Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1925


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“Gao Yong, Zhang Qiang, why are you here?”

Taiyuan City, on the street outside Jingrenfang, Wang Chengwu, who was rushing back to the Wang Family ancestral home, happened to meet a group of people heading south of the city. After seeing the leader of the team, Wang Chengwu couldn’t help it. startled hurriedly greeted him and asked.

When the two saw Wang Chengwu, they quickly turned over and dismounted, bowed and bowed and said: “Great Commander, I am waiting for the order of the Patriarch, and are following the secret signal you left on the road to meet you!”

“No need! The matter has been resolved! Come back with me!”

hearing this, Wang Chengwu was surprised, then he waved his hand.


The two couldn’t help but startled when they heard it, and then one of them asked tentatively: “What about…Second Commander?”


Wang Chengwu lightly replied, and then urged impatiently: “If things have changed, please go back with me and report to the Patriarch!”


Gao Yong and Zhang Qiang took the lead by cup one fist in the other hand, and then this team immediately changed to the front team, moving towards the Wang Family ancestral house in the northeast, moving quickly,

“Huh? Why did they go back?”

In the darkness, two sergeants in armor hid in a corner, looking at the Wang Family guard who suddenly turned back, and couldn’t help whispering.

“I just heard what they called Great Commander. Could it be that the person from Chengnan was Wang Chengwu from the Wang Family? What did he do to Chengnan at this late hour?”

“You ask me? Who do I ask? The question now is, should we continue to follow them?”

“Fart! Didn’t you see that they are going back to the Wang Family ancestral home? Go back and report to General Dugu!”

“That’s right! Then let’s go back!”

After that, the two stood up and moved towards the post house to the north.

Yes, these two are the two imprisoned soldiers sent by Dugu Xin to follow Wang Family’s Shadow Guard.

In Baoshengfang, in the dilapidated house, there was a thrilling assassination and rescue before. At this time, after Dugu Feiying took the people away, everything returned to calm, but two black clothed persons flew around. Falling into the small courtyard, the two looked at each other, then went straight into the main house, and began to look for something seriously.

Their eyes swept over the overturned furniture, the roof tiles, and finally landed on the blood stain on the head of the bed and the deep knife mark on the head of the wooden bed!

“It’s a knife mark. The other party pierced the person with a knife, and the tip of the knife that did not come out was inserted into the bed, killed with a knife, and the strength is above me!”

One of the thinner black clothed persons muttered to himself while looking at the knife mark on the bedside.

“嘁~! It’s just a trifling of a knife mark, so Xuan Ye sighs, you are still an Enlightenment Realm expert!”

Another taller black clothed person hearing this couldn’t help but say with a smile.

These two are the two most powerful members of Zhao Deyan, General Xuan Ye and Tianying! Of course, these two people did not secretly compete in secret.

Xuan Ye glanced at Tianying like an idiot, and then he turned his head and looked towards a shallow knife mark on the wall, indifferently said: “Use Qi to control the knife, and it can be condensed into a real knife. People are definitely expert, and their realm is absolutely above Enlightenment Realm. In Taiyuan City, I have only met one such person!”

Hearing this, Tianying couldn’t help becoming serious. He stepped forward and looked at the long and narrow knife mark on the wall. Indeed, as Xuanye said, it was not cut by the entity of the knife, but Blade. Qi, also known as Dao Gang, turned his head and looked towards Xuan Ye and asked, “Who is it~?”

Xuan Ye turned around and said separately: “Wang Family Shadow Guard Great Commander Wang Chengwu, when Bai Tian City went south to assassinate Dugu Xin, I fought him!”

Tianying was silent, although he had never dealt with Xuan Ye, he was still convinced of Xuan Ye’s personal strength. Even if Xuan Ye couldn’t beat someone, then he didn’t need to mention it!

“There was a medicinal smell in this house, and when we came, we saw the women in the house being taken away by an army. Judging from the armors on them, there were both the imperial army and the Union State University. The soldiers of the battalion explained that the women in this house are very important to them. Now go back and report to the defender, Dang! Follow them, and then act by chance!”

Xuan Ye saw that there were no valuable clues in the house, so he walked towards the door with his hand held down, and when he reached the door, he turned his head and said to Tianying behind him.


Tianying subconsciously wanted to say, “Why do errands let me do it, and you can do it for meritorious work”, but he swallowed it again, not to mention that there were some An Enlightenment Realm with a force above Xuan Ye was expert, and he was not able to handle the well-trained imperial army and the Bingzhou large camp.

When they first followed here, it was when Wang Chengwu had just left. Then Fang Gongteng came with 400 soldiers, so they didn’t at all have the opportunity to approach this room. I can only hide in the dark and watch Dugu Feiying and Fang Gongteng’s entire group leave with an Old Lady, two maids, and a bloody body.


After hesitating for a while, Tianying nodded responded.

But at this time, Xuanye has long since disappeared in silhouette, Tianying’s eyes flashed with a trace of sullenness, and he only heard him foul-mouthed and said: “Fuck~! This time this guy won’t let this guy steal the limelight again, right? ?”

Speaking of speaking, cursing, cursing, and being inferior to others is a fact that he can’t change at present. As the saying goes, he can do as many things as he can. Right now he has to go back obediently to report to Zhao Deyan!


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