Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 411


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“I don’t know, can he reach 8-Layer?”

“This is impossible! In today’s world, only the Old Ancestor of God’s Dream and Heaven’s Dream has entered 8-Layer, and everyone else is fundamentally impossible!”

“That’s right, if he can enter the 8th floor, I’m afraid this magic continent will have another terrifying boss.”

“That impossible, Old Ancestor, Tianmeng, never allow such existence!”

The discussion is getting more and more intense.

More and more people pay attention to the Dream Tower.

Basically, more than 90% of the people in the Dream City are paying attention to the Dream Tower.


At this time, there was a roar, oscillating outwards centered on the Dream Tower.

After that, countless golden lights rushed towards the sky from the dream tower.

Formed eight huge golden stars, flying in the sky.

The golden light shines and spreads across the entire city of dreams.

Everyone looked up and stared at the eight stars in the sky, their faces were shocked.

This moment.

Time is like stillness, space is like freezing.

Everyone stood in place, with their mouths wide open, not closed.

The kind of unbelief, the kind of surprise, the kind of shock.

Words cannot describe.

Long time.


Cool breath is in the sound, one after another.

After that, there was a burst of blast.

“My horse, 8-Layer, 8-Layer! There is such a monster in this world? Who is it?”

“Another divine dream, Old Ancestor, is about to be born, this fantasy continent, I am afraid that it will be rising winds, scudding clouds.”

“Impossible, the Old Ancestor of Shenmeng, retreat in Shenmeng City, I must not let this kind of character leave alive.”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Shen Dream City, in a mansion.

A man suddenly opened his eyes, and two bright glow burst out.

“Landscape 8-Layer? This…how is this possible?”

“hmph, it’s better to recognize me as your Lord, otherwise, I don’t mind sending you off!”

The man muttered to himself, turned into a phantom and disappeared.



God Dream City.

Somewhere underground.


An old woman suddenly opened her eyes.

“8-Layer? Someone has entered 8-Layer again? It seems that the soul of this person is comparable to mine. If he swallows his soul, it will greatly enhance me!”

“By then, my dream technique will no longer have a weak spot, and there will be no need to fear that little girl!”

“God level fleshy body, I have coveted you for a long time! When I have your fleshy body, I will be able to live again!”


After speaking, the old woman laughed.

This old woman is not someone else, she is the Old Ancestor of God’s Dream.

On her face, there are ravines, and it looks like it’s about to die.

No one dares to despise this kind of old monster.

The magic of dreams, few people dare to challenge.


She slowly turned into phantom and disappeared.

Such scenes are performed everywhere in the city of dreams.

Each old monster opened his eyes from the cultivation, went outside the Dream Tower, floating in the air, waiting quietly.

This moment is the moment when the focal point of ten thousands is in the assessment venue.

The whole square, in this brief moment, is surprisingly quiet.

Time, following the heartbeat of everyone, does not flow easily, you clearly feel that you can catch it, but you can’t.

After one hour.


There was a sound.

A wave of air, centered on the Tower of Dreams, stretches in all directions.

Immediately afterwards, above the Dream Tower, colorful rays of light, bursts into the sky.

Psychedelic like a fairy tale world, very unreal.

Such a scene, seeing everyone’s eyes, directly stunned.


The colorful rays of light quickly closed to form nine huge colorful stars, covering the sky with an unusual brilliance.

Then, the nine stars circled around the Tower of Dreams.

Quiet, deathly quiet.

Everyone stared at the nine stars in the sky, unbelievable.

“This is impossible!”

Old Ancestor kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe that all this was true.

At first, she tried to enter the 9th floor, but was hit and seriously injured.

The soul was damaged and has not recovered yet.

The horrible divine might pressure can’t be resisted at all.

Didn’t expect, today, nine stars are lit up in this dream tower.

Didn’t it mean that someone inside has reached the 9th floor?

This is absolutely impossible!

Old Ancestor kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe the scene before him.

“putting it that way, the soul of this person is ten times stronger than the old man imagined? If so, won’t it make me advanced by leaps and bounds to get his soul?”

Thinking about it, Old Ancestor’s heart was rippling, and the color of hope filled his face.

He stood in high school with his hands on his back, waiting quietly.

In him in midair, there are many old monsters who have the same expression as him.

Each of these old monsters had a look of hope in their eyes. Then, when they saw Old Ancestor, they sighed then said secretly and shook their heads.


“God, there is such a monster in this world? Doesn’t that mean that his Talent is not much different from the Phantom Old Ancestor!”

“Of course! When the Phantom Old Ancestor set up this dream tower, he was looking for someone who is outstanding!”

“It seems that someone did it today, I’m afraid the phantom Old Ancestor knows well in the spring, and died without regret.”

“Yes, there is this kind of inheritance person, it is almost once in 10,000 years!”

The bombing cries kept ringing.

Simply can’t stop.

Everyone is waiting quietly to see who walked out of the tower.

This level is three hours.

They stood there with their bodies as lead, stiff necks, and difficulty moving.

“It hasn’t come out yet. It’s too hard to wait.”

“Is it possible that, he still wants to learn Grade 9 Illusion Technique in it?”

“How is this possible, Grade 9 Illusion Technique, no one can learn it without a century.”

“Is he still choosing and hesitating?”

“It looks like it is.”

Everyone waited quietly, their anxious expressions getting worse.

At this time.


There was an explosion.

The outer wall of the 1st floor of the Dream Tower is cracked.

The 1st floor is fully presented in front of everyone.

I saw that thousands of Illusion Techniques turned into little elves and flew into the sky.

Different colors, colorful, looks like a Fire Insect flying around, extremely beautiful.

Gradually, these little elves disappeared into the sky, disappear without a trace.

After a moment.


The outer wall of the 2nd floor of the Dream Tower exploded, and everything inside was exposed.

Similarly, all Illusion Techniques turned into little elves, flying away, disappearing into the mist.

“Boy, die!”

“Damn it, it’s you!”

I saw, on the 2nd floor, two groups of people were attacking frantically.

These people are all under Wu Biao.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

The kind of unbelief and surprise is all over his face.

“What? How did they fight?”

“Aren’t they all under Wu Biao? Are they fighting for treasure?”

Such sounds kept ringing.


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