Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 475


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Seeing Su Lina taking action, Su Ziyang slightly startled.

Didn’t expect, Su Lina’s move, it actually combines five kinds of avenues, three of which are God level avenues.

This move alone, not to mention these orc gods with the highest strength and only the 2nd Rank Low God, even the 5th Rank Low God will definitely be unable to stop this move.


Heaven and Earth trembled, might of Grand Dao, rolling up.

The dozens of orc gods who just shot, at this moment, shocked the place, cold sweat.


The shout stopped abruptly.

a sword light, slashed on an orc god, his body melted rapidly.

After that, a blue flame ignited on his body, and his body exploded into fly ash. As soon as the wind blew, nothing was left.


The inner core and Divine Spark on them turned into hundreds of long rainbow threads and flew into Su Lina’s hands.

Dozens of orc gods, who had no chance of struggling, were blasted out on the spot with one move.

This kind of gap and the sense of blow strongly stimulates everyone’s attention.

That kind of unbelief, kind of shock, kind of surprise.

Words cannot describe.

After a moment.


The sound of pouring air-conditioning continued to sound.

“Gosh, Sue Lord divine might, horror is boundless.”

“It seems that Su Lord, at least three avenues are integrated, which is too powerful.”

“I also want to be a person like Su Lord, and feel tens of thousands of ways!”

“Come on, I can feel dozens of kinds, and I am satisfied. In the future, at least I can become High God!”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Look of shock is written on everyone’s face.

In the sky.

There are more than one hundred orc gods standing on the spot, their bodies shaking violently.

They looked at Su Lina, their eyes were full of jealousy.

A combination of the three avenues at once, fighting alone, no one is an opponent at the scene.

However, if you go together, you still have a chance to win.

“What are you afraid of, she has just reached Low God, she hasn’t even reached the 1st Rank, and the realm is unstable!”

“Well said, I’m waiting for it together, I’m afraid I can’t kill a little girl movie!”

“Ready to shoot, let’s go together!”

This sounds.

The remaining orc gods moved at the same time.

Everyone was mobilizing the Divine Spark power wildly, using the ultimate trick, aimed at Su Lina, and blasted over.

The great atmosphere of hiding the sky and covering the earth floods Heaven and Earth.

It was turbulent, and it was cold and sweaty.


Seeing this scene, Su Ziyang smiled coldly, “This orcs, everything is good, but the brain is not good!”

“If they disperse and run away, maybe one or two will survive, but now, hehe…” Su Ziyang shook his head for a while, watching the scene quietly.

For the might of Grand Dao flying all over the sky, there is no taking seriously.


Su Lina is coldly snorted, with a wave of her right hand.


Heaven and Earth shook, thousands of avenues, scattered from the sky.

Hovering in twos, fuse together quickly.


Every two avenues merge together, and there will be a terrifying roar.

The power of horror makes Heaven and Earth change their colors.

“This…this is impossible…”

“Fake! Definitely fake!”

“She… how could she perceive thousands of ways?”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Every sound is full of shock.

After these orc gods used their big moves, they stood still, motionless.


Terrorist explosions, one after another.

The avenue used by the orc gods, after encountering the avenue where Su Lina merged, all burst open and disappeared.

all around, the rest is the light of Su Lina’s thousands of roads.

Seeing this scene, the orc god’s scalp exploded, cold sweat.

Without a word, he rushed and ran wildly.

They were so scared that they had no fighting intent at all.

At this moment, they just want to escape.


The air shook.

Thousands of roads, rushing towards these orc gods.


“Don’t kill me, I don’t want to die!”

“Spare, spare!”

Sensed the swift road chasing behind him.

The gods of the orc, all the soul flew away and scattered in fright, roaring and screaming.


Screams, one after another.

These orc gods, without exception, died tragically on the spot.

Their bodies burst open, the inner core danced, and Divine Soul jumped out.


These inner core and Divine Spark, without exception, all fly into Su Lina’s hands.

Such a scene strongly stimulated everyone’s eyeballs.

The army of millions, staring at this scene blankly, it’s been a long time since they came back to his senses.

“This…is this the strength of the avenue of perception? A higher rank challenge, killing hundreds of gods, is as simple as drinking water and eating?”

“Awesome! Su Lord deserves to be the Imperial Family Princess of the angel Saint Race. This means, this strength, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, no one can match!”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Every face is full of worship, looking at Su Lina blankly, motionless.

I saw that after killing the orc god, Su Lina walked to Su Ziyang, took out the Divine Spark and inner core that she had just obtained, and passed them to Su Ziyang.

“Great Emperor, this is the Divine Spark and inner core just seized, please accept it!” Su Lina said.

Su Ziyang waved his hand, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

“How can this King collect the spoils of war you got? Take them and upgrade your rank as soon as possible!” Su Ziyang said.

“Great Emperor, how is this possible, you have given me that much help.”

Su Lina looked at Su Ziyang, her eyes were moved.

“Well, this King doesn’t lack this Divine Spark, so hurry up and devour it. You will need to participate in the subsequent battles.” Su Ziyang said.

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

In the extremely moving expression, Su Lina walked into the Su Ziyang Spiritual Space and began to devour Divine Spark.


The army of millions, staring at this scene blankly, all in his eyes are moved and admired.

“The Great Emperor’s mind can hold everything!”

“Yes, how can the Great Emperor be comparable to me? I really admire it!”

“Look, the spoils of war I hit, in the emperor simply did not take any money, and even the treasures like the Avenue of Refining Gods, let me wait for cultivation, wait for the Great Emperor, the whole world is unique.”

Such sounds kept ringing.

The worship and pious eyes swept back and forth.

The power of those beliefs continuously flooded into Su Ziyang Spiritual Space and kept tempering.

“Soldiers follow the order, attack!”

Su Ziyang right hand a little forward.

The army of one million moved immediately.


The shouts shook the entire Heaven and Earth, humming and trembling

Without the presence of God, the others are not opponents at all.

These orc monsters, without exception, were slaughtered by the army in their screams.

This time, Free and Unfettered Young Master took the lead again.

He vented all his unwillingness to the monster of the orc, and no one could resist him.

With one punch, at least hundreds of orc monsters died on the scene.

What a terrible word!

Su Ziyang looked at this scene, secretly nodded.


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