Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 485


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“Brother, what are you doing? Let me go!”

“We talked for so long and we all became friends, how can we do this?”

Lie Xiao said a few sentences, unbelieving in his voice.

“Shut up!”

The white clothed man shouting loudly, immediately stunned Liexiao.

“This King is coming, there is a quest, this kid, must die!”

The white clothed man looked at the sky Su Ziyang, coldly said.

“Brother, kill him if you want to kill him, why are you arresting me?” Lie Xiao’s face was full of grievances.

“Shut up, I sensed that he has an extremely surging power, I am not absolutely sure to deal with him.” The white clothed man said.

“Then if you catch me, it is impossible to kill him!” Lie Xiao said.

“Your daughter is his servant!”

“When I came here this time, he promised a servant to save you and use you to coerce him. That is the best way!” said the white clothed youth.

“Brother, are your dark clan brains so awkward?” Lie Xiao said.

“Do you dare to scold this King?” The white clothed youth’s voice was cold.

“Brother, I am not scolding you, but you are not thinking about it! Since he is the Owner of my daughter, how can he ignore danger because of a servant’s father?”

“Do you think he will give up his life in order to save me?”

“This is absolutely impossible! He will even destroy the two of us together, and then go out and tell my daughter that he didn’t find me. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?”

After a period of analysis by Liexiao, the white clothed youth stood there, and for a while, did not know what to do?

“Let go of him, this King can give you a good time!”

At this moment, Su Ziyang spoke up.

The words came out.

Lee Xiao secretly thought bad.

Preparing to struggle to escape, however, he was instantly held back by the white clothed youth, unable to move.

The Divine King breath, like a tsunami, suppressed Lie Xiao’s breath.

“Let him go?”

white clothed youth coldly smiled, with pride on his face, “That’s not impossible, first hand over the two Innate Spirit Treasures on you!”


Su Ziyang corner of the mouth raise, cold killing intent, without any cover.

“Talk about terms with this King?”

After speaking, Su Ziyang waved his right hand.


A ray of lightning glow descended sharply from the sky.


The white clothed youth saw this scene, cold sweat.

Preparing to move.


Wearing glow, he paralyzed his body and smoked his body.


His body slowly fell down.

In an instant, he turned into a black shadow, struggling.

Recovering freedom, Lie Xiao retreated quickly without saying a word, hiding far away.

“It’s too dangerous, this dark Spirit Fruit is not a good thing. I’m friends with him, and I have to be a hostage!”

“Fortunately, he saved me!”

Lie Xiao muttered, looking at Su Ziyang’s gaze, full of gratitude.

I saw Su Ziyang condescendingly looking at the dark spirit lying on the ground, his voice was cold, “Say, who sent you here?”


The dark spirit laughed strangely, “Don’t think about it!”

“If that’s the case, then enjoy the taste of being torn apart by the sky thunder!”

Su Ziyang finished speaking and waved his right hand.

Between Heaven and Earth, the lightning glow shines uncertainly.

Every strand bursts with thrilling power.

“You…you actually control Thunder Cloud Heavenly Dao, this…how is this possible?”


The Dark Spirit screamed incomparably screams, fell to the ground, and kept rolling.

Every time I hear the ears, my scalp becomes numb.

The dark spirit was in the thunder light, black smoke billowed by electricity, and the aura on his body became weaker and weaker.


“Spare, spare!”

The Dark Spirit shouted.


Su Ziyang waved his right hand and put Lei Mang away, “Say, who sent you here.”

“Lord, I say, I say!”

The dark spirit’s face is full of fear.

Su Ziyang looked at him coldly, motionless.

“Lord, the man who sent us is named…”

The words are not finished.


A loud bang.

The body of the dark spirit is directly fried into powder.

When the wind blows, nothing is left.

“Dominate the prohibition! What a ruthless method!”

“No matter who you are, since you want to take my treasure, wait for this King to come, you will not be allowed to spare you!”

Su Ziyang muttered to himself, thinking secretly.

“Forget it, leave it alone.”

“Now this plan is to improve strength first!”

“Since there is a dark spirit here, there must be more dark spirits waiting for me outside, so be careful!”

Su Ziyang thought secretly.

Every dark spirit’s strength is God King Level.

And myself, now I have no God level, which is far distance away.

Although the dark spirit was unable to fight against it just now, in fact, it was all Super Luck!

Triggered the thundercloud Heavenly Dao that I just realized!

I gave myself this strength.

And my true strength, at most, I can fight evenly matched with people who have just become Divine King.

No matter how strong the Fleshy body is, there are limits.

“Lord, thank you for life-saving grace!”

Lie Xiao ran forward, aimed at Su Ziyang, and knelt down.

“No! Since you promised your daughter to save you, naturally you won’t break your promise.” Su Ziyang said.

“Many thanks Lord, I don’t know what happened to my daughter?” Lie Xiao asked.

“It’s okay, I will soon become a Middle God.” Su Ziyang said.

“What? Middle God? How is this possible?” Lie Xiao shook his head again and again, with a look of disbelief.

“It’s just a Middle God, what makes a fuss about nothing.” Su Ziyang said.

“Lord, don’t you know that when I became a Middle God, it was a history of nine deaths and still alive!” Lie Xiao said.

“That’s because your Talent is poor, and your daughter Talent is ten thousand times stronger than you. Now, she has realized thousands of avenues and has reached the Great Success Realm!”

The words came out.

Lie Xiao opened his mouth, unable to speak.

On his face, there is nothing but shock.

When I looked up, I found that Su Ziyang was gone, “Lord, where are you going?”

“South, death desert!” Su Ziyang said.


Lie Xiao’s scalp numb, cold sweat on his face.

When he thinks of Su Ziyang’s fight against the Dark Spirit, not even think, it is quickly followed along.

“Lord, wait for me!”

Su Ziyang looked at Liexiao and couldn’t help but froze, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Lord, with you here, I will never have anything to do.” Lie Xiao said.

“That’s not necessarily, I may not be able to keep you!” Su Ziyang said.


Liexiao’s expression stagnated, but he chose to follow Su Ziyang.

He held Su Ziyang tightly by the corner of his clothes, his body shiver coldly.

Seeing this scene, Su Ziyang shook his head for a while.

“Since you are so scared, then you can enter my Spiritual Space and hide!”

After that, Su Ziyang waved his right hand, and a teleported vortex appeared in front of Liexiao instantly.

“many thanks Lord!”

Apart from anything else, Liexiao got into the teleportation vortex and disappeared.


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