Original Seeker Chapter 765


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No one wants their memory and thinking to be contaminated by others, even if they are their ancestors.

The same goes for the Green Wizard King.

The memories belonging to Yanhuo and Ning Yanhuo are all mixed with the memories of their descendants. Outside the main consciousness, two things like Concentric Devil were born.

It doesn’t know that this is really the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed from that person back then and that Tree Demon, or that it was just imagined by itself, but it turned into a real existence because of the power of the fairy.

This is also the price it paid for taking shortcuts.

Get the Bloodline memory from the ancestor Tree Demon, and experience the realm beyond his own level. Every step before Yanhuo became a fairy was relaxed and happy.

Even the process of becoming a fairy Transcending Tribulation, it can’t be considered how difficult it is, because its predecessor, or the original owner of its memory, was already close to the fairy level infinitely.

A hundred years ago, as long as you give Yanhuo more about a year and swallow the birth of millions of people, you will be able to have the power of the 7th grade level.

It’s a pity that the world where humans dominate, not at all gives it this opportunity.

Even if Bai Mo doesn’t do anything, the major powers have already targeted it with countless nuclear weapons.

In any case, this kind of monster that can threaten the survival of mankind should not exist in the world.

“They are just the remnants of the old age, and the new age has no place for them.” Ramdo said to the Green Wizard King.

The Green Wizard King, or Yanhuo’s personality is very unstable. Like in the past few years, the old Yanhuo consciousness who hates Ramdo dominates. Until just now, the new Yanhuo who has no old grudges against Ramdo regained it. Control.

The relationship between the two is a bit like two users on the same computer, sharing memories (storage), but having completely different usage habits.

Whether the old Yanhuo is using the computer or the new Yanhuo is logging in to the host? This is a very confusing question for outsiders.

“Old times? New times? Is this the luck of the changing times?” The Green Wizard King led by the new Yanhuo looked into the distance.

Because of not at all cultivation Ghost Immortal, it can barely feel the existence of Qi Luck, but it can also instinctively feel that this mysterious thing is constantly pouring here from all over the Federation.

New Yanhuo and Ramdo have nothing to kill their fathers. Naturally, they are unwilling to fight against a powerful enemy who has a lot of battle power. And the person Ramdo really hates is Bai Mo who made old Yanhuo and destroyed his Divine Kingdom. As long as the Green Wizard King doesn’t want to fight anymore, he will not continue to waste his men’s lives.

The Great Influence of the two immortals meets each other, it is a bottomless pit-like flesh-and-blood grinding disc, no matter how many lives are not enough to fill.


“The Speaker Kirkov will suddenly regain his body, and a new Yanhuo, who is a little confused, will protect him behind him.

He then asked: “So, why is the Holy Terra Empire?”

“Why an alchemist?” Ramdo asked rhetorically.

“You come first.”


“Holy, is the iconic word of Divine Path, Terra, is the name of Earth in the Federal language, and Empire is the electoral system promoted by their four.”

“You still can’t let go.”

“Can you put it down?”


The two talked about Tyra, which is Earth.

The Holy Terra Empire, obviously wants to remind everyone, never forget Earth.

“The alchemist is the result of our discussion. According to legend, the ancient Daoist called himself an alchemist, so let’s also call it an alchemist.” Kirkov expressionless explained.

“I only understood today why it is “Dao Yuan Ji”. It seems that he has already led us too much.”

“It keeps leaving its own mark in the times. Ghost Immortal’s cultivation method is really interesting. You are right, it belongs to Wu.”

In the void, the ghostly woman’s silhouette appeared again behind Kirkov.

“Only the existence of the three words Dao Yuanji, the Federation will contribute a lot of luck to him every year.” A Daoist also appeared behind Ramdo, with long hair, eyebrows and beard, almost his entire face Covered by overgrown hair, the silhouette is still uncertain.

This is like Ghost Immortal in the Ramdo camp.

Just now when the two sides were fighting fiercely, Ghost Immortal, who was not good at a frontal attack, disappeared. Now that the two sides striked, they appeared on the negotiating table.

“Leave a mark in the stronger world, the more luck you will get.”

“Someday if the name is changed, this luck will be gone?” Huo Lin, a new and cute immortal dao, quietly asked Ghost Immortal, the beauty of his camp.

“Of course, your mark has been erased, how can you divide your luck, just like a country, if the country is broken, luck will naturally be lost.”

“How it feels a bit like a wild dog using its own urine as a marker to occupy the territory…” Somehow, Hollin had a very vulgar idea.

But he really couldn’t express this idea.

“So we really want to accept those Demon ghosts into the federation?” Hollin then sounded transmission to Kirkov, wanting to confirm the other’s attitude one last time.

“I understand your thoughts, but accepting them is the overall situation. The joining of the four equivalent to immortal dao allies of the Second Tribulation is almost equivalent to doubling our strength.”

“In this case, this marshal is improper, that’s all, you can hire a brilliant speaker.” Seeing the speaker’s attitude, Huolin was a little frustrated, “just three years.”

On the opposite side are four real immortal-level monsters of the Second Tribulation. They can’t beat them to tell the truth. People over a hundred years old are impossible to lose their temper like a child.

So what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over, give up your post in the Federation and hide in your own world. At least the noble leader under his rule will not have any monsters Trace.

Holing was full of calculations and came back by himself. He has been the Union Army Marshal for three years.

The men in awe of his strength gave him a lot of domineering nicknames such as military, Shura, Rakshasa, but at this brief moment, facing the four big monsters, he still felt very weak .

“Our road ahead is not a smooth road. Just on the route to the Centaur, the frontline scout ship has found five monsters comparable to True Immortal.”

In front of the main fleet of the Federation, there are large swaths of sweeping and reconnaissance ships. They have already left the lead ships carrying countless civilians far away. As a path-finder troop, they follow the established route to detect mines for the main fleet. .

If you really encounter a strong enemy, these reconnaissance ships will send back information to remind the main fleet to adjust its course and reduce meaningless battles.

But if they find fat, they don’t hesitate to use the power of the summon federation to wipe it all away.

No matter how you say the Federation, it is also a force that can dispatch ten True Immortal wars at any time. If there are only one or two True Immortal level monsters on a passing planet, it will be no problem to hunt a wave.

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