Original Seeker Chapter 818


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I don’t know what the ‘I’ of the first life is planning.

But this situation is definitely brought about by the ‘I’ at that time, and it is not simply a catastrophe passively faced.


The corresponding fortuitous encounter in every historical text will lead people astray.


“Go astray?” Bai Mo noticed these four words.

He had already guessed that these things belonged to the Immortal Venerable, basically there is no so-called pure good luck, and all arrangements are behind them.

But why did my self in previous lives mention this matter?

I should be the person who knows me best.

Bai Mo also knows very well that whether it is past, present, or future self, you should not touch this kind of treasure that is full of pits, and there is no need for additional reminders.


Mu Ziqing is still struggling, whether he wants to make a move.

The young man who has been showing the strong aura of Golden Core in the late stage, oppressing others a little breathless, has been sucked by Yusuo until only Foundation Establishment Late Stage is left.

With her Golden Core’s early-stage cultivation base and sneak attack, there is a high probability that she will be able to achieve success in one blow.

As she continued to hesitate, Bai Mo’s breath dropped sharply again.

This time, his exposed breath became almost like a mortal.

“This kind of precious treasure is home to those who can, and it is worth a gamble!” The jade lock called Yin-Yang lock instinctively attracted Yin-Yang Sect Sect Master Mu Ziqing.

A voice in her mind continuously told her, refining it! refining it!

“As long as the Yin and Yang lock can be refining into Life Source Spiritual Artifact, not to mention Nascent Soul Stage, even if the limits of Heaven and Earth exist here, Spirit Transformation, you can still encounter it with no difficulty.” That voice Keep reminding.

“Wrong way, is it like this?”

It took several breaths before Bai Mo finished sorting out the text of this history, or a memory left by himself in previous lives.

Just as he came back to his senses from the text of history, he saw that the right hand had turned into a ghost claw, and he was about to insert Mu Ziqing in his heart…

“Eah, babble, babble…”

Suddenly there was a sound like steel being crushed and deformed.

The gloomy green ghost claws, five fingers as sharp as demon swords, turned back nearly one hundred and eighty degrees at this time, and in turn pressed into the back of his hand.

“Are you looking for me?” Bai Mo slowly stood up from the ground, looking at Mu Ziqing whose face was distorted with pain because of the complete deformation of his right hand.

At that moment, when she was about to touch Bai Mo’s back, a huge recoil suddenly emerged, and Shengsheng broke her five fingers back a half circle.

“…Yes, I think Senior, you seem to be a little bit crazy, so I’m going to remind you…” Mu Ziqing gritted his teeth, resisting the severe pain, and made up a bad excuse that he didn’t believe him.

This is a broken excuse. Don’t say that Mo Fengwu and the others don’t believe me. Even the two healthy women who are responsible for lifting the corpse have complexion slightly changed.

Mu Ziqing’s overflowing killing intent just now can be easily seen even by a fool.

Simply waking up, is it guilty to use poisonous ghost claws?

“en. ”

However, Bai Mo looked like he had believed.

“What kind of intuition… dare to fool me to death?” At this time, Mu Ziqing was constantly blaming himself in his heart, hoping that the other party would let him go.

“Why are you… why are you afraid?” A violent aura swept over, just like a mortal, instantly incarnation and annihilating the giant dragon.

“No…No! Senior…Senior is worrying too much.” In the face of this pressure far surpassing the Golden Core Nascent Soul, Mu Ziqing was instantly incarnation for a shrinking little girl, where there was a trace of Demon Sect The look of Sect Master.

“It turns out that Spirit Transformation can also be easily encountered, which is what it means…” She once again scolded her unreliable intuition.

For hundreds of years, she only saw the Spirit Transformation Senior’s silhouette once hundreds of years ago, but the imposing manner that Spirit Transformation cultivator showed back then seemed to be slightly inferior to this teenager.

“Why is there a hidden Spirit Transformation Great Cultivator, come to my Yin-Yang Sect?”

“Does Senior ever need a maid? Ziqing is not cautious. I would like to saddle the horse for Senior…” After a few moments of silence, Mu Ziqing broke his fingers back to their original positions one by one, and then made a very thick face. Decided.

With such a 180-degree turn, the waist of the onlookers almost flashed.

I was thinking of murdering to seize the treasures one second before, and then knocking my head to recognize Master in the next second?

Even if the lower limit of people in the demonic path is extremely low, no one thought it could be so low.


“Is this strength?” Lin Fan, who was lying on the ground and watching everything through, felt his weakness and weakness once again.

Yin-Yang Sect Sect Master, who regards himself as rubbish, in the face of a stronger power, but bows his head down and asks for anything.

As for myself, life and death are involuntary, and even the jade lock that was finally obtained will be snatched away.

“The maid? I don’t need it. If you really want to help me, spread this set of cultivation technique.” Bai Mo took out a jade slip again, and lightly threw it in front of the opponent.

“”Yin and Yang Five Elements Art”?” Mu Ziqing sinks the divine sense into the jade slip and quickly finished this simple cultivation technique and the corresponding introduction.

The cultivation technique ranges from the mortal Qi Refinement to the Golden Core Stage. There is no attribute bonus. Compared with other cultivation techniques of the same level, it can even be said to be pitifully weak and definitely the bottom of the same level.

Probably that kind, throw it into the Small Sect Hidden Scripture Pavilion, it will not necessarily be tattered.

After all, cultivation yin and yang Five Elements Art, even in the early stage of Foundation Establishment, can only compete with Qi Refinement 13 layers of ordinary cultivation technique.

The Qi Refinement 13 layers of Yin and Yang Five Elements Art, the battle power is at most comparable to the Qi Refinement 6 7th Level of other ordinary cultivation techniques.

The most painful thing is that the cultivation time of Yin-Yang Five Elements Art is no shorter than the ordinary cultivation technique, and the average breakthrough time per Rank 1 is still beyond.

Even the level advantage will not have.

The only thing that is somewhat special is the cultivation technique. Finally, it is mentioned that even the waste physique of False Spiritual Root can cultivation the Yin and Yang Five Elements Art.

A mortal who does not have a spirit root at all can obtain a special physique similar to having a False Spiritual Root at the cost of a 20-year reduction in life through the attached blood refinement method.

As a genius of the second spirit root, Mu Ziqing almost subconsciously ignores False Spiritual Root and mortals.

“Dare to ask Senior, the advantage of this cultivation technique…” Mu Ziqing wanted to spit out this rubbish, who would practice it. Losing the Hidden Scripture Pavilion would take up space, but when the words came out, he changed his height. The appearance of emotional intelligence.

“Advantages? Mortals can cultivation, isn’t it an advantage?”


“But the cultivator of the cultivation yin and yang Five Elements Art, four or five people, can barely deal with the existence of a normal cultivation technique of the same level…

As for mortals…To be honest, even if they can become a False Spiritual Root, there is almost no chance of Foundation Establishment. Senior should know this better than me. “

“You don’t understand.”


“This is the strongest law in the world.”