Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1866


Chapter 1866 The mysterious force, a pool of muddy water!

“Lord Defender, the assassination of Dugu Xin failed, let him run away!”

Tongfu Inn, Heaven-class guest room, a man with strong clothing lowered his head and bowed slightly, cup one fist in the other middle age person wearing a white shirt and holding a feather fan standing by the window hand said.

The middle-aged man was silent, still each minding their own business, looking at the scenery by the window, as if he hadn’t heard anyone talking behind him.

The expression of the man with strong clothes tightened, reminding him of the very ruthless means displayed in front of him. A trace of panic flashed in his eyes, so he hurriedly said: “Because the shadow of the Wang Family The Guard and the government officials rushed over, and the lower-class people had to retreat! However, Dugu Xin was poisoned by the weapons and hidden weapons of his subordinates. Even if he was rescued by the Wang Family and the officials, he would still be alive. Soon!”

This remark naturally means that I want to offend my entire group.

Listening to his meaning of this remark, the leader of the group of assassins who previously assassinated Dugu Xin in South Lane must be him! It’s just that this guy has kept his head down since he entered the door, no one can see his appearance, but vaguely can feel that this person is definitely not too old!

The middle-aged man next to the window still didn’t speak or turn around at this time. An invisible oppression came slowly from him.

The man with strong clothes couldn’t help it anymore, and hurriedly one-knee kneels and said: “The subordinates are not doing well and fail to complete the task. Please the guardian to punish!”

“Huh? What a bad one!”

The middle-aged man finally turned around. While shaking the feather fan, he said in a cold voice: “I have given you 21 experts. You yourself have already been promoted to Enlightenment Realm. So many people have assassinated Dugu Xin. One person, but failed? Do you treat me as a place to raise waste?”

Although the middle-aged man’s voice is flat, he can hear the anger hidden in his tone, but he is always trying his best to control his volume.

After all, this is the Inn. If he is too loud, he will inevitably disturb the people in the next room.

Hearing this, a layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on the forehead of the man with strong clothing. He quickly said: “It was a matter of time and failed to finish Dugu Xin immediately, so that he was rescued! But he was rescued! The subordinates are confident that no one can solve the poison on their weapons and hidden weapons. The defender will definitely hear Dugu Xin’s death before the sun sets tomorrow at the latest!”

The middle-aged man puts away the folding fan, walks for two steps in front of the window, and then says: “Okay! I will trust you again tentatively! Before the sun sets tomorrow, if Dugu Xin is not dead, then I will take you as a question !”

“Yes yes yes!”

The man with strong clothes should be hurriedly.

The middle-aged man turned his gaze to him at this time and said deeply:

“Xuan Ye, you should know that our wolf guards never raise waste. Although you are an Enlightenment Realm expert, you always like to drag things out. If this happens, I am afraid that even I will not be able to keep you! Look at Tianying, Twilight Jiao , Yun Xie, their three people are slightly inferior to you, but this time they can kill the target in a group of Wang Family Shadow Guards and retreat!

This is not the first time they have successfully completed their mission. I hope you remember that we Wolf Guards never lack experts, what we lack is people who can do things! If you want to survive and stand out, don’t make any more mistakes! Do you understand~? “

Xuan Ye, the name of this assassin was Xuan Ye, and after hearing what this middle-aged man said, they all came from an organization called Wolf Guard, but almost no one in this world knew about this organization It is to do and so on, to whom it serves, when it was established, and where it is.

But the middle-aged man this remark is biased. If it hadn’t been for this Grandmaster-level assassin named Xuan Ye, who had attracted Wang Chengwu, the strongest battle strength in the Wang Family Shadow Guard, just rely on The three Qi Formation Peak assassins were basically impossible to successfully kill Kang Changan and retreat all over!

“Yes! Subordinates understand!”

Xuan Ye’s body trembled slightly, and then cup one fist in the other hand responded.

Who would have thought that a dignified Grandmaster martial artist would bend his knees to a middle-aged scholar who seemed to have no martial arts skills and powerless hands? If this scene is spread, I wonder what kind of speculation the world will make about the identity of this middle aged scholar?

“During the assassination, did you reveal your identity~?”

The middle-aged man was silent for a moment and asked again.

Xuan Ye not at all immediately replied, he was paused first, and then replied: “No! Lower-class people have always been masked, Dugu Xin, Wang Family Shadow Guard, and government officials have never See our faces!”

