Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 409


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“Get out, get out!”

At this moment, one after another rough voice sounded.

I saw, a burly man, came hurriedly.

Behind him, a group of men followed.

Burly man has strong muscles, it looks like Kong Wu is powerful.

Seeing this person, the star spirit’s face showed a touch of jealousy.

Take Su Ziyang, quickly retreat, and get out of the way.

The big guy in the shape of a fly led these men and rushed to the Dream Tower.

At the same time, the big guy in the wild, looked back at the two of them, and the sneer was very obvious.

When the guard saw it, he opened the gate immediately.


The gate is closed.

Su Ziyang looked at the star with doubts on his face, “With your fleshy body, killing him is easy, why should you be afraid of him?”

“It is easy for me to kill him, but it is not easy for me to kill the people behind him!”

“Moreover, my identity will be revealed. At that time, I am afraid that Old Ancestor will not let me go.”

Speaking of this, the Protoss expression is sluggish and secretly sighed.

“If I could enter the Avenue of Refining Gods and temper my soul once, why would I need to sigh in such a low voice,” said the Xingling.

“Don’t worry, I will have the opportunity to temper your soul.” Su Ziyang said.


Xingling immediately expression changed and took Su Ziyang’s arm, “big brother, let’s run away, stay away from here, and go to other main cities.”

“no! ”

Su Ziyang shook his head slightly, “Even if we want to escape, I’m afraid we can’t escape. In that case, we will kill him today, connecting to heaven penetrating the earth.”

After speaking, Su Ziyang took the Protoss and walked up to several guards.

“Open or die!”


The two guardians were nodded in succession, opening the Tower of Dreams.

“Go, we two will enter it!”

Hearing this, Protoss complexion greatly changed, “Big brother, run into this, we will have no escape!”

“Trust me!”

Su Ziyang in turn grabbed Protoss’s little hand and said seriously.

Xingling’s face flushed. At this moment, she felt very relieved.

She obediently followed Su Ziyang into it.


The stone gate is closed.

Su Ziyang looked at the 1st floor, secretly nodded.

1st floor, there is no one.

The big guys who rushed in just now must have gone to the 2nd floor.

“This is the 1st floor. They are all the most basic Illusion Techniques. They are not very useful. Let’s go to the 2nd floor.” Protoss said.

Su Ziyang slightly smiled, “It’s okay, I’ll take a look first.”

After speaking, Su Ziyang stepped forward, made a look, picked up a copy of Illusion Technique, and started to check it.

Actually, his consciousness is out of the body, and he is already scanning all Illusion Techniques.

The soul is extremely huge, and all the Illusion Techniques have been recorded by him.

Moreover, the perception is automatically completed.

When you move your mind, you can release it.

After a moment.

Su Ziyang stepped forward, took the Protoss hand, and walked forward on the 2nd floor, “Let’s go!”

Just entered the 2nd floor.

I was surrounded by several men immediately.

“When my Young Master chooses Illusion Technique, there are people waiting for him and he will withdraw immediately, otherwise, die!”

A man pointed at Su Ziyang and the Protoss and shouted.

“She…she is the Protoss Princess!” one of them whispered.

“What about the Protoss Princess? It’s just a dog from the God Dream Old Ancestor, my Young Master, that is the biological grandson of the God Dream Old Ancestor, so we need to be afraid of her?”

“That’s right! Protoss, sensible, get out, otherwise, die!”

A man pointed to the Protoss and shouted.

The next second, he stopped by expression.

“Come on, who do I want to die?”

Behind him, Su Ziyang’s voice came.

“Each and everyone wastes, dare to provoke me, courting death!”

Next, the man aimed at “Su Ziyang” in front of him and rushed over.

Immediately afterwards, the two fought and did not give in.

On the other side, several men are also fighting in pairs.


For a while, the 2nd floor was full of roar.

The Protoss stared at this scene blankly, with unbelief in his eyes.

“phantom, provocation, taunt, madness…”

Looking at this one after another ordinary Illusion Technique, released on several people.

The Protoss was shocked and looked back at Su Ziyang with a complicated expression.


The words were not finished, but Su Ziyang was already standing in front of the bookshelf, holding an Illusion Technique, and began to release his consciousness.

The 2nd floor Illusion Technique is obviously reduced by half, but the level and difficulty of the Illusion Technique are much stronger.

It took a moment for Su Ziyang to fully remember and complete his comprehension.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the 3rd floor!”

At the moment when Protoss was in a daze, Su Ziyang stepped forward again, took her hand, and walked to the 3rd floor.

“Impudent, Young Master is choosing Illusion Technique, you dare to be impudent!”

As soon as he stood firm, Protoss saw a man, pointed at another man, and shouted.

It looks like it will tear him apart.

Next, the two moved at the same time.


The fleshy bodies collided with each other and kept banging.

The two of you come and go, and for a while, they are almost the same.

The other side.

However, I saw the big guy who just saw outside the tower, holding a pillar, and gnawing hard.

The picture I saw is simply unsuitable for children and cannot be described.


The Protoss uttered a scream, blushed to the base of his ears, and quickly turned around.

But I saw Su Ziyang, already selecting Illusion Technique.

He looked at Su Ziyang, his expression changing.

“Just now, this charm technique, plus several tangible techniques, tactile technique…Although they are only 2nd Rank, but when they are stacked together, they are only stronger than 5th Rank!”

“He just read one book and learned the others?”

“Is the Avenue of Refining Gods really in his Spiritual Space?”

Thinking about it this way, the Protoss’s face showed endless joy.

Looking at Su Ziyang is like looking at a treasure house.


At this time, Su Ziyang came to the Protoss again and took her little hand.

“Have you learned all the Grade 3 Illusion Technique again?” Xingling asked.

Su Ziyang was taken aback when he heard this.

Is it seen?

“En.” Su Ziyang nodded.


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