Original Seeker Chapter 819


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“The world’s strongest? How about a liar, this shit can still compare Four Great Sects’s protecting sect method?”

Mu Ziqing actually wanted to continue arguing with Bai Mo, but after thinking about it, the other party was probably a Spirit Transformation cultivator, and even the thick thighs he planned to hold, so he decided to swallow everything in his heart.

“…Senior is right, Zi Qing will study the profound mystery carefully…”

After a short pause, she frowned and replied with a face of real realization.

“If this is the case, then I will preach the decree. Three years later, in the name of Yin-Yang Sect, a performance meeting will be held at Yongquan Peak at the foot of the mountain. I will teach the Fa by myself. Anyone is welcome to attend the performance meeting… …”

“Spirit Transformation Old Ancestor hosted a performance conference? South Cliff State has not had such a major event in many years!”

Mu Ziqing listened to Bai Mo’s words, and his mind quickly turned to selfish calculations.

Dagan Country is just an insignificant mortal country in Nanya State. Only the Medicine King Sect and Yellow Wind Valley sects have Nascent Soul in the vicinity.

And the entire South Cliff State has a total of more than 1,000 Nascent Souls. Putting the area of ​​Dagan on the map of South Cliff State may be just a small point.

But in the huge South Cliff State, there are fewer than ten Spirit Transformation cultivators.

If there is no accident, not to mention Golden Core, even the ordinary Nascent Soul Cultivator, you may not have the chance to get the guidance of Spirit Transformation Old Ancestor in your life.

On the path of cultivation, if you can get some advice from seniors, you will probably avoid many detours.

It’s a pity that Spirit Transformation Old Ancestor appear and disappear unpredictably, and I’m basically busy with closed-door cultivation. Even my own discipline is just an occasional guide. Apart from celebrating the achievement of Spirit Transformation, it’s usually difficult for outsiders. open.

Nowadays, a Spirit Transformation Old Ancestor is willing to perform, presumably the entire South Cliff State, and even the outer states such as East Antarctica, will be shaken by it.

But when I thought that there would be hundreds of Nascent Soul Cultivators, Mu Ziqing was very big.

She trifling is not just a Golden Core early cultivator, tyrannically abused power in a small place, it’s OK, and have what skills and abilities can manage this group of Nascent Soul seniors…

Not to mention that there are likely to be thousands of Golden Core colleagues of the same generation.

But if you do this single thing, you will have a high probability of having a Spirit Transformation with thick thighs to hold. In the future, you may be able to have several points of repairing the hope of Nascent Soul.

“Senior, Ziqing understands that starting from today, everyone in Yin-Yang Sect will stop all other matters and do their best to serve the performance meeting.” After thinking about it, she finally decided to take a gamble.

“Very well, this is the initial reward for you.” Bai Mo slapped Mu Ziqing’s heart without warning, and a gentle mana without any attributes began to flood into her Golden from the contact surface. Inside the Core.

Pre-Golden Core.

Golden Core mid-term.

The late Golden Core.


It was only half the time of incense sticks, and Mu Ziqing’s cultivation base was advanced to the late Golden Core stage under this empowerment.

The raging mana almost burst her meridian.

“Senior’s great kindness and virtue are unforgettable for Ziqing.”

Now she is absolutely convinced that the other party must be the real Spirit Transformation.

Trifling one palm, he can stand for a hundred years of hard work.

Originally based on her life essence, even if she obtained the complete Yin-Yang Two Qi tactic, it would take more than a hundred years before she had the only chance to hit Nascent Soul.

Now Bai Mo directly pushes her to the Golden Core late stage Perfection. With a little adjustment, you can try breakthrough. If unfortunately, you will have more chances. The difference between the two is incomparable.

“Senior ordered two things, Ziqing will do it properly. I don’t know how seniors plan to deal with this person…”

Mu Ziqing pointed to Lin Fan who was lying in place like a puddle of mud.

“Let’s put them all out, with the people from the mountainside.”

“I don’t know that yin and yang lock…” Mu Ziqing was obviously still thinking about the mysterious jade lock on Lin Fan.

“Let him take it away.”

“Senior, this… don’t you want this secret treasure?” She has a premonition, this jade lock is definitely not simple, heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and virtuous people live there. Since the senior has no intention of taking treasures, Then it should be his No. 2 Great Virtue Depot.

An ant like Lin Fan, who is willing to save his life, is already the kindness of his own great virtue.

“Do you want to take it? That thing has a lot to do with it, I’m afraid you have life to take it, but it’s useless…”

“Ziqing understands.”

“I hope you really understand.”

According to the situation mentioned by another “I” in the historical text, each piece of treasure with the historical text will affect the life trajectory of the recipient, allowing Bai Mo to slowly live as it was set.

As for Bai Mo himself, if these “fortuitous encounters” that contain evil intentions are taken away, the speed of being assimilated into “local creatures” by Heaven and Earth will be greatly increased.

Once the “local creatures” are completely assimilated, not only the memories belonging to the outside world will be erased, but True Spirit can no longer be detached from it.


“Foster mother, are you really going to sacrifice 20 years of life and go to the blood refinement Five Elements Art of Yin and Yang?”

Mo Fengwu asked quietly at the Yin-Yang Five Elements Art crash course organized by Yin-Yang Sect.

“Five Elements Art is the work of your Adoptive Father’s life, how can I fail? I will be the eyes of your Adoptive Father, look at the scenery that belongs to Immortal Cultivator, and by the way spread his life’s work, Life and death, after he died, my heart was already dead, and now it’s just a walking corpse.” The beautiful woman surnamed Yu was very open.

In other words, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Among the gang that Bai Mo brought up the mountain, only Mo Fengwu and Xiao Beggar Xin Ling had spirit roots, one was False Spiritual Root, and the other was three spirit roots.

The two naturally chose Yin and Yang Five Elements Art.

After all, Yin-Yang Two Qi Jue and other exercises that require constant intercourse to absorb the essence of the opposite sex are really not acceptable to ordinary people.

And the many “Yang materials” who were liberated from Yin-Yang Sect mountainside, at this time are also very serious with the Yin-Yang Sect enemies who used to constantly replenish themselves, listening to Mu Ziqing himself. Yin Yang Five Elements Art introductory course.

No way, there are only two people inside and outside of Sect who understand this exercise. Bai Mo disappeared after sending out the task, and everything was on Mu Ziqing’s body.

However, she was suddenly promoted to the later cultivation base of Golden Core. The great joy and hope in her heart also gave her unlimited motivation to actively complete these tasks.

All Yin-Yang Sect dísciples are required to learn the Yin-Yang Five Elements Art, regardless of whether they choose to abolish the Yin-Yang Two Qi technique and rebuild.

Because they are the teachers of the next course……

Yin-Yang Sect also controls several small mortal countries, and they offer Yin-Yang Sect every year to fine men. The next step for the promotion of Yin-Yang Five Elements Art is the mortals in these countries…


On the other hand, with the outflow of Yin-Yang Sect contacts, Spirit Transformation cultivator White Old Ancestor will hold a performance conference in Yongquan Peak, Yin-Yang Sect, welcome everyone’s hot news, and through many channels , Spread throughout Nanya State.