Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1865


Chapter 1865 Sober, act!

“…Fei…Feiying, are Zhu Xiesheng and Kang Changan caught? Hurry! Interrogate them as soon as possible! So as not to have more nights and dreams!”

In Taiyuan City, in the post house, Dugu Xin who just woke up, only felt that he couldn’t lift his strength all over, and he was also thirsty. After drinking the three glasses of water that Dugu Feiying handed over, Dugu Xin felt it somewhat Feeling better, and his strength has recovered by two points, so he pulled Dugu Feiying’s arm and said intermittently.

After waking up immediately, Dugu Xin thought that it was not his injury, but the man behind the scenes!

Obviously, this assassination gave him a strong sense of urgency. Now that the forces hidden in the dark dared to jump out and assassinate him directly, it shows that the opponent’s layout in Taiyuan City has basically been completed. Their goal is probably Li Tai and Yanhuang Academy of Science teachers and students!

So it must be picked out before the other party’s next action, otherwise Li Tai will be in danger!

“Big brother, Zhu Xiesheng and Kang Changan were indeed caught, but on the way back, Kang Changan was killed!”

Dugu Xin was intercepted before arriving at Shuoren Fang, so he didn’t know that Wang Family Shadow Guard was also attacked on the return trip, so Dugu Feiying quickly explained.

“Wh…what? Kang Changan was killed? cough cough…”

When Dugu Xin heard it, he almost jumped up from the bed (if his physical condition allowed it). Perhaps it was because he was too agitated, which made him feel a little unstable and started coughing.

Dugu Feiying hurried forward, slapped Dugu Xin on the back, and said anxiously, “Big brother, don’t get excited. Although Kang Changan was killed, we still have Zhu Xiesheng in our hands. From his mouth, it’s definitely I can also ask something and so on!”

Wang Yu stood by and couldn’t help but opened the mouth and said: “The leader of the lone lone knows something. My Wang Family guard was attacked by three black clothed experts on the way back from escorting Zhu Xiesheng and Kang Changan. , Those three martial arts are very high, and Wang Chengwu, the leader of the Wang Family guard at the time, happened to go to Wenchang Fang in the south of the city, so they let them kill Kang Changan!

After all, this matter is my Wang Family’s fault. Then Wang Family will take good care of Zhu Xiesheng and will never let this person have another accident. General Feiying just said it was right. At the moment, the leader of Dugu is still at ease to heal his wounds. Then Zhu Xiecheng has the Wang Family to take care of him. “

Dugu Xin, who was lying on the couch, was hearing this slightly. He waved his hand to Wang Yu laboriously and said, “Wang Family’s main words are heavy! This is not the fault of Wang Family, besides, I was attacked in Nanxiang before. , At the critical moment, it should be the leader of the Wang Family guard, right? How can Dugu Xin dare to blame it lightly without thanking him for his life-saving grace?”

Wang Yu’s words revealed a very important piece of information, that is, when Wang Family was attacked while escorting Zhu Xiesheng and Kang Changan back, Wang Chengwu was not on the scene, but went to Wenchangfang in the south of the city. Coincidentally, the location where Dugu Xin was attacked was just outside Wenchangfang!

Under the combination of the two, it is not difficult to guess that at the time of the Dugu Xin critical moment, the Peerless Blade guest who suddenly dropped from the sky was Wang Chengwu, the guard leader of the Wang Family!

Although Kang Changan was assassinated under the heavy guard of the Wang Family, Dugu Xin was a little dissatisfied, but the life-saving grace was before him. If it were not for Wang Chengwu to rescue him, the three black clothed experts who intercepted Kang Changan How can it succeed?

Dugu Xin can still understand the cause and effect here!

“The leader of Dugu guessed well, it was Wang Chengwu, the leader of the Wang Family guard who went to Wenchangfang to rescue you! Wang Family has lived in Taiyuan for generations. Although it does not have the responsibility of guarding the city like the government, it is not allowed to be at home. Wild at the door! So it is the Wang Family’s right to rescue the leader of Dugu, and the leader of Dugu is welcome~!”

Faced with Dugu Xin’s thanks, Wang Yu said righteously.

As soon as this statement came out, Wang Liaoyuan, who was standing on the side, suddenly felt ashamed and unable to show one’s face, saying that maintaining public order in Taiyuan City should have been something that the government office or County Official should do. Dugu Xin is in the city. When he was assassinated, it was not a member of the government that rescued him, but the leader of the Wang Family’s guard, which made the government very shameless!

Fortunately, Feng Constable from the government office of the prefectural government led people to the scene at the last juncture. It was more or less a force, otherwise, Wang Liaoyuan’s face must be even more ugly at this moment!

