Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1725


Chapter 1725 Enter the Camp, Protect!

“You … You are Marquis of Yongan ~?”

Cháng’ān, in front of the Black Armoured Army camp, the two guards were shocked after hearing Li Zexuan’s identity. It’s really unfortunate to say that although there are many people who have seen Li Zexuan in Chang’an City, these two people just don’t belong here because they are in the military all year round!

Not only are they, in fact, the soldiers in the entire barracks, less than 10% of them have seen Li Zexuan, but more than 90% of them have heard of Li Zexuan! So after learning about Li Zexuan’s identity, the two guards will be so surprised and slightly excited, after all, young Fenghou, Yanhuang Academy of Science Headmaster, and Locust Number One Person, countless haloes will be added, Li Zexuan now also Be a celebrity of the Great Tang Empire!


Li Zexuan nodded, he saw that the two were very enthusiastic after knowing their identity, so he said with a smile: “Maybe you can call it I am joining the army! “

The two looked at each other and quickly bowed their arms and fisted:” I have seen the master who joined the army! “

Li Zexuan was named as a Black Armoured Army It spread. At first, the sergeants of the Black Armoured Army had been discussed spiritedly for a while because of this matter, but for various reasons, Li Zexuan has not been able to come to the Black Armoured Army for a long time. I gradually forgot about this matter. Today, I heard Li Zexuan’s explanation of the intention, and the two could not help thinking of the news more than a month ago.

“The subordinate Liu Xingwu was originally a Jin State clan. This time, the Guanzhong locust, Jin State was also severely affected. Fortunately, the Heavenly Chicken Brigade of the army soldiers helped the disaster in a timely manner, and most of the good state of Jin State was able to Save! Adults in the army will worship next! “

At this time, the guard with a shorter head at each and everyone, saluted solemnly to Li Zexuan and bowed down to worship.

Li Zexuan’s heart moved, he did n’t expect to meet people he had helped here, which surprised him, he smiled and said: “You do n’t have to be polite! Save People in Jin State are Your Majesty, not Ben Ho. If you want to thank, you should thank Your Majesty! “

This is a problem of the political clan. Li Zexuan does not want to carry too much folk reputation. He is familiar with ancient history and knows that in this feudal era, low-key dormancy is king!

“Yes! Yes! Yes! His subordinates should have more His Highness and wiseness!”

Liu Xingwu is on the road, hearing this hastily moved towards the Imperial Palace in a bow .

Because time is urgent, Li Zexuan didn’t want to waste too much time outside the gate, so he said: “Liu Xingwu, these Carriage are all new weapons and armors created by this general for the generals, you quickly lead A group of people came to move the armor, and this General had to join the camp to meet General Duan! “

Liu Xingwu heard that Li Zexuan called his name, and was shocked by the spirit. He quickly fisted loudly said:” genus Follow the order! “

Li Zexuan nodded, took Chumo and Yu Chi Baolin directly to the Yamen, and moved towards the depths of the camp.

At the moment, Liu Xingwu and Liu Xingwu couldn’t bother to ask Chumo and Wei Chibaolin’s identity. In their opinion, Li Zexuan, since joining the army for the Black Armoured Army, must know the Black Armoured Army regulations , Will never bring an irrelevant outsider into the Black Armoured Army camp, and what they are concerned about now is to bring people to carry the armor!

“These are all the armors that the adults in the army made for us? So many?”

The sergeant beside Liu Xingwu looked at the convoy in front of the gate and couldn’t help it. Swallowed and ate.

“Aren’t you nonsense? Go in and ask some brothers to move out, it’s all good stuff!”

Liu Xingwu heard this and bumped into the arm of the opponent, some Said angrily.

More than half a month ago, Li Zexuan was wearing vanadium steel plate armor, holding a vanadium steel sword, and played against Duan Zhixuan school. He finally crushed Duan Zhixuan with his equipment advantage. In that competition, There was a big sensation in the army. The generals and soldiers of the 12th Guard in Capital City drooled over the new armors used by Li Zexuan that day, and the soldiers of the Black Armoured Army created Li Zexuan. This batch of new equipment is eagerly awaited. At this time, Liu Xingwu looked at the Carriage in front of him, and his voice was shaking with excitement!

“Okay! Xingwu, you are watching here, let’s call someone!”

Another guard responded, and immediately turned and ran into the gate.


“Lieutenant General Li Zexuan, I’ve seen General General! I’ve seen General Qiu!”

After the briefing, Li Zexuan brought Chumo and Yu Chibaolin in, Duan Zhixuan Qiu Xinggong and Qiu Xinggong were in the account, so he moved towards the two and clenched their fists, said.

Although his status as an official in the outside world does not need to be lower than the two, he is in the army at this time, depending on the military position and qualifications. There are Rivers and Lakes in some places. In the army Follow the rules of the army!

“I’ve seen the General Army! I’ve seen General Qiu!”

Chumo and Wei Chibaolin are rare and not naughty at this time, but they are behind Li Zexuan and have a good example He gave Duan Zhixuan and Qiu Xinggong a gift in turn.

Duan Zhixuan is the General of the Black Armoured Army, the general of the Black Armoured Army, and Qiu Xinggong is the vice general, only under the title of “General”, only under Duan Zhixuan, according to the big Tang Army system, under General and General, will be Zhonglang, Zhonglang General, Zuolanglang General, Recorder to join the army, as well as Cang Cao, Bing Cao, Qi Cao, and Cao Cao to join the army.

“En! With the Black Armoured Army, that’s your own brother, don’t pay too much!”

Duan Zhixuan said to the Li Zexuan three that they were lightly nodded.

Qiu Xinggong opened a pair of tiger eyes and swept over Chumo and Yu Chi Baolin, without speaking, and there was no mood on the vicissitudes of the old face.

Duan Zhixuan said, “Chumo and Yu Chibaolin, after you are both the gatekeeper, you should know better than anyone else. In this army, you must abide by the military regulations, and you go on. Put on your military uniform, and you will be late in the battalion. Do n’t be late! ”

Chumo and Yu Chibaolin trembled and immediately fisted:“ Observe! ”

Do n’t watch them both Hehe haha ​​outside, no one is going right, but their dads are lieutenants in the army, and they know that the army’s army is fierce, so Duan Zhixuan’s orders, they dare not have any hesitation and frivolous.

“Shen Li, this General knows that you are special and you have a strong relationship. Your Majesty has a purpose yesterday to allow you to set up a guard in the Black Armoured Army and protect yourself. Chumo and Wei Chi Baolin Transfer to your Majesty, be your guardian! “

After Chumo and Wei Chi Baolin left, Duan Zhixuan looked towards Li Zexuan, said solemnly.

Regarding guarding matters, Li Zexuan was understood long ago, at this time hearing this, he clenched his fist: “many thanks General Army!”

“Hum ~!”


Qiu Xinggong could n’t help but coldly snorted. The atmosphere in the big account suddenly became a little stagnant. I saw Qiu Xinggong rushing Duan Zhixuan to hold a fist at random, and said, “General Duan, it ’s time to send troops at the camp. , Qiu Mou went to the school ground first! “

Talking about it, without waiting for Duan Zhixuan’s consent, the Old Guy just turned and left.


(End of this chapter)

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