Original Seeker Chapter 783


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Heaven immortal dao, earth immortal dao, human immortal dao, Immortal dao, Ghost Immortal dao, each has its own strengths.

Celestial Immortal is the best at spirit technique. Its influence in the material world is matchless in the world, which can be called a human-shaped natural disaster.

Earth Immortal is a civilization and can plot against the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. At the same time, it is a race that will never die.

Human Immortal is invincible of will, body and soul are interchangeable to move light, Martial Way will Fist Supressing Mountains and Rivers, influence everything (physical).

Immortal is steady, Divine Kingdom is immortal, Immortal is immortal, the cultivation path is peaceful and the bottleneck is the least.

Ghost Immortal regards the world as a chess, heavenly demon is Undying and Inextinguishable, it is the most bizarre way to control the luck and avoid disasters.


Those who can cultivation success are not well-know figures among hundreds of millions of people.

Contemporaneously practicing multiple Dao, and even the great advantages of the Five Dao practitioners, they naturally understand.

Just facing the knowledge of vast as the open sea in this immortal dao cultivation, most people still can only major in one, and minor in other Tao when they have more energy.

Furthermore, they also discovered that as long as one of them is high enough, it can drive the cultivation of other roads. This is also the core reason why everyone suspects that Bai Mo can be a fellow practitioner of the Five Paths.

He should have made the immortal dao the realm of his major path to a very high level, and it would be much easier to cultivate the other paths concurrently.

But the new question is, how do you push the path of major to a very high level?


“Since you agree, the honor of Isaac is given to you.” Bai Mo’s thumb, index finger, middle finger and three fingers lightly held the crown, and buckled it impartially on Vines’ head.

The Holy Light Religion Pope crown, which was originally in the same position, was transferred to her hand at some unknown time.

“Isag…” After hearing these three words, the newly appointed female emperor suddenly had a sore nose, as if she was thinking of someone.

The last Pope in the Holy Light Religion, the good old man Gondor, his surname is Isaac, but there are very few people who know about it.

Because all his family members died before Gondor became Pope, and he never mentioned his surname, and the official seals only had the word Gondor.

Over time, except for a few people who knew him well, no one else knew the full name of Gondor.

“Thank you.” She held the skirt in her hand, gently nodded in respect.

At this moment, Vines seems to have re-acquainted with the most legendary existence in this federation.

“Crown of Glory.”

Most other people who don’t know Gondor prefer to use this name to call the Emperor Crown. As for who is Isaac? They don’t want to care, anyway, everyone has made up their minds that they will never wear it in this life.

After completing this unusually simple coronation, Bai Mo didn’t say much, and quietly turned around to leave.

“Where do you want to go?” Before leaving, he fell to Wu Ling and asked.

For this Child of Destiny (predecessor), Bai Mo still feels a little lost. If he does not send him to a remote enough place to hide his name, even if the True Immortal in front of him promised not to do anything to him, Some of them are willing to take the initiative to take the initiative.

when the time comes, they would have volunteered for Wu Ling to die, and the birth of the new Child of Destiny early is not necessarily a good thing.

Qi Yun left his body, and the blood in his brain gradually cooled Wu Ling. He also understood this after some thoughts.

At this moment, Wu Ling was deeply curious about why she was so hungry before. He was a mortal, and had the courage to single out all True Immortal.

Anyone in front of you can crush himself to ashes by blowing his breath.

“Yes… can you take her too, please?” Wu Ling picked up the girl who fainted to the ground and was still wearing prisoner clothes, begging with a gnat-like voice.

To transport to heaven and earth are all with the same power, ambitious and ambitious, dare to compete with the gods, transporting heroes is not free, and they are short of breath and depressed.

Without the blood of his luck, his Essence, Qi, and Spirit seemed to have been taken away by 99%, and his heart grew older in an instant, and there was no ambition to Fight Heaven and Earth. High ambition, just want to live quietly with the one you love, never going against the heavens.


The two words Bai Mo casually fall into Wu Ling’s heart, but they are extremely important.

“Just beg you to take us to a place they will never find.”

tone barely fell, there was only a piece of white in Wu Ling’s field of vision. In his last memory, he seemed to be slapped away by a piece of white sleeves…

“Another one was photographed as light?” Yupo once again saw the details of Bai Mo photographing people as light.

A stream of light flies in the direction of the white land.


“Pass through the gate?” When she woke up again, Wu Ling found that she and the girl in her arms were already in a strange place with a strange ticket in her hand.

“Passengers who hold a ticket from the White Land to the Void Desolate Realm, please get in the car as soon as possible…” As he was still in a daze, the ticket in his hand suddenly sounded.


Many True Immortal in the empire who still had some hostility towards Wu Ling suddenly felt a sense of relief after seeing him disappear, probably because the new Child of Destiny will not be born for the time being.

Of course, the more relaxing reason is that Bai Mo, who was involved in this dispute, has finally left…

After one sleeve sent Wu Ling away, the incarnation of Bai Mo slowly melted in the faint sunlight coming from far away, looking like a wax figure gradually melting under the blazing sun.

If you look at this scene alone, no one will think that disappearing in the weak sunlight will be a projection comparable to True Immortal.


“Is this a monarch power or a divine power?” On the way back, I felt like a dreaming Vines for just a few hours, thinking about this profound question.

Other real power electors are beginning to calculate everything in the post-federal era.

The seven electors of the empire, including the Divine Kingdom of Ramdo’s Divine Kingdom, the Sacred Domain of the four Sacred Beasts, the blood alliance formed by several Aristocratic families headed by Ye Dexian, the Wizard continent led by Yanhuo, the former speaker Kirkov creates The Moon God Star, the Yuxiaotian created by Yun Jie, and the Huafan Star that belongs to mortals at last.

The first six belong to super organizations willing to intervene in the affairs of the empire. It does not mean that the cultivation base of their top leader must be the strongest in the empire.

It is not difficult to suppress Yun Jie in the first level of Celestial Immortal, like Yupo, in the Human Immortal 2nd layer, but the former has no interest in empire power at all, and belongs to the kind of loneliness that has little interest in establishing its own organization. cultivator of painstaking cultivation.

As for the final Transformation Star, according to the agreement, it will essentially be a arena where the mortal divisions of the various extraordinary forces compete with each other, but currently there is only the Great Influence of the Mortal Empire, and other people will soon follow. Will also reach in.

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