“Whether it is due to Wang Family or acting on orders, for me Dugu Xin, it is a life-saving grace! How can this life-saving grace be counted? Treat me better. I am going to visit myself and thank brother Chengwu!”

Dugu Xin shook the head, insist.

Without waiting for what Wang Yu said, he changed his conversation and said solemnly: “But the immediate task is urgent, and Zhu Xiesheng needs to be tried as soon as possible! These assassins appearing in the city today, the strongest people are Grandmaster-level experts, their I am afraid that their origins are not simple. We have to find out their identities and hiding places as soon as possible, otherwise they will always be passive!”

Standing on the side, Li Tai, who hasn’t spoken for a long time, opened the mouth and said: “General Dugu, you can heal your wounds with peace of mind. Just leave it to us to track down the assassin!”


Dugu Xin wanted to say something more, but Li Tai directly interrupted him very strongly: “No, but this is the order of this king! The Gongsun Doctor also said earlier that in recent days, General Dugu still has to take more rest , And can’t use force! This king is waiting for General Dugu to recover as soon as possible, so that he can lead the imperial army and protect him! Please also General Dugu not to let him down! During this time, the imperial army will be led by General Feiying! “

It is rare for Li Tai to be strong. His resolute and decisive remarks gave Dugu Xin no room for rebuttal. After all, Li Tai turned and looked towards Wang Yu, Wang Liaoyuan and the others with a serious face. “General Dugu has to heal his injuries, so I won’t disturb him! In addition, Father Emperor just passed an Imperial Edict through Telegraph. Please go out with this king to get your orders~!”

As soon as I heard that Li Er had sent the Imperial Edict, everyone in the room couldn’t help but express themselves. Wang Yu’s heart was like a mirror. After all, Li Tai went out suddenly because the Telegraph rang, presumably it should have been sent from the palace. Telegram, and when Li Tai responded to the telegram, he must have reported to Li Er what happened today in Taiyuan City, so Li Er’s Imperial Edict must be related to Dugu Xin’s assassination!


Everyone in the house, except for Dugu Xin who was lying on the couch, gave their promises, and then followed Li Tai out.

After a while, everyone came to a side hall. Li Tai stood in front of the crowd and took out a note from his arms. He faced the crowd and said:

“The Father Emperor has an order and ordered the provincial Governor Wang Liaoyuan to merge with the state to investigate the assassination of Dugu Xin. The murderer must be caught within seven days, otherwise he will be punished severely; He has the title of captain and temporarily has the right to directly dispatch troops and horses to assist Wang Liaoyuan in maintaining public order in Taiyuan, and to protect the safety of the king and the teachers and students of Yanhuang Academy of Science!”

The content of the Imperial Edict is very short, so short that it doesn’t look like an Imperial Edict at all. There is no greetings, and there are no obscure people. It’s more like Li Er giving orders in front of everyone!

Although this is only an Imperial Edict in the form of a telegram, no one can tell the truth from the false. It is exactly what Li Tai said, but none of the people present questioned the authenticity of the Imperial Edict because of the statement. He is Li Tai, one of Li Er’s favorite sons. Li Tai is absolutely impossible to lie on this matter, because lying on this matter is easy to expose, and once it is exposed, the political career is basically over!

Even more how, Li Tai doesn’t have to lie about this matter at all. For him, lying is no good!

“Small Official Wang Liaoyuan, follow the order!”

Listening to Li Er’s Imperial Edict’s meaning, not at all to dismiss him directly, but to let him make up for it. Wang Liaoyuan could not help but give a sigh of relief, but the seven-day period made him feel nervous, secretly thought For the next seven days, I am afraid I will be sleepless!

Li Tai nodded, said: “Although this Imperial Edict is from Telegraph, you don’t need to doubt its authenticity. The Imperial Edict, which is stamped with a seal, has already used the carrier pigeon of Wang Family in Capital City at this moment. I am sent here, and it is estimated that it will arrive at noon. When the time comes, please pay more attention to my uncle~!”

The cultivation of carrier pigeons cannot be completed overnight. The Imperial Court is also impossible to train a batch of carrier pigeons to cover all states and counties in Great Tang. Not only the Imperial Court cannot, but even the Millennium Great Clan like Wang Family cannot do it. Wang Family also only cultivated some carrier pigeons, which were used by the children of the ethnic group in various places to pass on that’s all to the Taiyuan ancestral house!

Wang Yu nodded, said: “Your Royal Highness can rest assured that as soon as Wang Family receives the Imperial Edict, it will be delivered immediately! In addition, Provincial Governor Wang needs any help in tracking down the assassin, but I can speak to the old man, Wang Family members must help each other in this matter!”

