Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 479


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“What? This… how is this possible?”

“God! This power that can annihilate the High God was actually blocked by the Great Emperor?”

“Well, it’s completely controlled by the palm of your hand, you can’t struggle at all.”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Everyone’s eyes are on Su Ziyang.

I saw, Su Ziyang stretched out his hands, one after the other, grabbing the wolf fang club and hundreds of fusion avenues.


There was a sound.

The huge wolf fang club broke apart.

Finally, it burst into dust and disappeared.


After hundreds of avenues merge, it seems to burst open.

However, all powers are controlled by Su Ziyang.

With a light grip, all the power dissipated.

Free and Unfettered Young Master stood in place, his feet trembling and his body trembling.

On the forehead, there was cold sweat.

He wiped the cold sweat with his hand and walked slowly into the team.

Standing in the team, Free and Unfettered Young Master looked at Su Ziyang, his fists clenched ka ka, “Han Xing, don’t worry, one day, I will beat you!”

The other side.

Old Ancestor, the beast god, looked at Su Ziyang, his face changed and changed.

“This…what realm has this guy’s fleshy body reached?”

“Such a terrifying trick, how can it be taken by life?”

Old Ancestor kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe everything in front of him.


Su Ziyang walked towards Old Ancestor step by step.

“Since you are not willing to acknowledge allegiance of this King, then this King will naturally not give you a chance to survive!” Su Ziyang said with a smile.

“Boy, ranting, a Martial God, is it possible that this King is afraid that you will not succeed!”

After that, Old Ancestor, the beast god, used dozens of avenues, gritted his teeth and made them blend together.


The power of horror oscillates everywhere, making people afraid to look straight.

After using these, the beast god Old Ancestor quickly turned towards Su Ziyang, oh no, hurried away behind him, and in the blink of an eye, only an afterimage remained.


At this moment, whether it is Su Ziyang, it is still in the tens of thousands of army, or the god of the orcs.

At this moment, they are all standing there, their faces are full of unbelief.

“Fuck, I made such a big movement, so I was planning to escape!”

“Old Ancestor, the beast god, has to have no shame, and even his subordinates are ignored.”

“Awesome, this move really bluffed me. I thought he was going to prepare for a life and death battle with the Great Emperor!”

“Just him, do you deserve it? The Great Emperor can poke him to death with a single finger!”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Everyone’s expression, have nothing common with each other.

Moreover, looking at Su Ziyang, his eyes are sharp and flickering.

The other side.

A few hundreds of thousand thousand orc gods stood together, their expressions changed and changed.

Now, there is no Old Ancestor backed by the beast god, where they have the courage to fight.

“What to do?”

The orc gods, one by one, stood in place, not daring to move.

They all looked at Su Ziyang.

I saw, Su Ziyang secretly sighed at the direction in which the beast god Old Ancestor disappeared.

Although he can fly with Fleshy body, his speed is far lower than that of Old Ancestor.

If you want to chase, it’s basically impossible.

Besides, Old Ancestor, the beast god, has mental arithmetic and unintentional, and there is no way to catch him.

In that case, don’t blame this King for being ruthless!

Su Ziyang’s gaze swept directly over the orc gods.

right hand one finger.


This sounds.

Millions of Low Gods, flying out of the army, rushed towards the hundreds of orc gods.

“Don’t fight with me, he is mine!”

“What yours, mine, whoever kills it!”

“Is there anyone like you? I will grab it next time!”

One by one, like a wolf like a tiger, soaring into the sky in an imposing manner.

In such a scene, seeing the eyes of the god of the orc, could not help secretly smearing cold sweat.


Without any hesitation, these orc gods, in their afterimages, fled quickly.

It’s just, where is the time.




Such sounds resounded throughout the sky.

On the ground.


An army of tens of millions, led by Spirit Dragon ants, quickly attacked the beast source city.


The terrifying array, under the gnawing of the Spirit Dragon ants, did not hold on for a few minutes before it broke apart.




Various explosions sounded constantly.

A tens of millions of troops rushed into the city and started a crazy killing mode.

No one can resist.

The monsters of the orcs are constantly falling down.

The whole scene is like a massacre.

Two hours later.

The war is over.

In the entire beast source city, except for the escape of the beast god Old Ancestor, all the orcs, without exception, died tragically.

This battle is full of rewards.

Many soldiers have obtained tens of thousands of Merit Points, which can be exchanged for Refining God Avenue many times.

“Although the cultivation success is long, go back with this King!”

In the army, there is someone to lead.

Directly lead everyone into the teleport vortex and enter the Su Ziyang Spiritual Space.

Then, go back to the contribution tower, start redemption times, and enter the Dao Comprehension Pagoda or refining space for cultivation.

Not in a moment.

Standing in front of Su Ziyang, there are only a few million people left.

These people have all reached the realm of God.

No cultivation is needed for now.

You only need to devour the Godhead to gain growth.

“Hey, I didn’t get a piece of Godhead!”

“Too few, there are too few orc gods, or else, I can get a piece of anything!”

“Yes, I hope the Great Emperor will continue to take us to war!”

Such sounds kept ringing.

Su Ziyang did not pay attention to these.

At this moment, his gaze is fixed on Hong Yu.

“Great Emperor, are you looking for me?” Hong Yu saluted respectfully.

“Next, I’m going to the Origin Spirit Dojo. That place happens to be in the forbidden land of your Origin Spirit Sovereign clan. In order not to hurt your peace, it’s better for you to come forward.” Su Ziyang said.

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

Hongyu cup one fist in the other hand, and then, a worrisome expression appeared on her face, “However, the Great Emperor, the monsters in the east, are the strongest in the whole! Moreover, they can be infinite by swallowing Grow!”

“They invaded Dragon God World. If they are left alone, I’m afraid no one will be able to restrict them by then!” Hong Yu said.

Hearing this, Su Ziyang frowned secretly.

After that, he corner of the mouth raise, showing a touch of confidence.

“Don’t worry, when this King comes out of the source spirit dojo, some small monsters, don’t worry at all!” Su Ziyang said.

“Okay, Great Emperor, when shall we leave?” Hong Yu asked.

“Go now, you can wait a while!”

After speaking, Su Ziyang glanced at the army of millions.

“Everyone, immediately go back to Spiritual Space cultivation, this King has important things, I won’t notice you first!”

Su Ziyang’s voice clearly reaches everyone’s ears.

After hearing these Low Gods, they secretly nodded.


One by one, quickly walked into the Spiritual Space, disappeared.

Even Free and Unfettered Young Master, it is no exception.


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