Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 480


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Ten days later.

Source Spirit Race Imperial Palace gate, two figures, standing at the gate.

these two people are Su Ziyang and Hongyu.

“Great Emperor, please!”

Hong Yu made a gesture of please.


Su Ziyang carried his hands on his back and followed Hong Yu forward.

The guard of Imperial Palace saw Hongyu for an instant and couldn’t help but eyebrow raised.

Captain whispered in a guard’s ear, and the guard immediately retreated.

Immediately afterwards, Captain led people around quickly, fingers red feathers, shouted loudly: “Who, dare to break into the Imperial Palace forbidden area!”


One guard, holding a long spear, surrounded Su Ziyang and the red feathers in the blink of an eye.

“The comer is not good!”

Su Ziyang frowned secretly, with a trace of displeasure on his face, not at all and immediately shot.

“Bold, the principal is the Seventh Princess of the Great Emperor—Hongyu Princess!” Hongyu’s voice was cold and shouted.

“Red Feather Princess?”


Captain looked up to the sky and laughed, “Red Feather Princess was hacked to death by the orcs when she was patrolling the border. This is my hero!”

Speaking of this, there is a statue in Captain’s Finger Square, “Have you seen it, there is the statue of Red Lord Red Feather! Those who worship her every day!”

Hearing this, Hong Yu looked back and saw a statue as high as 100 meters.

When I came here just now, I didn’t pay attention to it, didn’t expect, it looked like myself.

“With you, I changed into Hongyu Princess and wanted to pretend to be her, come here, grab me!” Captain pointed to Hongyu and shouted.

Hong Yu was distorted with anger, his eyes swept all around the guards, “Impudent! This King dignified Princess, do you want to afflict the Nine Clans?”

With this sound, many guards stopped and stood still, not advancing or retreating.

“What a great ability!”

At this moment, shouting loudly, coming from the Imperial Palace.

A man in brocade robe comes in various styles.

The kind of nobleness on his body radiates from him.

“I have seen the prince!”

When the guard saw it, he knelt down and saluted respectfully.

“Three brothers?”

Hong Yu is slightly frowned, with an extremely grave expression on his face.

“Three brothers? haha……”

The man in Jinpao laughed up to the sky, pointed at Hongyu, shouted loudly: “Dare to change into my Seventh Sister appearance, come here!”


Behind the man in Jinpao, dozens of people followed.

Behind these people, they all have a divine power aura, and their weakest strength has reached Grade 3 Low God.

“Catch her up for me and serve her with a torture!” The man in Jinpao shouted.


After that, these dozens of Low Gods directly surrounded Su Ziyang and Hong Yu.

Seeing this scene, how could Hong Yu not understand.


She looked up to the sky and laughed, “Okay, so good!”

“If you want to win the throne, just say it!”

“You even slander me, you want to die?”

Hong Yu looked at the man in Jinpao, his voice was cold.

Being so stared, the man in the brocade robed his expression stagnant, and a touch of coldness surged all over his body.

“This impossible, how can I be shocked by a little girl!

The man in Jinpao shook his head slightly to restore his composure.

He waved his right hand, “Go!”

They moved around the Red Feather side Low God.

They each called divine power to form dozens of avenues, intertwined to form a web of avenues, and aimed at the two of Hongyu to cover them.

“hmph ……”

Red Feather is coldly snorted, with a wave of the right hand, ten kinds of avenues are intertwined and merged.

Aim at this web of avenues, and it blasted over.


There was a sound of cracking glass.

The web of avenues, unable to withstand the attack of Red Feather, burst directly.

“This…this is impossible!”

The man in Jinpao has eyebrow raised, his face is full of unbelief.

He stared at Hong Yu blankly, opened his mouth, without saying a word.

I haven’t seen him for a few years, but I became a god.

Moreover, I also felt so many kinds of avenues.

How is this possible?


Hong Yu ignored the surprise of the Jin-robed man, and was fighting with all the Low Gods who were astonished.

Each hit can smash the head of a Low God.


“Don’t kill me!”


Such sounds kept ringing.

Low God, fell one by one.

In less than a moment, Hong Yu and Su Ziyang were the only ones standing in place.

The others have fallen to the ground, and their deaths are terrible.

Everyone’s head broke open directly, and the godhead was taken out by Hongyu and put away.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the nerves of the man in Jinpao.

Shock, shock, unbelief, fear…

Various expressions are constantly intertwined on his face.

“deng deng…”

Hong Yu’s footsteps awakened him.

The man in Jinpao saw Hong Yu coming, and his body trembled, “You…what do you want to do?”


Red Feather coldly smiled, “This Sovereign has repeatedly and repeatedly waited, thinking that you are all Imperial Fathers, afraid of living, give you a way to survive! And wait? For the throne of this Sovereign, has been framed by me !”

“Born in the Imperial Family, there is no family affection since ancient times. Today, I finally understand this!”

“In that case, repair this Sovereign is merciless!”

As soon as the red feather breath was released, the killing intent swept all over the place.

The man in Jinpao shivered, staggered, and quickly retreated.

“Want to run?”

Hong Yu coldly smiled, turned into a rapid body, and ran forward.



A barrier, blocking the front, like the Copper Wall Iron Bastion, knocked Red Feather into a daze.

Seeing this scene, the man in the brocade robe relieved, and secretly thought it was dangerous.

“Emperor, you are here at last, a little later, the minister will go west!” said the Jinpao man.


In the Imperial Palace, hundreds of silhouettes walked.

The leader, dressed in a golden robe, breathed uncommon military might.

A glance makes people feel worshipped.

“Imperial Sister, you are finally back, but it’s too late!”

“The source Spirit Race country, has been unified by me, you can only bow your head when you return!”

golden robed man triumphant.

Hong Yu stood up, looked at the golden robed man, pointed his finger at him, “You…what happened to your second brother?”


The golden robed man laughed up to the sky and took out a piece of Godhead, “Dead!”

With a faint sound, Hong Yu instantly exploded her hair.


She yelled angrily.

Blood red eyes, as if swallowing the world.

That kind of resentment is rolling from her.

“Keep your mind, don’t let Heart Demon take advantage of it!”

At this moment, a sound, like a bang, immediately awakened Hong Yu.

She breathed a long breath, looked back at Su Ziyang, bowed slightly, “Great Emperor, thank you! Please help me break this Formation!”


Su Ziyang nodded, with a wave of the right hand.


Tens of thousands of Spirit Dragon ants dropping from the sky.

Behind each one, there is a divine power halo.

The horrible divine might shocked them.

Although they all become gods by swallowing godheads, there are so many that cannot be underestimated.

Seeing this scene, the complexion greatly changed between the golden robed man and the brocade man.

“Impossible, this impossible!”


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