Original Seeker Chapter 772


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“Which step did you take?”

Under Bai Mo’s suggestion, they even suspect that Bai Mo has actually reached the ninth order, so they can describe that many.

“If I were Tier Nine, do you think you could escape my palm by walking here? Trifling a distance of 10,000 astronomical units would not bring much security in front of Tier Nine.” Bai Mo half-joked Said threateningly.

“Didn’t expect you to laugh too.” said Yun Jie, who has the best relationship with Bai Mo.

“Smile is indeed a luxury.” After briefly showing human feelings, Bai Mo returned to his normally cold appearance, as if the little smile he had just shown had exhausted his accumulated emotions for many days .


“Mr. Supreme Sun Star, where the light can reach, the power can be reached. As far as the starlight can be projected, the power of the Star Monarch can be projected as far. Starlight is my Mental Power, my hands, and my eyes. “Soon, Bai Mo turned the topic back to Star Monarch.

“Where is the light, where is the power?”

“On that day, Telescope could still receive light from celestial bodies billions of light-years away, is it possible that the power of your Supreme Sun Star can affect tens of thousands of light-years away?” At this time, everyone seemed to have already agreed , Bai Mo is refining the sun, the Supreme Sun Star of the reserve.

“From the moment of landing on the True Sun Star Monarch, the light from the stars will bring the will of the true monarch.”

“Zhenyang Star Monarch?”

“I named the Star Monarch of the eighth-level planetary level Dongxuan Star Monarch, and the Star Monarch of the ninth-level star level, called the true sun Star Monarch. The former can also be referred to as Xuanjun, and the latter is the true monarch. “


“Fortunately, it’s not a nickname… Dong Xuan Star Monarch, True Sun Star Monarch sounds okay.” Black Tortoise muttered in his heart.

“Doesn’t that mean that from the day of landing on the True Sun Star Monarch, the power projection range will follow the starlight and expand indefinitely at the speed of light?!”

“If my deduction model is correct, yes.”

“So, if you don’t want to be caught by me, I hope you can escape faster than light.”

“Impossible, even if your power can catch up to dozens of light-years away, it would have decayed so badly!”

Everyone looked towards the sun.

Looking from this far away place, the sunlight from 10,000 astronomical units is no longer dazzling, and even when it falls on the body, there is no warmth.

But somehow, the faint light still made them feel thorns on their backs.

In Bai Mo’s words, the sun that once symbolized vitality and hope is so strange at this moment.

“I saw you.” When they felt the sun hitting them at a distance, something like this suddenly appeared in their minds.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

It is reasonable to say that the cultivation base has reached True Immortal, and there will be no hallucinations again impossible.

“That is not an illusion.” Bai Mo said in front of him.

“Electromagnetic waves can transmit information, and light is also a type of electromagnetic waves. What you just heard is the sound of sunlight.”


What Bai Mo said today has shocked them time and time again.

Absolutely didn’t expect, he made the sun into a radio station.

“Don’t worry, I’m still far from the realm of the real sun Star Monarch. This is just a trace of simulated power.”

The word “rest assured” by Bai Mo doesn’t seem to make people really feel relieved.

“The following is the simulated second strand of force.”

“The dead, Su Sheng.”

Along with Bai Mo’s announcement, a mysterious and mysterious wave swept across the space battlefield full of ruins.

The bloody battle between Ramdo and Yanhuo just now was just a few rounds of trial and error, which has resulted in more than 200,000 deaths. Among the numerous bones, more than hundreds of them were mercenaries hired by him.

One will succeed in everything.

The battle was never finished, it could even be said that it was just a warm-up.

Among the mercenaries who died, most of them were ordinary persons from difficult backgrounds. In order to bet on a slim future, they resolutely embarked on this road of gambling.

After all, if you don’t have aptitude and you still want heaven defying to change your life and cultivation, just buying the cheapest Jade Pearl Fruit will cost you close to 500,000 federal dollars.

Based on the federal average income level, an ordinary person needs to work fifteen to 20 years to save the money. Without the support of the previous generation and relying solely on your own efforts, by the time you save the money, the best period of cultivation would have passed.

Compared to the lucky ones with aptitude, they are 20 years away from the beginning. Even the average lifespan of federal citizens is 150 years old. The retirement age has been extended to 100 years. But it is still an exhausting life, unable to see the back of the forerunner.

However, if you are willing to serve as pawns for the two True Immortal. As long as such a battle is fought, the commission will be worthy of years of hard work.

500,000 life money per person, plus a set of the current standard version of Power Armor.

True Immortal, who are rich and rival countries, have invested a lot of capital for this battle. Of course, this is still only a small tip of the iceberg compared to their per capita assets of more than one hundred billion.

Furthermore, the actual population of the Federation has exceeded one trillion. It is not uncommon to see dozens of extremely wealthy billionaires with billions of assets in a needle-point society composed of trillions of people.

Just two True Immortals that hired these little soldiers, obviously they didn’t treat their cannon fodder as human beings, wasting their lives casually. In the meaningless temptation, they turned into a cloud of Yanhuo in space that was not bright.


As soon as the four characters of the deceased Su Sheng appeared, it seemed as if time had begun to turn back. The airship that was blown to pieces was reassembled, and the body burned to ashes by the high-energy laser was also reorganized, barely returning to the shape of a human body.

Like Undead Disaster, thousands of people like this pieced together stood tremblingly.

Soul Fires of jade green blossomed in their hollow heads.

Immediately afterwards, they originally began to shrink inward like a personal body, and it didn’t take long before they collapsed into the appearance of skeletons.

In the void, a familiar door suddenly appeared.

“Is this the door I just came out of summon?” Yanhuo saw at a glance that this was the bone door that he had just come out of summon when he was in Xiao Qiu.

Behind the door leads to a different world called the corpse world. There are many undead creatures inside, the most famous of which is naturally King of the Undead Xiao Qiu. Legend has it that he is the manager of all creatures in the entire skeletal world. Apart from this, it is said that within the corpse world, there is also a more mysterious world, the soul world.

And the soul world is the home of all dead creatures in the rumors, but no one here has really been there to confirm the authenticity of the rumors.

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