In fact, during the assassination process, Xuan Ye and other assassins still showed a weak spot. That was the Turkic language they spoke at first, and then Xuan Ye began to speak Chinese again. This abnormal behavior will definitely Aroused Dugu Xin’s attention. However, Xuan Ye predicted that the poisoned Dugu Xin would die, and even if the other party grasped this, he couldn’t find out anything at all, so he didn’t mention the matter at this time.

“That’s good…”

Middle-aged man nodded, said with satisfaction.

“The guardian, according to the investigation of lower-class people, it was discovered that Prince of Wei and Dugu Xin went to Longshan earlier today, and then they returned to the city, but after they came back, there were more Yanhuang Academy of Science teachers and students went to Longshan again! At this moment, Dugu Xin was seriously injured and dying. It was when their defensive power was the weakest. Should the subordinates take someone to Longshan to capture the Yanhuang Academy of Science teachers and students from above?”

Seeing that the middle-aged man did not speak, Xuanye asked tentatively.

The reason why he is so active is entirely because he wants to find a chance to lose out. Don’t look at the solemnly vowed promised when he promised to the middle-aged man that Dugu Xin will die, but he doesn’t know much in his heart. Although all the people who have been poisoned by his weapons are dead, in case a miracle happens to Dugu Xin. What? Then he will definitely be punished by middle-aged man! Instead of doing this, he might as well make some merits in advance, so that he will be better off later!

Hearing this, middle-aged man frowned, after pondering for a moment, he shook his head and said: “No! The teachers and students of Yanhuang Academy of Science have many Beiya Forbidden Army around them, and the strength of the Beiya Forbidden Army is definitely not the Wang Family As Shadow Guard can compare, our current power lurking in the city is not enough to meet the Forbidden Army’s frontal meet force with force. We must avoid its edge, look for opportunities in the dark, and wait for opportunities!”


Xuan Ye replied dullly.

Immediately, he said again: “Guardian, after two assassinations in the morning, the city of Taiyuan is now under total martial law, and many soldiers and horses are dispatched in the Binzhou camp to search for our whereabouts in the city. Change place?”

The place where they are now is the Tongfu Inn Heaven-class room, which is not only luxuriously decorated, but also has a huge internal space. Together, there are four or five rooms, which are exactly the same as a Sect’s Exclusive. General house! Of course, more importantly, Zhu Xiesheng, a felon who is now detained in prison by the government, lived in this room before!

Therefore, Xuanye would suggest another place to stay!

“Change place? Why change place?”

The middle-aged man chuckled and shook his head: “Have you never heard that the most dangerous place is the safest place? Next, Wang Family and the people of the prefectural government must focus on each Daminfang, even if they find it here, they can’t find anything!”

I have to say that this guy is really courageous. It is said that if normal people want to lurch in Taiyuan city and do things, they will definitely rent a remote house to settle in. A place like Inn, after all, is crowded with people. Don’t say that the room he lives in now is just lived in by an official suspect!

Xuan Ye hearing this did not persuade this, but he was a little puzzled: “Defense Lord, we are so aggressive today, is it to kill a Kang Changan… and Dugu Xin? Now the city is under martial law, for us the next The action is very unfavorable!”

“hmph! Yu’er will come out to swim only when the water is mixed, and I can know where Yu’er is and where he is going!”

The middle-aged man shook his feather fan lightly and said with a smile confidently: “Hehe, the identity of Kang Changan is not as simple as it seems. He is now dead in Taiyuan City, under the protection of the Wang Family Shadow Guard In, the next headache is the Taiyuan government, Wang Family, not us!

And this is just a test to test the purpose of this group of Yu’er coming to Taiyuan! But now there is no need for temptation, someone has already come to tell us the answer! It’s really interesting. It seems that there is still cleverness in this school of fish! “

This remark is very cryptic, but Xuanye understands it. He tentatively asked, “Guardian, the king… is that person credible? Will he betray us?” /p>

Middle-aged man brows slightly wrinkle, a moment later he faintly smiled and said: “If he wants to betray us, he won’t be so troubled! After all, he and I are the same people, and one does not want to be The person trapped in the small Taiyuan city! He is also a smart man! Moreover, it is easier for us to do things if he helps us secretly!”

