Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1924


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“It turned out to be General Feiying!”

The light in the house was restored, and Wang Chengwu had the opportunity to see the situation clearly. He saw that Wang Li was nailed to death by himself, and Old Lady’s life was safe. He couldn’t help sighed in relief, but after seeing the group of people coming in , Wang Chengwu’s heart suddenly came up again, because this group of people here is the person he least wants to meet now-the forbidden army!

Wang Chengwu hugged Dugu Feiying cup one fist in the other hand. Taking advantage of this moment, his thoughts turned sharply, and he quickly thought of a set that can pick out the other people in Wang Family and try his best A set of rhetoric that highlights the merits of Wang Family’s big room, let alone, it really made him think of it:

“…Today, the Ye Family master received a message from Wang Family’s children that the assassin you caught in the afternoon had been haunted in Baoshengfang, so the family master sent this Wang over to check the situation. As soon as I arrived at Baoshengfang, I saw a black clothed person sneaking into this room. This Wang hid on the roof to see what this person intended. Unexpectedly, this person was going to treat this room The owner was unfavorable, and in desperation, this Wang descended from the roof and slashed the hut, and then you came!”

hearing this, Dugu Feiying frowned, although Wang Chengwu said something rigorous, but he always felt that something was wrong, because if it was exactly what Wang Chengwu said, then it would be a coincidence?

But the most important thing at the moment is to confirm whether the old lady of the assassin they caught is here and to live together in harmony. As for the others, it’s not too late to wait!


Dugu Feiying rushed to Wang Chengwu expressionlessly nodded, then walked directly to the bed, looked towards the old woman who curled up shiver coldly in the corner, squatted down slightly and asked: “Old Madam, do you recognize this person?”

While speaking, Dugu Feiying took out a portrait from his arms and unfolded it in front of Old Lady’s eyes. It was the portrait of the star wolf plastered all over the city today!

The Old Lady is just an ordinary citizen, have you ever seen such a scene? She was already shocked by the bloody scene in the house! She didn’t seem to hear Dugu Feiying’s words at all at this time. Seeing this, Dugu Feiying had to repeat the words several times, and moved the portrait in his hand closer to Old Lady.

Finally, Old Lady caught a glimpse of the person on the portrait. Suddenly, there was a little gleam in her godless eyes. After a while, her whole body seemed to have recovered, and she stood up excitedly. Reaching out to grab the portrait in Dugu Feiying’s hands, excitedly said:

“Cheng’er, this is my Cheng’er, why do you have his portrait? Where is my Cheng’er now? cough cough cough ~!”

But she was speaking too fast, which caused her to cough again.

Seeing that Old Lady did know the assassin, Dugu Feiying felt quite settled, but at this moment he also remembered that if the Old Lady was really the assassin’s old lady, she should have contracted tuberculosis, this disease But it was contagious, so Dugu Feiying took a step back and tried to keep a certain distance from Old Lady. Then he laughed and said to Old Lady in as calm as possible:

“This lady, you mean, the person in this portrait is your son~?”

Old Lady was stunned, then nodded and said: “Yeah! This is my family, you tell me, where is my family now~?”

Hearing the definite answer from Old Lady, Dugu Feiying was finally completely relieved. He smiled amiably and replied: “Auntie, your son is with us now. For your safety, he would need to take you back. This way You can also see your son by the way! What do you think?”

Old Lady hearing this, again and again nodded and said: “Okay! As long as you can see my family, Dang! It will do it everywhere!”

Dugu Feiying turned and looked towards the two little maids at the door, and said, “You two are serving the old Madam, right? You will follow the old Madam for a while, and you can also take care of the old Madam on the road. !”

The two little maids looked at Dugu Feiying in a military uniform timidly. After hesitating for a while, nodded agreed: “Yes! General!”

Dugu Feiying satisfactorily nodded, and then turned his eyes to the black clothed masked man lying on the bed, his eyesbrows slightly frowned, stepped forward and took off the black scarf from the man’s face, and then he said in doubt: “This Who is this person? Why does he want to kill you?”

This is naturally the Old Lady asked.

The Old Lady was still in panic at this time. When she heard Dugu Feiying’s question, she was subconsciously stunned. After such a short time, Wang Chengwu who was standing by the side strode over and said with surprise :

“It turned out to be him?”

Dugu Feiying’s eyes flashed, turning his head to ask: “Who is it? Do you know Commander Wang?”

Wang Chengwu nodded and said with an ugly look: “I know! Of course I know! When I was fighting in the dark, I felt that the opponent’s martial arts was a bit familiar, but didn’t expect it was really him! This person is the Second Commander Wang Li of our Wang Family escort. He has been obedient to our second Elder! Now he appears here and wants to kill the old Madam. Presumably our two Elders can’t get out of this matter! Body big, this Wang has to go back as soon as possible to inform the Patriarch, and then leave first!”

