Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1896


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“Qingque! Follow me!”

In the post house one hour ago, Mo Chui quickly put the silk cloth with the words in his hand into his sleeve, and looked around all around vigilantly, then he turned his head and said to Li Tai.


Li Tai nodded, under the leadership of Mo Chui, the two came to the backyard of the post house. There are piles of machinery and equipment brought from the Academy, guarded by the Forbidden Army day and night, so this place is undoubtedly more than the previous quiet room It is safe, and no one will secretly eavesdrop.

“Qingque, the Li Junxian above, is it the current leader of Baiqi?”

Under a big banyan tree in the backyard, after repeatedly confirming that no one was eavesdropping in the surrounding several feet, Mo Chui looked towards Li Tai and asked with a serious face.

Mohist School of Thought used to live in a place of bitter cold without asking about world affairs and politics. At that time, Mo Chui did not know who Li Junxian was, but since last year, everyone from Mohist School of Thought joined Yanhuang Academy under the leadership of Mo Huai. of Science, after officially entering the WTO, Mo Chui has gradually become familiar with some officials and generals of the Imperial court and can be named!


Li Tai nodded, he condensed his eyebrows and said: “Didn’t expect that Father Emperor actually sent Li commander here, but the strange thing is, since he came to Taiyuan, why not show up?” p>

Mo Chui didn’t answer the call, but asked again: “Qingque, can you be sure that the person who sent us this letter must be Li Junxian? Will someone impostor~?”

Li Tai thought about it seriously, then shook his head: “It shouldn’t be! Since the other party can send a message to us, it means that he is near us, and it is very likely that he has heard our previous conversation. If If he is not the leader of Li, but our enemy, he doesn’t need to do anything extra, just send someone to ambush the way we escort the Firepower Generator!”

“en! Qingque, what you said is right! So it seems that General Li is really telling us secretly!”

Mo Chui nodded, and then continued: “As for why he didn’t show up, I think it’s the current situation in Taiyuan City. It’s more convenient for him to hide in the dark than to stay in the light! After all, we are in the light, the enemy In the dark, bright guns are easy to hide, but dark arrows are hard to guard!”

hearing this, Li Tai agreed: “Mr.’s analysis is reasonable!”

“The question now is, since an unidentified person has eavesdropped on the plan we discussed earlier, how should we do it in the afternoon~? In addition, who is this eavesdropper? Where does it come from? He and the previous assassination Are the assassins of General Dugu the same group?”

Mo Chui frowned, Tao.

For these four questions in a row, Li Tai was silent. Little Fatty curled his eyebrows and pondered for a while, suddenly eyes shined and said slightly excited: “Yes!”

Mo Chui, who was thinking hard, was taken aback and came back to his senses. He quickly asked, “What is Qingque’s strategy?”

“Well, let’s talk about it separately, but at least this strategy can let us know where the eavesdropper comes from!”

Li Tai laughed and started to explain to Mo Chui solemnly:

“Now that someone has overheard our plan to escort the Firepower Generator, if he is not malicious towards us, it is good to say, if he is malicious towards us, then he and the people behind him will definitely be there in the afternoon to go to Longshan. To ambush and block on the road, in my opinion, we might as well beating somebody at their own game and let this person walking right into a trap! When the time comes, investigating the forces behind him is not easy~?”


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