Speaking of this, the middle-aged man turned and looked towards Xuan Ye, with a serious face: “Now go back and watch them and let them bury all their weapons. Be cautious these two days and don’t make trouble I will pass the book to the flying pigeon later and tell Khan what happened here. I believe Khan will definitely be interested in what happened here. Let’s hide in the city first and wait for the opportunity!”

Flying pigeons pass on the book, Khan!

This remark of middle-aged man, the amount of hidden information is not small! Just relying on the three words of the Great Khan, it shows that his allegiance is not to the Central Plains forces, it is very likely that it is Turkic’s Great Khan Jieli! And this guy not only speaks fluent Chinese, but he also knows how to pass books to flying pigeons. He is obviously a native of the Central Plains!

Why does a Central Plains man work for Turkic Khan? And his status in Turkic doesn’t seem to be low, who is this person?

There are too many mysteries here, waiting for Li Tai and the others to solve them. If they can’t solve them, I’m afraid their missions on this trip may be difficult to complete!

“Yes! Subordinates follow orders~!”

Xuan Ye bowed to take his order, and was about to cup one fist in the other hand to leave, but the middle-aged man stopped him again: “Wait!”

Xuan Ye paused, middle-aged man indifferently said: “If there is nothing important in these two days, try not to come here to bother me!”

“…Yes! Defender!”

Xuan Ye complied, turned and left. The door of the room was opened from the inside with a squeak, and then closed from the outside. The room was calm again, only the fragrance of tea lingered!


I don’t know how long it took. The door was pushed open again from the outside. A tall man with piercing eyes like a nighthawk walked in and ran straight into the room.

“The Guardian, just got the news. At the post house, they invited famous doctors from all over the city, among which is included Lu Banxian in Taiyuan City, and Gongsun Liang from Northern Part of City Returning Spring Hall. It is said that these two He is the well-known Divine Doctor near Taiyuan. Compared to Divine Doctor Sun Simiao, it is only half a mark, so the subordinates estimate that Dugu Xin may not die!”

When I came inside, I saw the middle-aged man sitting on a high grade tea couch. The tall man hurriedly bowed to cup one fist in the other hand.

“Okay! I understood!”

The middle-aged man neither fast nor slow swallows the tea in his mouth, then puts down the teacup, lightly said: “Xuan Ye, this idiot, has a good skill, but he has not succeeded or failed, and he is nowhere near the three of you! “

The tall man hearing this, a glimmer of joy flashed from the corner of his eyes, and he quickly bowed his head to cup one fist in the other hand and said: “The defender is rewarded, and it is the honor of the three of us to serve the defender and the Khan. I will wait for it making an all-out effort to do things for the defender!”

“en! Good!”

The middle-aged man was satisfied with the nodded place, and then said: “Tianying, after this matter, I will promote you to become the deputy leader of the wolf guard. Later, I will help Khan find the Central Plains, and I will become the Imperial Teacher , This defender is yours~! By then, you will be rich and wealthy and rest with the country!”

The tall man was immediately fascinated by the beautiful future described by the man in front of him, but after a while he woke up again, and quickly said: “Heavenly Eagle does not dare! The guardian of this wolf guard will always be one person. Tianying dare not overstep!”

There was a hint of appreciation in the middle-aged man’s eyes. He smiled and said: “Okay! You go back! By the way, let Xuanye know the news, let him take 30 whips and tell him that this mission failed. , I failed to kill Dugu Xin, I will save him for the time being. If I miss again next time, I won’t have such good luck!”

In fact, it doesn’t matter to him whether Dugu Xin is dead or not. The important thing is to kill Kang Changan. However, it is a good choice for him to beat and beat his subordinates for a better life!

“Yes! Defender!”

The corners of the tall man’s mouth gently curled up, and then cup one fist in the other hand retired.


“What? An assassin came out of Taiyuan City, and Dugu Xin was seriously injured when he was assassinated?”

Imperial Palace West Park, Li Er struggled for a long time. He first prepared Empress Zhangsun before he told Empress Zhangsun the information he had just received. When Empress Zhangsun heard it, his heart raised his voice. She suddenly got up and said with a look of horror: “Doesn’t that mean that Qingque is very dangerous in Taiyuan City now?”

At this moment, Empress Zhangsun almost fainted. In her mind, that dream appeared involuntarily again, the real dream that made her want to suffocate. Although she tried her best to change, But the fact is, step by step, moved towards that dreamland to develop, and she can only watch from the sidelines, and can’t do anything!


(End of this chapter)

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