of Dreams.

“I have seen Protoss Princess.”

Seeing the Protoss, others immediately stepped forward and saluted respectfully.

“Open the Tower of Dreams!” The Protoss said.

“Yes, Protoss Princess!”

After speaking, the guards are going to open the gate.

At this time.

“Hold on!”

There was a sound.

Immediately afterwards, a female model came and looked at Su Ziyang with arms folded, “Oh, isn’t this Little Junior Sister?”

“Why, from which corner I picked up a waste and came back as Dao Companion?”

“haha, are you here to be funny?”

After speaking, the woman laughed in contempt.

“Chuzhi, you…”

The Protoss finger woman, angry.

“Why? Dissatisfied? Did you let him use an Illusion Technique to try?”

Speaking of this, Chu Zhi laughed again.

The look of looking for a slap, I can’t wait for someone to slap twice.

“hmph ……”

The Star Spirit was coldly snorted, pulled Su Ziyang, and walked to the Dream Tower, ignoring Chu Zhi.

Some people are bound to be unsatisfied once they gain power.

Chu Zhi is this kind of person. She put her hands on her chest and just swept her eyes coldly. The guard didn’t dare to move and stood obediently.

“Open the door to the Dream Tower for me!” Protoss shouted.

“Xingling Princess, Chuzhi Princess has an order, I dare not disobey it, but I also ask you to spare your life.” Guard Captain’s body trembled slightly, and sweat dripped from his forehead.

Xingling turned his head and glanced at Chuzhi, “Chuzhi, what do you mean?”

“haha, what do I mean?”

“I am guarding the Tower of Dreams, so as not to let waste in!”

“The Phantom Tower, it was created by the Phantom Old Ancestor. I am obliged to keep it here.” Chu Zhi smiled and said, without putting the Protoss in his eyes.

Xing’s spiritual energy made his body tremble and his fists clenched.

She was preparing to move, but saw that Su Ziyang had disappeared.

When he appeared again, he had already come to Chu Zhi, raised his fist, aimed at Chu Zhi’s face, and slammed it down.


A loud noise.

Chuzhi’s body is like kite with its string cut, flying upside down.


She fell to the ground like a meteor.

I fell a covered in dirt.

The entire right cheek swelled directly.

It’s as ugly as it looks.

“slut, this King has no complaints, no hatred with you. You have a trash on your left and a trash on your right. Is this King really bullying?”

Su Ziyang raised his fist, indifferently said.

It looks like an extremely easy thing.

In fact, his right hand hurts for a while.

Inwardly, it was even more shocking.

The Fleshy body of this Chuzhi is comparable to himself.

Fortunately, I was surprised, which made me feel solid.

The reason why I dare to hit her is because the Protoss strength is far above her.

Fear of her, I must be afraid of the people behind her.

As long as you enter the Tower of Dreams and come out of it, you will no longer be afraid of anyone.

“Good fight!”

The Protoss jumped up happily, shouting refreshedly.

“You…you dare to hit me!”

“And you, little slut, wait for me!”

After speaking, Chu Zhi walked away quickly, and soon disappeared.

“It’s over, it’s over, Protoss Princess, run away, it’s too late, it’s too late!”

“Yes, Princess Xingling, this Chuzhi is arrogant and despotic used to it, her big brother, but even the god dream Lord must be a little afraid.”

Several guards immediately began to persuade.

Hearing these words, Protoss’s expression changed.

Unable to make a decision for a while.


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