Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1868


Chapter 1868

“Zhu Hongsheng, your real name should be Zhu Xiesheng? Are you Turkic?”

Inside the Taiyuan Fuya Prison, Wang Liaoyuan, Wang Yu, Dugu Feiying, and Li Tai are sitting on the same bench. Wang Liaoyuan patted the table in front of him and asked aloud Zhu Xiesheng, who was kneeling in front of him. .

This is a prison cell, and the conditions are naturally much simpler than those in the courtroom, but nobody in the room cares about this. And the reason why they chose to interrogate Zhu Xiesheng in the cell instead of in the government court was mainly for… first, for confidentiality, and second, for the convenience of the sentence!

After all, the instruments of torture in the cell are much richer than the instruments of torture in the courtroom. If Zhu Xiesheng is stubborn and doesn’t tell the truth, Wang Liaoyuan will immediately let people be tortured!

This is not a place where “human rights” is talked about. First of all, this is in ancient times. Second, this is a prison cell. Of course, the most important thing is that there is a huge crisis lurking in Taiyuan City today. The life safety of Prince Li Tai He was very threatened, and Zhu Xiesheng happened to be the only one caught by Wang Liaoyuan who might know the details of the enemy. In this case, let alone human rights, even if Zhu Xiesheng was killed. Now, Civil and Military Officials of Manchu Dynasty will not hold Wang Liaoyuan’s responsibility!


Zhu Xiesheng looked up at Wang Liaoyuan with an unexpected look. He didn’t speak, then he lowered his head again.

Wang Liaoyuan’s breathing was stagnant, and then he furiously said: “hmph! What else can you hide? Do you still think anyone can come to save you? Don’t forget, you have been Shuoren Fang was taken away and was killed on the road. This shows that the people behind you want you to die, not to save you! If you still want to survive, you will take everything you know. Say it, if not, then Kang Changan is likely to be your end!”

In fact, Wang Liaoyuan rarely uses large punishments when trying prisoners. In the face of Zhu Xiesheng, he instinctively wants to give the latter a chance to “confess and be lenient”, so he would say that many, or else change When the officials saw this situation, it is very likely that they would directly impose severe punishment on the prisoner!

After Wang Liaoyuan’s words were over, Zhu Xiesheng’s body trembled visibly. He lifted the head, looked towards Wang Liaoyuan and the others, hesitated for a moment, and then hesitated and said: “I… If I tell the truth, Can you really survive?”

“hmph! Do you still dare to say the conditions? If you don’t say, you believe or not I will let you die now?”

Zhu Xiesheng’s remarks angered Dugu Feiying, who had just returned from a tour of Longshan. He was ordered by Li Tai to take people to Longshan to protect Mo Chui and other Yanhuang Academy of Science teachers and students, but after he got there , Dugu Feiying found that everything was normal there, and the students had already started to build and test the machine. Seeing this scene, he left the Forbidden Army with him in Longshan, and he himself had to return to the city freely.

As soon as he came back, he caught up with Wang Liaoyuan to interrogate Zhu Xiesheng, so he followed Li Tai. It is said that his most beloved brother had just been assassinated in the morning, and he almost died directly. He was in a stomach of nameless fire, but Zhu Xiesheng was still hesitating and “twisting” there. Isn’t this deliberately stimulating him? How can Dugu Feiying bear it?

While speaking, Dugu Feiying had already stood up, pulled out the side sword, and wanted to step forward and teach Zhu Xiesheng.

Zhu Xiesheng was so scared that he was so scared that he couldn’t help but flee back. At this time, Wang Yu grabbed Dugu Feiying and said, “General Dugu don’t be impatient, just give it to this fellow If he has a chance, if he doesn’t explain the truth, it’s not too late to hit or kill him!”

Wang Yu is the owner of the Wang Family, Suizhou Provincial Governor plus the Prince Consort of the current dynasty. In addition, when Dugu Feiying went to the Wang Family ancestral home for help, Wang Yu, without the slightest hesitation, took all the faces of the Wang Family. The dark side forces were all sent out to help Dugu Feiying find the whereabouts of Zhu Xiesheng and Kang Changan! Although I didn’t find anything in the end after searching for a day, Dugu Feiying had to inherit this love!

So after hearing Wang Yu’s dissuasion, Dugu Feiying immediately stopped, and then gave Zhu Xiesheng a fiercely stare:

“Don’t say it quickly? Don’t explain it truthfully, be careful that this General cuts you out! hmph!”

With a sound of “hmph”, Dugu Feiying sat back in his original position.

Wang Liaoyuan looked towards Zhu Xiesheng at this time and said: “This official assures you that as long as you can truthfully explain, this official will do everything possible to save your life. Let’s talk now!”

These two people can be described as one singing red face and the other singing white face. After some intimidation and a lot of benefit, Zhu Xiesheng’s psychological defense was finally breached!

“The young man is willing to explain, and he is willing to explain everything, and I also ask the provincial governor to be able to show his favor outside the law and leave the young man with a fate!”

Zhu Xiesheng was like catching a life-saving straw. He knelt and bowed to Wang Liaoyuan. After a while, he calmed down a bit and said slowly:

“Little…the little one is named Kang Changan, from Turkic Zhu Xie’s Ministry, and has been doing business on the grassland since childhood!”


(End of this chapter)

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