Original Seeker Chapter 746


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The main temple is incomplete.

Bai Mo discovered this soon after he got it.

And this is incomplete, perhaps deliberately, someone specifically split the main god into two parts.

“Ahhh …!”

When the Rubik ’s cube on Bai Mo ’s hand echoed with a piece of the main temple hidden in the body, the severe pain began to strike his brain like a tide.

I ca n’t take care of the two great characters in front of me anymore. Wu Ren’s pain is so painful that he holds his head in both hands. His whole body is exposed with blue muscles.

Deep into the pain of the soul, he instantly defeated his will and made him completely give up the calm of disguise.

The Rubik’s Cube emits mysterious green light, and Wu Renxing’s head exudes the same rays of light. The two meet each other, and the atmosphere becomes strange for a while.

“The Lord God is not dead yet.”

Xu Xuanling glanced at Bai Mo and immediately reached the same conclusion.

Because of their induction, a powerful but extremely confused will seems to be recovering quickly.

A surging power was generated in resonance, and after the blessing of this power blessing, began to try to break away from Bai Mo’s control.

The white light on his hand, and the green light on the Rubik’s cube, are violently canceling each other out every moment, but it seems to be able to fight for a while.

Countless green runes emerged from Wuren nature, but these runes are more of a seal imposed on him than so much of his own.

The chain-like rune is tied around his body in circles and circles. Even if his blue muscles appear, the eye socket is cracked, and the seven Orifices are bleeding.

Slow and roaring noises like wild beast are constantly coming out, making the surrounding space seem to shake a little.

Although Xu Xuanling is not affected much, she is busy protecting other samsaras who are still asleep, after all, they are now half of her men.

As for whether they want to trust themselves when they wake up, then these people can’t help it.

I believe that as long as the brain is normal, he will not refuse his solicitation of True Immortal.


Bai Mo still grabbed the Rubik’s Cube body no matter how hard it was, but he couldn’t really leave even one step, just like a fish desperately struggling in the hands of a fisherman.

The divine sense of the mountains and seas began to forcibly penetrate into this weird Rubik ’s Cube, analyzing everything from the subatomic level …

“This is a cage.”

For a while, Bai Mo gave his conclusion.

“Is the seal against that wild beast?”

This is also one of the hypotheses.

“Yes, it ’s just a‘ wild beast ’of eighth order.”


“Eighth-order …?”

How heavy is the word “eighth order”. You must know that in the current Federation, 7th grade fairies are less than ten fingers away. Each one is Heaven-supporting Pillar. This one is outside the Federation.

As a result, when I pass by the founding god, there is an eighth-order monster imprisoned in it. Does n’t that mean that the person who imprisons this guy can also wipe out the entire Federation?

“It’s not imprisoned by a higher order.” Bai Mo said as if he had a mind-reading technique, following the thought of Xu Xuanling.

“Most of this cage is made of itself, and the remaining point is some traces of life below the immortal level.”

When he talked about it, the bland tone like Wan Xuan Xuan Bing unexpectedly produced a little fluctuation.

“strictly speaking, it is committing suicide.”


“You know Taoism.” Bai Mo asked suddenly.

“Of course, as you can see in the scroll you wrote, every fairy must use the True Spirit barrier to constantly resist the cosmic erosion phenomenon. On the day that it ca n’t be supported, it will be reintroduced into this world In part, this process is called Daohua. “She endorsed the definition written by Bai Mo in the scroll like an endorsement.

“This creature with the‘ lord god ’as its cage has become almost completely out of control. For some reason, it chose to seal itself.”

“But why does this seal have to look like this?”

“Seal is not a perpetual motion machine, so it chose to use blood sacrifice Resentful Soul to maintain the strength of the seal.”

“Continue to introduce new samsaras, let them die with strong emotions one by one in an extremely cruel environment … Keep the seal on.”

“The idea of ​​genius.” Xu Xuanling obviously didn’t take the ordinary person’s life too seriously, only curious and admired for the blood sacrifice seal, not at all felt a little wrong.

“This main god is not quite the same as” Sildes “.”

“Are you referring to the Ark?”

For the high level of the Federation, the existence of Ark-Sirdes has always been an open secret. Although the people above have all been transformed into souls, they still think of themselves as human beings and are part of the Federation.

“Well, the ark calling itself the” main shrine “.”

“I do n’t know how tens of thousands of them gave birth to two Ghost Immortal.”

“According to my information, Childers now reigns, including the reckless world, a total of four worlds suitable for human habitation, with a combined population of more than 2 billion.

Although their inner hall is indeed less than 40,000 members, after all, it is an elite selected from the 1 billion people. “

“…” Xu Xuanling only knows that his family in Manghuang Realm has cooperation with the Ark to rule the entire world, but did n’t expect that the other party has hidden that many trumps besides Manghuang Realm. card.

And even more shocked, Bai Mo actually put an inner ghost on the ark …

“The person” Wu Ren Xing “is its true body? Wu Ren Xing, no humanity, Taoism, and the name corresponds exactly.” Seeing the topic is about to be biased, she once again returned to the “Master God” in front of her on.

“It is the subject of his consciousness. After he sealed his memory, he continued to samsara reincarnation, this life in various worlds under the main temple, just reincarnated into the role of witch benevolence.”

“The so-called main temple controller is a tool man used from beginning to end? A tool man who was purely flicked to maintain the seal.”

“The power of the controller during the period of control is true and true, although all the power, inheritance and treasure in the main temple are derived from the sealed eighth order existence.” Bai Mo said.

“Lianlong liver and phoenix pulp, Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, innate Vermilion Fruit, these heavenly materials, earthly treasures can be made?”

“Do you want it?”

Bai Mo brows slightly wrinkle, a white light flashed, and the Spirit Stone hail came up from the sky. At the same time, there were dozens of different types of high, middle, and low grade spiritual grass.

“The 7th grade explores Annihilation Power, the eighth level is creation, is the beginning of creation. These Spirit Stone spiritual grasses are generated by me with 10,000 times the Spirit Energy consumption contained in them.”

“As long as you are willing to consume, I can create everything.”

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