Original Seeker Chapter 785


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until now, many True Immortal in the Empire are exploring other space layers, but it may be because of lack of luck that they have never found other worlds with lives above the immortal level.

Of course, it can also be said that it is too lucky. If you drive to a space layer that is far stronger than Terra, and then be invaded in the opposite direction, it is really a pill.

Today, the dozen or so civilized spatial coordinates in the hands of the empire have all become the colony of Terra.

The natives who originally lived in these worlds, the more human-like they look, the better they will end up.

However, this “good” is only good in a relative sense. It is better to become a semi-slave private property of aristocrats than to be killed on the spot.

The best fate among them is to become a freedman in a noble ship, and the citizen of Terra protected by the laws of the empire is still the difference between Heaven and Earth.

In order to find these more than ten space layers where civilizations were born, the empire tried tens of thousands of coordinates before and after, expending countless materials, and each new discovery embodies the wisdom of countless explorers.


“We plan to build and dispatch two hundred void ships to Daochen Realm in the future.”

“Do you still want to make Daochenjie’s idea?” Bai Mo faint said with a smile.

The Great Void Ship is a transport ship developed by the Empire using Silders technology that can sail across the space layer. The Empire also relies on the Great Void Ship to ensure firm control of its opponents’ colonies in different space layers.

If there is no Void Ship, the beings below the immortal level will pass through the gap of the space layer by themselves ninety nine deaths and still alive.

But if you need to use True Immortal every time to open the way, not to mention the unacceptably high cost, and there is no fairy who is willing to always be the professional transportation Great Captain.

“Things are man-made, we don’t expect to control the Daochen Realm, but at least we must obtain satisfactory results.”

They know very well that in a world where there are 8th-order insect mothers and 8th-order Bai Mo, they are basically impossible to control the situation.

Not to mention the Daochen Bumiputeras who can confront the Chongmother, most of them have equal existence.

Cast the net widely, bring more people to sneak into the Daochen realm, to fish in troubled water, to pick up some cheap, is their choice to maximize their interests.


“The empire has been peaceful for several decades without you.” Xu Xuanling said with a smile without hesitation.

Since the Human Federation was reorganized into the Holy Terra Empire sixty years ago, the pattern of the seven electors has not changed much.

The only controversial issue is the vote that belongs to mortals in Huafan Star Domain.

At first, it was the mortal empire dominating the family, but soon after the new mortal forces under the supervision of other super organizations were incorporated, the situation became more complicated.

“Tell me about Huafan Star Domain?” Bai Mo said suddenly.

In these several decades, he has been busy digesting and analyzing the main god, and at the same time pushing forward the solar transformation plan, preparing for the promotion of the True Sun Star Monarch, and he has no concern for Huafanxing, the idler who is free to play.

“The Huafan Star Domain now has 52 districts, each of which is carried by a large-scale leader ship, which accounts for about 3% of the total area of ​​Terra’s “territory”. More than 60 billion mortals live in it… …Last year, we received 9 million person-times of Huafan Lianxin cultivator.”

Xu Xuanling introduced the current Huafanxing like a tour guide.

As the two talked, they talked from the ground to the sky, and then from the sky to the periphery of Huafan Star Domain.

“Palace Master!” Shifts are responsible for guarding the peripheral cultivator. Through the monitoring satellite, he immediately recognizes that this is the immediate superior of his immediate superior.

The huge Huafan Star Domain has hundreds of entrances and exits. This small cultivator that rushes over is just the person in charge of one of the doors.

“Are you from the Huangbei?” There are too many people under Xu Xuanling. Even if True Immortal has an almost unforgettable memory, she is a little unsure. She may have never met the people below in several decades.

“Yes, first class Hirata from the Yellow Ministry is underneath!” The guard replied with a very powerful voice.

“I can hear you, you don’t need to speak so hard.”

“Yes!!” Hirata’s voice was slightly lower, but it still sounded agitated.

“But Chief Morishita said that soldiers with too little voice are not qualified to open a battleship…”

“Open the door.” Xu Xuanling, who was in trouble, ignored the strange words of the soldier.

“Yes!!” His voice weakened a little bit again.


Xu Xuan Ling Yuan thought that this was another speculator who wanted to sensationalize and wanted to leave a familiar impression on himself, but only after perception of the other party’s emotions did he discover that this guy is usually a daze. Qing… Now it’s just a natural performance.

“Why does your chief say that soldiers with too little voice are not qualified to open a battleship?” Bai Mo suddenly asked.

“Battleship is alive, and only a loud enough voice can resonate with the battleship and exert 120% of its strength!”


After listening to this explanation, Xu Xuan Ling wanted to say that it was absurd. The Empire’s space battleship is basically equipped with onboard artificial intelligence, but this is just a piece of cold program code, how could it resonate with the crew, but then I changed my mind. After thinking about it, why should I argue with a soldier…

Besides, this is still arguing with him under his logical framework, and it is endless.

“Yes, come on and work hard.” In the end, the thousands of words that were vague and mysterious turned into a silly rhetoric of encouragement from the superior to the subordinate, which ended a senseless argument early.


“Dharma Domain?” Walking into the Huafan Star Domain, Bai Mo could immediately feel that his projection power was rapidly dissipating.

He estimated that if he stayed here for more than 30 years, the projection might face disappearing because of the exhaustion of Spirit Energy.

“This is a mystery lock designed by us with reference to the field of the end of the year. The effect is much milder than that of the field of the end.”

“As long as the true body of the cultivator does not use Spirit Energy-related power within the range of the doomsday mystery, there will be no problems. Since it is a place where the heart is transformed, there is no need to use Spirit Energy.

“The mortal world should not be adulterated.”

“Are you really cultivating?” Bai Mo asked after hearing these words from Xu Xuanling.

“It used to be the same in the wilderness. Our bloodline Aristocratic Family protects mortals, but not at all enters the habit of mortal life.”

The super array of the final magic lock that covers the entire Huafan Star Domain makes it almost impossible to use extraordinary powers in the Huafan Star Domain. So normally, except for the few cultivators who have made up their minds to play with the Worldly Desire Refining Heart , Other extraordinary persons keep away from this area.

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