Original Seeker Chapter 764


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“We are not rare for that little luck. Martial Way is the only one for me, with pure will as the core. The foreign object of illusory luck, like luck, is my luck, but my life is lost.” Huang Wuji had a face. Said indifferently.

Different from people who like comprehending and spend a lot of time cultivating other roads, he is a very traditional, dedicated cultivator.

Except for Martial Way, he almost never cared about other roads, which belonged to the kind of cultivator of painstaking cultivation immersed in his own world.

So after a blank glance at Ramdo, the two once again hid in the space gap and started fighting, disappearing into the battlefield like a passer-by.

Shrouded a whole starry sky, and the mixed brilliance of the silver and red two colors gradually dissipated with the disappearance of the fighting two, leaving only a large number of ordinary cultivators still deeply shocked by this power.

“A real man should be like this.”

Somewhere in the space battlefield, a low-level mercenary wearing Power Armor said enviously in the direction where the rays of light disappeared.

“One day, I will climb to his place!”

The companion next to him whispered.

The two Martial Way cultivators did not hide their desire for such power.

After all, Huang Wuji and Olga both represent the existence of a pinnacle of the Federal Martial Way. As long as they are cultivation Martial Way people, there is no one who does not know them.


“This fellow Huaya, really has a pit of brain, and he is not interested in luck, what else is he doing on the battlefield…” After he left, Ramdo commented on the absurd.

“What age is it…returning to Huaya.” Huolin couldn’t help but sneered after hearing it.

Compared with the cultural integration of the middle and lower classes that have continued for several generations, just hundreds or so years is not too much for a high-rank cultivator growing old with unfailing eyes and ears. Long time.

In the early days of the major civilizations on Earth, the people at the bottom were forcibly promoting the use of federal language, and after living together for several generations, the gap between civilizations has faded a lot.

This is also due to one of the most important decisions of the Federation at the time-to disperse and rearrange all the places of residence instead of directly transplanting the arrangement of Earth entirely different.

Cultural barriers often come from prejudice and ignorance. When the demonized and stigmatized External Race people in the past become their own neighbors, many past prejudices will be self-defeating.

After more than a hundred years of running-in, the concept of foreigners in the ordinary person’s mind has faded a lot, especially the New Generation after the establishment of the Federation, they have become completely used to the society where multiple human races live together.

But the high-rank cultivator is different.

Especially those “Old Antique”.

In the Earth era, several major civilizations were still opposed to those who had become famous in those years. No matter aesthetics or other things, they were deeply ingrained in the concept of alien races.

Even though Celestial Immortal can count changes, they still have something that they feel “beautiful”, and the concept of “beauty” is often related to their background.

Like Ramdo, his Divine Kingdom was destroyed by the Huaya Federation back then. It is a fantasy story to expect him to treat the Huaya person as the same clan.

More than a hundred years of trifling is not enough to change the idea of ​​True Immortal. After all, it is replaced by an ordinary person. Among them, most of them have witnessed the Autumn of Spiritual Rivers but have not embarked on the cultivation path. They are all three feet tall.

After the short-lived old stubborn dies, these old stubborns who grow old with unfailing eyes and ears are left.

A few immortality old stubbornness, their persistence, make the Federation never truly integrated together.


Kirkov was also from that era, but he didn’t care much about race and so on before, and he doesn’t care much now.

Furthermore, he was arrested and worked in the land of Baizhi for several years, only to make up for the ransom money and escape.

This has always been a history he didn’t want to mention, and few people in the Federation knew about it.

“You guys also picked a good time.” Ramdo said without paying attention to Hollin’s sarcasm.

“A total of four True Immortal statues went to Cross Tribulation.”

Kirkov chose the time of the attack very well. There are almost 30 True Immortal in the Federation, and four of them went to the Samsara Tribulation, and they couldn’t participate in this battle of luck.

The time it takes to cross a Samsara Tribulation is as short as ten or eight years, as long as Yun Jie, directly disappearing from the face of the earth in fifty-sixty years, and even more, may have died in another world , No news for a hundred years.

Kirkov chose the right time for most True Immortal in the Ramdo camp to travel to other planes.

Originally, the number of True Immortal in the two camps was four to six. As a result, while the Kirkov camp was one less person, the Ramdo camp was directly less than three people, and it just pulled back three to three.

In addition to Two Great Factions, some relatively neutral immortals hold some precious civilization space coordinates in their hands and concentrate on developing the different world.

For them, what kind of system they are going to use, who will be the emperor, who will be the chairperson, and even if the Federation still exists, all are cloudless. They only care about the piece of land in their lead ship and normally concentrate on harvesting different world leeks.

I don’t care about human affairs.


“I think the name of the cultivator needs to be unified.”

“The Speaker…”

“From now on, we are alchemists, alchemist civilization.” Kirkov resolutely and decisively said.

“It seems you understand.” Seeing Kirkov’s reaction, Ramdo smiled tacitly, “Then I can’t let it go.”

“You can’t eat the cake all by yourself.” Kirkov was a little dissatisfied.

Looking at the two dumbing each other, the immortals present seemed to understand what was going on, only Mila who relied on the pendant to watch from a distance was dumbfounded.

At this time, all the battles died down like pressing the pause button, and the fighters from the Ramdo camp and the Yanhuo camp faced each other.

“Boss, do you know what they are doing? They are renaming the country and civilization…”

“Qingyun. They are redefining the federation, or the future of the empire, by way of naming, so as to allocate the luck from the federation.”

“Are you really lucky with this thing…” Milla and Serra listened, staring suspiciously at the picture provided by Pendant.

“Even if it is true, can you take your luck into your own hands just by changing your name?”

This time pendant did not answer again.

“Ramdo.” The Green Wizard King suddenly said as if he had changed people, “Our battle ends here.”

“Have you taken the initiative back?” Ramdo asked.

“I finally suppressed the two soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed guys temporarily.”

The personality composition of the Green Wizard King within the body is more complicated.

First of all, it is a Tree Demon, and when the Bloodline memory was turned on, it was contaminated by the bloodline memory, gained a lot of valuable experience, and also gained a hatred that didn’t belong to me.

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