Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1891


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“Brother He Li is right!”

In the tooth tent of the Qizhi department, Qihe Heli’s voice fell off. Everyone was silent for a moment, and then the Yi man spoke out in agreement: “The servant Tuli has always been scheming. I don’t believe him after he released this rumor. There will be no next move! Next, the warriors of our tribe will fight with the Tuli tribes, and only need 80% of their strength, but it must not be too obvious, otherwise Ashina She’er will definitely report to the Great Khan!

In addition, in order to show ‘sincerity’ to the Great Khan, I suggest that you go back for a while and immediately increase your troops to the front to make up for the warriors lost in the previous battles! In this way, even if we fail to capture the profit two days later, I believe the Great Khan will not be too harsh on us! “

In a few words, Qihe Heli and Yi Nan formulated the “combat policy” for the next Tie Le tribes. After everyone heard it, there was no objection to this. Of course, the most important thing is For them, this “operational policy” is all profitable but harmless, so the other leaders cup one fist in the other hand and agree:

“Good idea! Then do it!”

“After I return to the tribe in a while, I will send someone to order the frontline warriors to secretly release some water to the Tuli tribe in the subsequent battle!”

“When I go back, I will immediately send two thousand more warriors to the front line to express my sincerity to the Great Khan!”

“After I return to the tribe, I will send three thousand warriors to the frontline for reinforcement…”

Seeing this, Qihe Heli couldn’t help but sighed in relief in secret. After everyone said it, Qihe Heli pressed his hand and said: “If this is the case, it is not too early, and you immediately return to the tribe. Get ready! Otherwise, if you stay here for a long time, the Great Khan will be suspicious!”

“Good! Goodbye to patriarch!”


The leaders of the tribes left one after another.

Yi Nan was deliberately at the end. Taking advantage of everyone’s going out, he leaned close to Qihe Heli and asked in a low voice, “Haha! Brother Qiyou, what do you know about that sharp back hand~? “

Qi He Li narrowed his eyes and did not immediately answer. Don’t look at him and the Yi man normally “watching and helping each other” in front of Jie Li, looking like a good friend, but Qi He Li never counted on The man will regard him as a good friend who can push his heart. The two have dealt with each other for such a long time. He Li knows that Yi Nan is very ambitious. He just wants to protect his tribe, but Yi Nan is like Jie Li. It’s Xiongtu Hegemony!

Therefore, Qihe Heli has always maintained a certain degree of vigilance for Yi Nan!

At this moment, he pondered for a moment, and said to Yi Nan indifferently: “Brother joked! In terms of the ability to inquire about intelligence, I am far behind Uyghur Khaganate. What you don’t know, how do I know about it~ ?”

The Yi man pointed at Qiqi He force, and faint smiled and said: “Hey! Qiqi, you are also hypocritical, why are you like the people of the Central Plains? Actually, Tuli may have a back hand, you and me. Everyone knows that although some of my Uyghur Khaganate’s warriors are good at spying on information, they are now stationed at the southernmost part of Turiyatin, but the people you associate with the tribe, have the Turians secretly headed south in recent days? Great Tang, you know better than me!”

Hearing this, Qi Heli’s heart moved. He didn’t feel angry because of Yi Nan’s words, but Yi Nan’s words reminded him of one thing, since he previously thought that a sudden profit was to beg Great Tang Recruiting soldiers, those who have made a profit in the past few days will definitely find a way to go south, he can send people to investigate from this direction!

“…old man not at all received such news in recent days, if received, old man will send someone to notify Yi Nan brother!”

These thoughts are just passing away in Qi Heli’s heart. After he came back to his senses, he looked at the barbarians as usual.

“Okay! Then I’ll wait for good news from you, man!”

Yi Nan hugged cup one fist in the other hand, laughed heartily, and walked away.

The two obviously had a tacit understanding in their hearts. They both believed that Tuli had released the rumors, and the subsequent move must be to ask for help from Great Tang. Following the example of the chief of the Khitan Tribe department, they led their troops to return to Great Tang directly. But these two people have overlooked one thing. The rumor that was released suddenly is not a rumor. It is really possible that the sky will be cold at the end of July!

Furthermore, even though the sudden-profits currently do not have a breakthrough to encircle and seek help from the south, the Emissary on the Great Tang side has secretly sneaked into the grassland!


“Khan! The subordinates have ordered people to spread the rumor. Now the grasslands are basically well known! The subordinates bought a few Uyghur Khaganate soldiers. According to them, it was midday. The Khan summoned the ten chiefs to discuss the matter in the royal court. From this point of view, the Khan should have noticed this rumor!”

Tuli Yating, Ni Xuantuo respectfully cup one fist in the other hand.

hearing this, Tuli’s face is not at all happy. His Both eyes are spiritless looking at the sword hanging on the weapon rack beside him, expressionlessly said: “Okay! General Ni has worked hard!”

Ni Shuituo looked at Tuli’s face and asked tentatively: “What’s the hidden worries of Khan?”

Tuli finally turned his head, looked towards Ni Yutuo, nodded and said: “If Ben Khan is not bad, if Jie Li hears this rumor, he will be vigilant about Ben Khan, and maybe he will come here. Increase troops! Otherwise, he will not summon the ten leaders to the royal court for discussion! Next, our life will be difficult. I am afraid that there will be several fierce battles. I don’t know if the soldiers can hold it!”

After listening to Tuli’s remarks, Ni Shuituo suddenly realized that he finally understood the danger at hand. He couldn’t help but heart startled and couldn’t help saying: “In this way, are we not caught by the Great Tang Ju country? Did the public give up?”

Shook the head and said: “That’s not all! Right now we are in a desperate situation. If we want to break out of the siege, in the words of the Central Plains, it is tantamount to taking a chestnut out of a fire. This rumor will certainly give us right now. Bringing a crisis, a crisis crisis, is the coexistence of danger and opportunity. If the rumors come true, then it will become our chance to get out of trouble!”

Speaking of this, Tuli suddenly remembered something. He paused and asked: “Oh, yes! That Tang Jian, has there been a change from yesterday to now~?”

It’s okay that he didn’t mention this. At the mention of Ni Xuantuo’s nose, he almost got annoyed: “hmph! This guy is honest, he and his people stay in the camp all day long, never going anywhere. It was a comfortable and tight life! Our soldiers fought hard outside, but he did well, and sat comfortably in the camp, drinking tea and playing chess. He also brought Khan from the Central Plains to your Daoist I’m drinking Immortal tea!”

“What? What happened?”

hearing this, Suddenly stared, but he changed his mind, and a smile appeared on his face for an instant, and he waved his hand, said with a smile: “that’s all that’s all! Don’t care! He! Ben Khan didn’t expect this Tang Jian was so courageous, he was so calm in Ben Khan’s camp! But the calmer he is, the more confident he is, and the success of our plan is. The higher!”

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