Original Seeker Chapter 784


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“A warm welcome to the 80th class of Baiyu freshmen for admission.”

Wearing a light suit, carrying a Lanchen machine with only one bag of luggage, I looked up at myself up ahead. The banner hung on the door of the Baiyu Academy seemed like a world away.

After he learned that he has an excellent cultivation aptitude, and learned that this World, apart from the White Land, there is also a force called the Holy Terra Empire, which is very different from the White Land, he swore that he must come to this place.

So it took him ten years to gather enough contribution points to apply for leaving the White Land, and then he left the world which was seriously lacking in challenge and interest without the slightest hesitation.

There are also cultivators and spirit materials born in the White Land. However, the distribution method of this spirit material is very mechanical. Regardless of who the talent is given priority, everyone can only use the contribution point to exchange it to the system. First served.

And the contribution point, except for the basic monthly monthly routines, the Holy Promenades can only be obtained by completing tasks.


“Empire is not like this. Since I am a eugenic, why can’t I get more resources?”

Lan Chenji still remembers that when he submitted an immigration application in the embassy area four years ago, interviewers from several large organizations in the Terra Empire offered a price for him.

Among them, Yuxiaotian is the one who gives the most, and he has to earn 30 years if he only promises to provide spirit material every year.

The annual salary offered by the sub-power that gave the least amount is ten times the current purchasing power.

In the end, he naturally chose Yuxiaotian, the Super Influence, one of the seven electors, because they are the richest and richest. They come up with 30 times the annual salary.

According to the agreement, before Lan Chen arrives in the empire and officially becomes a citizen of the empire and is also a member of the Yuxiaotian organization, he needs to study for one year at the Baiyu Academy in Huafan Star Domain as a transition period to adapt to a new life .

White Territory is the official name of the land of dialogue within the empire. The White Territory Academy is naturally the Academy for those who originally lived in the White Territory but chose to immigrate to the Empire.

In the Huafan galaxy, there are more than twenty similar existences, and the Baiyu Academy is just their collective name.

The empire and the White Land both use lingua franca. Language is not a problem. The main reason is the huge difference between living habits and social systems. Through this year of study, new immigrants will gradually adapt to the new life.

Lan Chenji hasn’t figured it out yet, why the system will not stop the Empire’s Great Influence from interviewing and recruiting people in the embassy area. He even has seen the corresponding promotional materials on the intranet.

As far as he knows, several millions of people with cultivation aptitude are attracted every year, and they complete the task desperately to collect contribution points, give up their identity in the White Land, and become members of the Empire.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the total number of more than 500 billion Saints.

Equally puzzled, there are many recruiting forces from the empire.

In the land of White, there is an “Embassy District” belonging to the empire. Thousands of organizations that have a certain degree of confidence in their own strength have dispatched recruitment representatives.

At first, it was a few people who wanted to try to reach a generous agreement with the individual cultivation talents of Bai Zhi’s earth interior department to persuade them to emigrate.

They thought that their secret digging of corners would be stopped by the system as soon as they were discovered. Who knew that the system would not only ignore it, but even offered to assist them in advertising.

As long as you pay a huge contribution point, Baizhi’s earth interior network can also broadcast.

Over time, this “Embassy District” has become a huge super recruitment plaza. Every year several millions of holy walkers who intend to emigrate depart from here to take the super-high-speed spaceship to the empire.

After decades of flying, the main fleet of the Holy Terra Empire has left the sun more than a light-year away.

However, the flight speed of a fleet of thousands of spaceships is much slower than that of a small group of a few high-speed spaceships, so it is not difficult for the immigrants to catch up with the spaceship.


There is also a rather special guy who walked into Baiyu Academy with Lan Chenji.

He is a little different from the other students who are carrying large and small bags with a look of anticipation. This man has two sleeves and a look of serene, wandering slowly in the Baiyu Academy.

“Sir, my family’s Master would like to invite you.” Unfortunately, not long after shopping, a floating car parked beside him.

A steward-looking woman came out of the car.

He doesn’t look charming, and his face is a bit square, but he looks like he’s serious.

The young man was gently nodded. He didn’t say much, and walked into the car in the direction of the steward right hand, leaving only an enviable look behind him.

The inside of the car seems to be another world. A huge palace stands in it, surrounded by clouds and mist, just like a Heavenly Palace.

“Earth Grade Spirit Treasure?” The boy glanced in the car and said.

“Mr. Hui, yes, this is Earth Grade Spirit Treasure, Tissot.”

Steward was also a little puzzled that his master actually ordered the Earth Grade Spirit Treasure Dusky, which was enough to load a whole Legion, comparable to a small thousand-leaded ship, just to pick up such a seemingly ordinary young man.

The two have no more dialogue.


Dutiansuo, which looked like a floating car, left the Huafan Star Domain in less than ten minutes and went to the interior of a noble leader.

“Welcome to my territory, Bai Mo.” A faceless girl greeted with a rather happy tone.

“I haven’t seen him for almost sixty years.” Bai Mo, who was still looking like a boy, walked out of the suspension vehicle, and the person also hovered on the lawn outside the palace.

The design style of this palace inside the leader ship is very similar to the one in Dutian Suo. It is all typical of the wild world, rough and heroic.

The faceless girl is Xu Xuanling, the True Immortal of the Empire, the woman standing on the top of the pyramid of the Empire.

“Sixty years apart, you are a little closer to Zhenyang Star Monarch.”

Although it was only a projection incarnation of Bai Mo, Xu Xuan Ling could still see that the other party was still getting stronger, but it was still a little bit worse than the realm of the real sun Star Monarch described back then.

“Will you not go to the Second Tribulation?”

“I’m not the kind of Transcending Tribulation madman, 20-30 years after ascending to immortality, I dare to attack the Second Tribulation. I don’t need to spend hundreds of years to train everything to the can’t advance before I will go bet.”

“Celestial Immortal has one layer, Human Immortal has one layer, and it is three times short.”


“In the past sixty years, the empire has only one more fairy. Now there are 25 True Immortal, five two kalpas, and twenty one kalpas. All of them plan to project to the space layer where the insect mother is located. “