Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 483


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“Little Brother, where are you going?” Liexiao loudly shouted.

“I’m going to Heavenly Thunder Valley!” Su Ziyang said.


Lie Xiao’s face was full of shock, he stood in front of Su Ziyang, “Little Brother, there, absolutely can’t go in there, otherwise, you’ll die!”

“Lee Xiao, how long have you been stuck here?”

Su Ziyang corner of the mouth raise, smiled and asked.

Hearing this, Liexiao showed a thoughtful look, expression on his face, showing a touch of sadness, “It seems that it has been more than 20 years.”

“Then have you ever wanted to escape here?” Su Ziyang asked.

“Think about it!” Lie Xiao said.


Su Ziyang corner of the mouth raise, shook his head secretly, “It’s useless to think, you have to take action!”

“Sifang is a dangerous place, but since it is a dojo, it will never block all the ways of life, there will always be life!”

“I think that this northern sky thunder valley is just a student!”

“If you go with me, you may be lucky!”

“If you don’t want to, then forget it!”

After speaking, Su Ziyang turned quickly and ran towards the north.

“Hey, you…”

Lie Xiao wants to stop, but there is Su Ziyang silhouette there.

“Hey, now Little Brat, every one of my eyes is higher than my heart!”

“If you go to Heavenly Thunder Valley, you will definitely die.”

“Ten years, there is no room to meet a living person, I can talk, and now I can’t do it anymore.”


Lie Xiao was secretly sighed, and his face seemed to hesitate and struggle.

“Go and see him! Maybe you can persuade him again!”

Thinking so, Lie Xiao rushed forward.

Two days later.

Su Ziyang looked at Heavenly Thunder Valley, his face was full of grave expressions.

I saw that in the Thunder Valley, dark clouds cover the top, and the lightning glow keeps flowing away.

Every strand bursts with a thrilling breath, and one glance makes the scalp numb.

Su Ziyang can confirm that a ray of lightning glow can kill a Grade 9 Low God.


Suddenly, the lightning glow poured down like a waterfall, exploding to the ground.


The ground was lifted layer by layer, and terrifying dust rose into the sky.

Seeing this scene, Su Ziyang secretly wiped out his cold sweat.

This flood of lightning glow can definitely kill a High God.

Thunder Valley is not as simple as imagination.

Su Ziyang thought secretly, his eyes swept around.

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows, his face was full of unbelief.

“That…that is Heavenly Dao! It’s just a wisp of Heavenly Dao, it has such terrifying power!”

“Who the hell is it? How could Heavenly Dao be taken here?”

Su Ziyang’s heart was shocked for a long time and couldn’t calm down.

Heavenly Dao is untouchable, this is the common seriousness of all gods.

In front of him, not only did someone touch Heavenly Dao, but he was also imprisoned here.

This method, this strength, is no longer an ordinary World Controller.

Who is it?

Su Ziyang murmured, taking a long time to recover.

“Little Brother, okay, you didn’t go in!”

Lie Xiao panted hard, when he saw Su Ziyang, he relieved.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want me to go in so much?” Su Ziyang showed a trace of discomfort.

“Little Brother, don’t get me wrong!”

“I waited here for several decades before I waited until you came in, and finally I can talk to you. If you go in, there are three long and two short, don’t I have to be alone again.”

“These several decades are short, but I feel like several lifetimes have passed.” Lie Xiao said.

Su Ziyang did not respond to Liexiao and asked him to each minding their own business.

Su Ziyang’s gaze is fixed on the Heavenly Thunder Valley, observing every move.

After a while, Su Ziyang’s eyes bloomed with strange glow.

“so that’s how it is! This is really a good place!”

“Posted, posted!”

Su Ziyang suppressed the beating heart, without any hesitation, went straight to the Heavenly Thunder Valley.

“Little Brother!”

Lie Xiao stood silly on the spot, with worry on his face.

He turned his head and covered his eyes with his hands, unwilling to see Su Ziyang’s tragic death.


Su Ziyang just walked into the Sky Thunder Valley, two strands of lightning glow, dropping from the sky, hit him at once.


Even if Su Ziyang fleshy body has reached the level of Grade 9 High God, at this moment it is also scorched outside and tender on the inside, with scars all over.

The horror look makes it impossible to look directly at it.

Pain, extreme pain, flooded all over the body.

Su Ziyang ignored these.

Without a word, he fell to the ground, motionless.


As soon as he touched the ground, Su Ziyang felt that wisps of extremely pure body tempering energy flooded his body.

The injury on his body recovered at a speed visible with naked eye.

At this moment, his fleshy body has reached the level of 1st Rank Supreme God.

Compared with before, it is at least a hundred times stronger!

Su Ziyang sat cross-legged on the ground, his fists clenched tightly, his face was full of joy.

The incomparably surging power fills the whole body.

At this moment, Su Ziyang can confirm that there will be two more lightning glows, which will not hurt him at all.

The idea just came up.


Two strands of lightning glow, dropping from the sky.

The power of horror is constantly surging in him.

His body was chopped again to the outside and tender inside.

The burning pain rushes all over the body.

Without a word, Su Ziyang lay down quickly.


An infinite body tempering energy, rushing in.

His fleshy body is getting stronger fast.

In less than a moment, the fleshy body reached the 2nd Rank Supreme God status.

Compared with before, it is more than twice as strong!

Su Ziyang fell to the ground, motionless.


A few more strands of lightning glow, rushing down from the sky, once again exploded him to the burnt outside and tender inside.

Soon, Su Ziyang’s fleshy body recovered again.

In this way, under the thunder baptism of Su Ziyang, the fleshy body keeps getting stronger.

Grade 3 Supreme God.

Grade 4 Supreme God.


Grade 9 Supreme God.

Divine King.

1st Rank Divine King.


The fleshy body strength has reached the Grade 9 Divine King level, and then stopped.

The sky thunder in the sky cannot cause quest damage to him no matter how it falls.

As soon as his mind moved, the sky thunder entangled his fingertips and buzzed.

Such a scene directly stunned Lie Xiao outside the Sky Thunder Valley.

He kept rubbing his eyes, unable to believe the scene before him.

“This…how is this possible? He…what kind of monster is he? Survived under the thunder?”

“He…what is he doing?”

Lie Xiao looked at Su Ziyang with doubts all over his face.

I saw, Su Ziyang looked at the sky, secretly nodded.

Next, he kicked his right leg and rose up into the sky like a missile.

Drop directly into the dark clouds, disappeared.


Lie Xiao stood there blankly, sweat rolling down his forehead.

Su Ziyang’s performance today is completely beyond his cognition.

Is this still a human?

I rushed directly into the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation cloud. What is the difference between this and death?

Heavenly Dao thunder, and ordinary thundercloud, it is completely incomparable.

“Hey, a monster, just recovered in the Heavenly Dao thundercloud.”

Lie Xiao murmured, his face was full of disappointment.


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