Online Game: Strengthening System Chapter 486


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Su Ziyang felt relieved without Liexiao by his side.

He turned into a haste, and ran towards the center of the dead desert.

Because the Fleshy body has been greatly enhanced, his speed has increased by many times.

In only three hours, Su Ziyang saw the Dao of Primordial Chaos in the sky again.


Seeing Su Ziyang, Dao of Primordial Chaos was angry and moved together.

They tremble rapidly, and their bodies are rolling with lightning glow.

Every strand seems to be able to destroy heaven extinguishing earth, making people unable to resist.


Su Ziyang completely ignores these.

He stood there and didn’t even mean to move.

“Do you think this King is still me a year ago?”

Su Ziyang stood there, letting these Dao of Primordial Chaos blast on him.

No injuries, not even pain.

Even, there are still a few strands of comfort.

It’s like going to a massage shop to get a massage. There is an indescribable sense of comfort.


Dao of Primordial Chaos is angry, making strange calls.

As if seeing a terrifying monster, he flees without saying a word.

“Want to escape?”

Su Ziyang coldly smiled.

With a right fist.


The sky was shaken.

All around the space, every inch is shattered, preventing Dao of Primordial Chaos from fleeing away.

Dao of Primordial Chaos has nowhere to escape, so he can only fly to Su Ziyang.


Su Ziyang was coldly snorted, with a wave of his right hand, a puff of Dao of Primordial Chaos was directly caught by him.


Dao of Primordial Chaos made strange screams, frantically, and it was useless.

Can’t escape Su Ziyang’s palm.


As soon as the mind moved, Dao of Primordial Chaos Qi consciousness was shaken away and turned into the most primordial energy.

“It’s done!”

Looking at this ray of Dao of Primordial Chaos, Su Ziyang’s eyes gleamed uncertainly.

“This thread will allow my Hunyuan world to run at full load for 1 year!”

“With these ten thousand threads, can it run for ten thousand years!”

“haha, enough to use!”

Aside from anything else, Su Ziyang threw this Dao of Primordial Chaos breath into the Spiritual Space, making it blend with the Hunyuan world, and cannot distinguish each other.

After doing this, Su Ziyang continued.

The wisps of Dao of Primordial Chaos qi were wiped out by him and turned into extremely pure energy.

Finally, he was collected in Spiritual Space and merged with Hunyuan world.

After one hour.

All Dao of Primordial Chaos Qi, without exception, was taken away by him.

“It’s time to open the hidden space!”

Su Ziyang moved into the Spiritual Space with a thought.

I just entered, but I saw Xiaodie, jumped into his arms, hugged him tightly, “big brother Han Xing, you finally came in, I miss you so much!”

“Me too!”

Su Ziyang gently cups one fist in the other hand Xiaodie, smelling the fragrance of her hair, and taking a deep breath.

“Hey, you haven’t condensed Divine Spark yet?”

Su Ziyang stopped slightly and asked.

“Yes, big brother Han Xing!”

“I don’t think Dadao is perfect. I want to wait for Perfection, then I will practice again!” Xiaodie said.

“Well, let’s go to find Perfection now, what do you think?” Su Ziyang asked.

“Ok, that’s very good!”

Xiaodie’s eyes, bright light glittering.

Su Ziyang took Xiaodie’s hand and moved his mind, using the century-old Dao of Primordial Chaos Qi to open up the hidden space.

Immediately after, Su Ziyang pulled her, and her body slowly disappeared.

The scene changes.

The two who came here were a Primal Chaos Space.

On the ground, there is an Extreme Yin Yang gossip fish.

A kind of avenue, revolving all around.


Before they had time to react, a transparent silhouette appeared in front of them.

“Respect you, come here!”

“Only people who are connected can open the hidden yin and yang hidden space!”

“Here, there are Fusion Avenue, Great Dao of Yin-Yang two Heaven Grade Avenues, in addition, there are dozens of God level Avenues and hundreds of other Avenues!”

“These avenues are all related to the fusion of yin and yang. One Yin One Yang can produce all things! Only can create everything! Even Heavenly Dao can be born!”

Hearing this, Su Ziyang’s head buzzed.

Heavenly Dao was born?

Heavenly Dao was born from Dao?

This completely subverted his perception.

Transparent silhouette, I didn’t seem to see the two people surprised, and continued talking.

“Wait for you to fully understand the Tao here, and then do Dual Cultivation, you will have unexpected gains!”

“Come on!”

After these two sentences, the transparent silhouette slowly disappeared.


Su Ziyang and Xiaodie fly out uncontrollably.

Su Ziyang falls on the white fisheye of Tai Chi, while Xiaodie falls on the black fisheye.

The two looked at each other, closed their eyes at the same time, released their consciousness, and began to realize.

Time passed a little bit.

Dao Dao quickly realized with the efforts of the two.

Five days later.

The two opened their eyes at the same time, and their faces were full of light.

At this moment, their avenues are all comprehended!

At this moment, they have reached Perfection!

You only need to condense Divine Spark to become a true god.

The two looked at each other.

Without a word, he rushed over quickly.

Next, is the indescribable Dual Cultivation scene.

Here, ten thousand words need to be omitted.


all around, the endless beginning Life Power, rushed to the two bodies.

Two Divine Sparks are quickly condensed between two people within the body.

Five days later.

The two opened their eyes, their faces were sharp, without any concealment.

Behind Su Ziyang, there is a white god ring!

Behind Xiaodie, there is a black circle of gods.

It’s completely different from the colored rings of others.

white seems to enclose all colors, while black absorbs all colors.

White is yang, black is yin.

One Yin One Yang, coordinate with each other to give birth to Heavenly Dao.

“Big brother Han Xing, I want to integrate my Spiritual Space here. Our Spiritual Space can form a world!”

“Maybe Heavenly Dao will be born!”

Xiaodie looked at Su Ziyang with a questioning look.

Hearing this, Su Ziyang showed a pampering look.

“Of course you can, come on!”


Under the control of Xiaodie, her Spiritual Space opened a hole.


The huge world and infinite energy seem to be comparable to Su Ziyang’s Spiritual Space.

Seeing this scene, Su Ziyang’s eyes were full of shock.

Didn’t expect, Xiaodie’s Spiritual Space, it is so huge, it is incredible.

However, compared with my own Spiritual Space, it is still half the difference.


The two Spiritual Spaces slowly blend in, unable to distinguish each other.

The two suns converge together, and the power is even greater.

Two planets occupy the same orbit and hover slowly. The entire Space Power seems to be driven.

In an instant, I was angry.

However, Xiaodie’s planet is only half the size of Su Ziyang.

This feeling is like yang surging and yin declining, and a balance is lost in an instant.

The strength of Xiaodie’s body was slowly draining and was swallowed by Su Ziyang.

“How could this be?”

The faces of the two of them are full of surprise.

They frowned, thinking hard.


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