Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 476


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No accident, Shanyuan City, with no difficulty was captured.

Shanyuan City, belongs to a big city, the city gate beast race, the number reaches tens of millions.

In this battle, more than half of them reached 10,000 Merit Points, so they applied to return to Spiritual Space to improve their strength.

Free and Unfettered Young Master is no exception.

He was the first to enter the Spiritual Space.

From his eyes, it can be seen that he is anxious to become a God like Su Lina.

There are more than one million people left.

They, looking at Su Ziyang, their faces are full of expectation.

“Great Emperor, please continue to take us to the Quartet!”

“Great Emperor, I can’t wait any longer, I want to improve my strength, I want to become a god!”

“Great Emperor, take us to attack the next city!”

Seeing everyone in a hurry, Su Ziyang corner of the mouth raise.

“Then, this King will take you to this World, the west, ten thousand kilometers away, the source city, attack!”

Su Ziyang right hand pointed, the millions of troops, immediately moved.

“Huha, huha…”

Everyone is full of passion and excitement.

In this way, Su Ziyang took the army of one million and sent forward again.

Shortly after Su Ziyang and the others left.


The air vibrates.

Several dark shadows appeared in the sky above Shanyuan City.

They looked at the place where Su Ziyang disappeared, and laughed strangely.

“In the next city, kill him, and grab both Innate Spirit Treasures?”

“jié jié…well, I won the Innate Spirit Treasure, I will post it later.

“That is, maybe it will allow us to re-emerge the dark spirits, no longer have to sneak up and become pawns in the hands of others!”

After talking about these few sounds, a few dark shadows slowly disappeared, disappear without a trace.

Shortly after they disappeared.


Feng Qing’s body slowly gathered and formed.

He looked west, his face showed a very grave expression.

“It’s about to start, right? Well, the old man will take you first!”

After speaking, Feng Qing’s body slowly disappeared, disappear without a trace.

In half an hour.


The air vibrates.

Several dark shadows slowly gathered.

“Boss, wise! Sure enough, this kid, really protected by powerhouse, a little tricky!”

“Boss, fortunately we didn’t make a move. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will be damaged here. What should I do next?”

A few shadows, looking at the headed dark spirit, waiting for it to answer.

The dark spirit headed by motionless, his body is dark, slowly rising.

After a moment.

“With the protection of the powerhouse, I have no chance to wait!”

As soon as these words came out, the other dark spirits sighed again and again.

“Boss, there really is no chance, right?”

“The opportunity is not without! But we need to wait.”


“Yes, wait!”

“Doesn’t that kid want to enter the Yuanling Dojo? That place, not an ordinary person can enter, there must be conditions!”

“The powerhouse, I’m afraid I can’t enter it. When we arrive, we will destroy him there!”

As soon as this word came out, the other dark spirits all exclaimed.

“Boss, how is this possible, human powerhouse can’t get in, we’re afraid we can’t get in either!”

“Yes, Boss, how do we kill him?”

Hearing these words, the head of the dark spirit, neither fast nor slow, took out a treasure.

“What, Yinzun? The Lord gave you this?”

“Yes, with this thing, you will be able to hide your strength, so that the guardian spirit of the source spirit can’t find it.” said the head dark spirit.

“Boss, this thing can only hide the strength of one person, but we have five people!”

“This is not simple, just let the old five in, he is the weakest and the least easy to be discovered.” said the head of the dark spirit.

“Yes, Boss is wise.”

“Boss, Boss, I still have a question. Even if we kill the kid and win the Innate Spirit Treasure, the human powerhouse will definitely stay at the exit. How do we escape?”

As soon as these words came out, the leader was dumbfounded, and there was no response for a long time.

After a long while, the head of the dark spirit said quietly, “It seems that I can only unite with the dark team.”



Time flies, five months in a blink of an eye.

In the past five months, Su Ziyang has traveled around Beastmen Race and captured dozens of cities.

Now, there are tens of millions of people following Su Ziyang’s siege.

Among them, there are several millions Low God.

Among them are Free and Unfettered Young Master, Su Lina, Lin Jia [The first girl I met in Hunyuan Dojo]……

These people have all reached the 5th Rank Low God in strength.

Everyone has a sense of tens of thousands of avenues. Among them, Free and Unfettered Young Master is even one step ahead, and even feels a kind of Heaven Grade avenue!

That is the way of creation, which surprised Su Ziyang for a long time without calming down.

This guy, Talent is even higher than Su Lina, and with his super Willpower, he even realized Heaven Grade Avenue.

At the beginning, I really didn’t read it wrong!

This guy, a proper god king in the future, and the god king among the god kings, his strength is second only to the World Controller.

During these five months.

Su Ziyang accepted two challenges from Free and Unfettered Young Master.

The result of the two challenges was that Su Ziyang was defeated by Su Ziyang with Free and Unfettered Young Master, which almost made him doubt life.

The reason for winning is because Su Ziyang used Super Luck.

The super Luck these few times are all tempering fleshy bodies.

Now, the strength of fleshy body has reached the level of Grade 9 High God.

Don’t say it is Free and Unfettered Young Master, even if it is Grade 3 High God full strength attack, it can’t hurt Su Ziyang.

This is the horror of Fleshy body.

In addition to Free and Unfettered Young Master and Su Lina, Lin Jia is also very good.

There are thousands of avenues, of which there are dozens of God level avenues.

Now, she has been able to fuse ten kinds of God level avenues with one move, which is simply destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

As for Xiaodie, because the Luck is full, Super Luck is also used. Now, he is still on the 9-Layer Dao Comprehension Pagoda, I feel the last avenue—the time avenue!

Looking at its appearance, it must be completed in less than a month.

As for the Protoss, it will be much worse. Although it is in 9-Layer, it is still struggling to understand the Avenue of Space.

In addition, Ruan Erniang and Charming Lady are also on the 8th floor of Dao Comprehension Pagoda at the moment, feeling the God level Avenue.

In that way, there is a kind of determination that doesn’t let all the feelings complete.

Today, Su Ziyang led the army and has come to the Orc King-Beast Origin City!

This city is so big and covers an area of ​​several millions kilometers. It is the largest city of the orcs.

In the city, there is a Divine Statue that can support both heaven and earth and is ten thousand meters high.

A glance at those blood-red eyes made the scalp explode and cold sweat.

Behind Su Ziyang, there stood an army of tens of millions, everyone surging with blood and gearing up.

Su Ziyang right hand lifted.

“Old Ancestor, the beast god, hurry up and meet the Great Emperor!”

This voice was shouted by tens of millions of people at the same time.

The imposing manner, like the explosion of the nine-day galaxy, is indescribable.

“Surrender! Surrender! Surrender…”

Such a voice echoed in the sky above Beast Source City for a long time.

Hearing the ears of the monsters of the orcs, the body trembles, cold sweat flows.


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