Wang Chengwu’s idea is very simple. Don’t let Dugu Feiying know that he knew Wang Li’s identity in advance, and that he came to Baoshengfang with the latter, otherwise they might be enemies together, only pretending to be a coincidence. Encountering and not knowing the identity of Wang Li in advance, in order to completely remove Wang Family main branch from this matter, and to maximize Wang Family’s key contribution to protecting “witnesses”!

The only loophole in this set of rhetoric is that the Old Lady had heard the conversation between him and Wang Li before, but at that time most of the conversations between them were ambiguous. Old Lady didn’t know the whole In the case of the entire process of development, just by relying on those few words, you may not know the pros and cons of this, and it was he who saved the life of the Old Lady from Wang Li’s hand. How to say he is also the life saving benefactor of the Old Lady. He believes that Old Lady will not mention these details to Dugu Feiying!

In addition, I took another ten thousand steps and said that even if Old Lady talked to Dugu Feiying about the conversation between him and Wang Li, it would be harmless. After all, he killed Wang Li and saved Old Lady. This is Tie Zhengzheng The fact that, by virtue of this, he and the forces behind him are impossible as a group with Wang Li!

Wang Li’s life is the name of the Wang Family main branch dedicated to Li Er and dedicated to the Imperial Court!

“It was actually the Second Commander of the Wang Family guard!”

hearing this, Dugu Feiying couldn’t help but startled, he looked towards Wang Chengwu, and a hint of meaning flashed through his eyes, and then he nodded and said to Wang Chengwu: “If this kind of thing has happened, you should indeed inform the Lord Wang Family, Commander Wang Come back soon!”

Everyone in the Wang Chengwu dynasty hugged cup one fist in the other hand and said, “Farewell this Wang!”

After that, he glanced at the Old Lady seemingly inadvertently. Seeing that the latter’s face still had an undecided look, he felt a little rested and turned away.

As for Wang Li’s corpse, he must not be able to take it back. Of course, he does not want to take it back.

“Go! Return to the post house now!”

After Wang Chengwu left, Dugu Feiying waved his hand and ordered.

“da da da ~!”

It’s just that he tone barely fell, and there was a sound of hong long long horseshoes outside the courtyard. Wang Chengwu’s complexion slightly changed, subconsciously thinking it was the hidden force in Taiyuan city, but he changed his mind. Even if those people have the courage, they will not dare to make such a big movement in grandeur, unless the other party is too fateful!

So, he instructed a forbidden army next to him: “go! See what’s going on outside~!”

“Yes! General!”

The imperial army led away.

Dugu Feiying, Han Li, and the rest of the forbidden army in the house guarded Old Lady behind them with guard.

After a while, the forbidden army ran back and said to Dugu Feiying cup one fist in the other hand: “General Hui, it’s the troops who joined the army from the Bingzhou camp. There are about four hundred people at the gate. Before!”

“Oh~? Are you from Binzhou Daying? Go out and have a look!”

Dugu Feiying eyes flashed, he turned around and said to the two maids and Old Lady: “You help the old lady to come out together, and you will go to Taiyuan Posthouse with Ben in a while!”

“Yes! General!”

The two little maids naturally didn’t dare to disobey Dugu Feiying’s orders, Fushen led the way.

“Fang joined the army!”

Bringing a crowd to the courtyard gate, Dugu Feiying hugged Fang Gongteng cup one fist in the other hand and said hello.

Fang Gongteng had seen Dugu Feiying before. At this time, he quickly turned over and got off his horse. Cup one fist in the other hand gave Dugu Feiying a gift and said: “General Feiying? Are you guys—? Oh, I understand Yes, you must have heard that the assassin’s mother lives here, so you came here, right?

Dugu Feiying nodded and said: “Exactly! Listening to the meaning of joining the army, you also got news, but I don’t know how Fang joined the army to get the news?”

What happened tonight is just a coincidence, Wang Chengwu suddenly appeared here, not to mention, even Fang Gongteng suddenly appeared here with troops, Dugu Feiying is really a little curious about where Fang Gongteng got the news!

Fang Gongteng laughed and said: “hehe! After Fang returned to the camp, he summoned all the soldiers who searched the city during the day and asked if any soldiers had encountered the Old Lady suffering from tuberculosis during the daytime search. Someone has encountered it. In order to avoid long nights and dreams, Fang Moudang brought someone here to find out!”

Speaking of this, Fang Gongteng also got the Old Lady behind Dugu Feiying who was supported by two little maids. He asked, “General Feiying, this should be the mother of the assassin? Didn’t expect Fang and the others, hurry up and hurry up, it’s still a step behind you!”

Dugu Feiying said with a smile: “Fang joined the army and laughed. You and I are both protecting the safety of your Highness. How can you say it quickly? But since you have brought people over, then follow me to escort the old Madam Post house!”

“This is natural!”

Fang Gongteng accepted it without even thinking about it.

“All soldiers listen to the order! Will return to the post with this book!”


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