Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 410


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Outside the Dream Tower.

There are more and more onlookers.

“Look, the 5th floor is lit, and someone has entered!”

“Fuck, another genius has entered the 5th floor Dream Tower!”

“Yes, it’s really enviable. This kind of character Talent is comparable to the disciplines of Old Ancestor.”

Everyone muttered to themselves, with envy in their eyes.

“Several people, I’m here for the first time in the city of Dreams. Why is there a genius in this 5th floor lighting? Instead of a genius who entered it before?”

“You don’t understand this? Tell you, this dream tower will only be lit up by people who enter 5-Layer or above for the first time. Now, it is lit up with five stars, which proves that there are newcomers. Entered the 5th floor.”

“There is still this saying? This Dream Tower is really amazing.”

“Of course! The Phantom Old Ancestor is the creative ancestor of Illusion Technique, powerful means, terrifying.”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the Tower of Dreams, waiting quietly.

“Everyone said, who will enter the 5th floor?” someone asked.

“Who knows? No one is here. Let’s wait.”

“It makes sense.”

Time passed a little bit.

After one hour.

“Look at it!”

At this moment, an exclamation sounded.

Everyone’s eyes are on the six stars above the Dream Tower.

“God! Entering the 6th floor, this kind of character, once used a kind of Illusion Technique, it is a great power!”

“Yes, at least it is also a City Lord!”

“This kind of genius, maybe Old Ancestor will make an exception and accept him as a discipline.”

Such sounds kept ringing.

There are more and more onlookers.

The square before the assessment was already crowded.

“Get out, get out!”

At this time, a shouted sounded.

The onlookers rushed to squeeze and get out of two roads.

I saw that, surrounded by a group of people, Chu Zhi went and returned.

Behind her, dozens of men followed.

Everyone has a strong breath.

“What? It’s her!”

“Quickly…keep away, wherever she appears, nothing good will happen!”

“I don’t know who she will bully this time?”

The faces of everyone are full of fear.

Regarding these, Chu Zhi completely ignored them, standing in front of the Dream Tower, pointing to the two guards, “Where are the Protoss and the dead boy?”

“He…they are already on the Tower of Dreams.” The guard said.

“Go to the Tower of Dreams? Okay! Then just come to catch a turtle in a jar, you two, stay here, no one can enter, everyone else, come with me!”

“Yes, Young Lady!”

Led by Chu Zhi, a group of people, grandiose, walked into the Tower of Fantasy.

When I came to the first floor, there was no one.

Everyone did not stop, and soon they came to the 2nd floor.


I saw that several people are fighting, you are coming and going, don’t talk.

“Low-level Illusion Technique? Break for me!”

A shouted, Chu used the Illusion Technique.


a mouthful of blood, squirting from her mouth, her face is full of look of shock, “I can’t get rid of the really strong soul!”

“Who arranged it? Even the servants of Young Master dare to take action, really don’t want to live?”

Chu Zhi murmured, with a wave of his right hand, “Let’s go!”

When he met, he took everyone and walked to the 3rd floor.

Standing on the 3rd floor and seeing the scene before me, it was too spicy.

“Wu Biao, you…”

Chu Zhi turned around quickly, not to watch this scene.

There are more spicy eyes, so spicy eyes.

“You and me, the Illusion Technique on Master Wu Young is broken.”


Under the leadership of Chu Zhi, everyone began to move.


Illusion Technique is like a wave, surging rapidly on Wu Biao.

The Illusion Technique on his body was broken a little bit.

Seeing it, it’s about to break completely.


There was a sound.

Heaven and Earth changed.

Illusion Technique turned like a grinding disc.

In the blink of an eye, everyone was covered.


Wu Biao, who looked at the light, rushed over like a wolf tiger, Chu Zhi complexion greatly changed, and she backed away frantically.

“Block him for me.”


Dozens of subordinates work together.


However, in front of Wu Biao, they did not even have the slightest strength to fight back.

Whenever he hit Wu Biao, he was knocked upside down and flew out. In the end, he fell heavily and suffered serious injuries.

Struggled several times, but couldn’t stand up.

“No…no!” Chu Zhi’s expression changed and changed when she saw this scene.

In order to resort to haste and run wildly.

However, she just turned around a few times.

Next, Wu Biao pounced on Chu Zhi like a wolf tiger.

A scene cannot be described, it appears immediately.


Chu Zhi let out a heart-piercing, unwilling roar.


A phantom floated in front of her.

That looks like Su Ziyang.

“I gave you a Husband, enjoy it!”

After speaking, the phantom peng sound disappeared in place.

Next, Wu Biao attacked like a tiger.

The scary fleshy body, where Chuzhi can resist it.

After several rounds, Chu Zhi passed out immediately.

However, Wu Biao, with blood-red eyes, would let her go.



“7-Layer! My goodness, it has reached 7-Layer, what kind of monster is this!”

“It has been hundreds of years, and it has been a long time since this kind of evildoer has appeared.”

“I really want to see, who is he? If he is handsome, my Qi Family is willing to recruit him!”

“Come on, this kind of genius, where will you get your Qi Family? I think the Wu family will not let him go!”

“That is, the Old Ancestor of the Wu family has a dream, in this dream city, who dares not accept it!”

Such bombing voices kept ringing.

The entire Dream City, because Su Ziyang entered the 7th floor, has exploded.

Unable to squeeze into the Plaza of the Tower of Dreams, that was also discussed intensely.

There is a rumor that people enter the 7th floor of the Dream Tower in the entire Dream City.

Su Ziyang naturally doesn’t know about these.

At this moment, he and the Protoss have reached the 7th floor.

All the divine might pressures were resisted by Su Ziyang. The Protoss is here, safe and sound.

The Protoss looked at Su Ziyang with gratitude on his face.

“Okay, don’t froze, choose your own suitable Illusion Technique!” Su Ziyang said.

“Well! Thank you big brother!”

The star spirits were nodded heavily, walked to the Illusion Technique and began to choose.

Su Ziyang naturally didn’t idle either, letting go of consciousness, swept over all the Illusion Techniques, and began to learn.

In less than a moment, these dozens of 7th Rank Illusion Techniques were all completed by him.

Su Ziyang stood on the spot, looking at the Xingling, his eyes kept flashing, “How do you think it is Little Die, she is really Little Die’s younger sister?”

“Little Die has other identities?”

“Little Die, how many secrets do you have? I’m afraid you don’t even know it?”

Su Ziyang murmured, his gaze seemed to look towards infinity.

“I don’t want to think about this, first think about how to become the lord of the fantasy continent, find Aunt Ruan and the others, and then take them out of here is the best policy.”


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