“many thanks ~!”

Wang Liaoyuan cupped the hands to Wang Yu, thankful.

He is the remote branch disciple of Wang Family, so he didn’t get much help from Wang Family in his official career, especially after becoming a Provincial Governor of a state. In order to avoid suspicion, he took the initiative to reduce his contacts with Wang Family. But in this matter, Wang Yu is willing to spare no effort to help him, which makes him very touched!

Li Tai said loudly at this moment: “Okay! In that case, this king hopes that you can together, catch the assassins lurking in the city as soon as possible! The first thing is to interrogate Zhu Xiesheng to see if he can Ask what is out of your mouth.”

Wang Liaoyuan handed his hands over: “This Official follows the order! This Official will send someone to the Wang Family to take Zhu Xiesheng into the palace prison. He will be brought to trial immediately, and he will be heavily guarded, so that he will never have any more accidents. ~!”

Li Tai shook the head and said: “It’s not necessary to guard with heavy soldiers. This king thinks we still don’t have too much hope for Zhu Xiesheng! Those assassins only killed Kang Changan, but let Zhu Xie go. Sheng, it means that they are not afraid of Zhu Xiesheng falling into our hands. In other words, Zhu Xiesheng may not have the news we want at all!

Therefore, for this person, a simple interrogation is good, at least he should know the identity of Kang Changan! Let’s not waste too much time and energy on this person~! “

Calm and wise!

When everyone clamored to interrogate Zhu Xiesheng and wanted to get information about the assassin from the latter, Li Tai remained absolutely calm. I have to say that Li Tai is now better than before. But much more calm!

All the people present are not stupid. Hearing what Li Tai said, they all reacted.

Indeed, according to the description of the Wang Family Shadow Guards, the three black clothed experts had enough power to kill Zhu Xiesheng next to him after killing Kang Changan, but why didn’t they do that? The only possibility is that Zhu Xiesheng is just an abandoned son they introduced, an abandoned son with no effect, an abandoned son who knows nothing about their identity information!

“What Your Highness said! This Official is ashamed and almost caught the other party’s trap!”

Wang Liaoyuan arched his hands with shame.

Paused, he said again: “After this Official transfers Zhu Xiesheng to the government’s prison, he will personally go to the Bingzhou camp to convey His Highness to Fang Cengjun, and then ask Fang Cengjun to immediately mobilize troops and horses. Keep the lower-class people safe and track down the assassins in the city!”

Although Li Tai has not yet affixed the seal of appointment and the Imperial Edict, but Li Tai also said just now that the Imperial Edict will soon be “airlifted” to Taiyuan City. This cannot be helped by Wang Liaoyuan and Wang Yu They didn’t believe it, and Fang Gongteng would definitely not dare to believe it, because this kind of thing has been learned! When Li Zexuan transferred troops from Taiyuan to prevent Wu Jie, he also used this method to transfer troops!

So in Wang Liaoyuan’s view, with this Imperial Edict in the form of a telegram, Fang Gongteng can assemble his troops ahead of schedule!

“Okay! Act immediately over there!”

This time, for Wang Liaoyuan’s request for the state government to protect the Academy’s entire group, Li Tai did not refuse, because he has already felt the seriousness of the situation.

“This Official is retiring~!”

Wang Liaoyuan and Wang Yu retired one after another.

In the filming hall, there are only Li Tai, Tiedan and Dugu Feiying left!

Li Tai turned and looked towards Tiedan at this time, and said: “Tiedan, you are good at it, on behalf of Dang! A trip to Longshan, these black clothed persons are so arrogant and fierce, I am worried that the other party will be disadvantageous to Mr. Mo Chui and them, you immediately Lead a group of forbidden troops to Longshan Tongzi Temple!”

Tiedan hesitated for a moment before actually shook the head and said: “No! I have to personally protect your safety, this is the task entrusted to me by the Master!”

The reason why Li Zexuan asked Tiedan to follow the Academy’s team northward was not because Tiedan could do much to build a telegram relay station, but because among the Academy students, Tiedan’s martial arts was Peak’s. In addition, he has a good relationship with Li Tai, it is most appropriate for him to follow closely to protect Li Tai’s safety!

Li Tai hearing this, could not help being a little speechless.

At this time, Dugu Feiying cup one fist in the other hand said: “It’s better for the general to take someone to Longshan! Brother Tiedan should stay with His Royal Highness!”

Although Dugu Feiying wanted to stay and look after Dugu Xin at this moment, he did not forget the mission on his shoulders!

“Okay! Then there will be General Feiying!”


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