Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1926


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“Escape~? Now Taiyuan City is under martial law, where can we escape~?”

In the room, Wang Kui frowned, feeling helpless.

If you can live, who wants to die? But the problem now is that the Four-sided City gates in Taiyuan City are all closed, even if they want to escape, they can’t escape!

Wang Xinyuan looked firm and said: “Grandfather, we don’t have to escape from the city, aren’t Lord Zhao and the others trapped in the city now? But they can live together in harmony under the hunts of the officers and soldiers. We only need to now Bring people to take refuge in Zhao Weizhu, and there will be a glimmer of survival!”

This guy wants to break the can and go all the way to the dark!

“But…but didn’t you say that Zhao Deyan was born low and unreliable. Even if we take refuge in him, we can only send someone under the fence and look at his face?”

Wang Kui was a little moved, but he remembered their previous judgment on Zhao Deyan, he still shook the head.

They came from Taiyuan Wang Shi(clan), who belonged to the Aristocratic Family for a thousand years, and Zhao Deyan was just a local official at the beginning. Even if they took refuge in Turkic, how could they be willing to subdue to the Han Chinese?

So they have been secretly waiting for the heavyweight Turkic senior officials, such as Turkic Imperial Teacher to come to Taiyuan City, and then they go full surrender!

Wang Xinyuan helplessly said: “Grandfather, today is different from the past. We have been exposed and our lives are worrying at any time. For the sake of this plan, it is important to protect our lives. As long as we are still alive and there are people in our hands, we will definitely be able to come back! Zhao Weizhu, it’s just a stopgap measure right now that’s all!”

“…oh! Okay! Let’s leave the house and find Master Zhao Wei!”

Wang Ji froze for a moment, sighed, said.

Wang Xinyuan hurriedly said: “Grandfather, we can’t go to Weizhu Zhao empty-handed. In Sun’er’s opinion, we should pack up some gold and silver as soon as possible, and then bring the killer you have cultivated over the years and the part of the house to you. The loyal Shadow Guard will go out together. Only in this way will Lord Zhao Wei be willing to accept us!”

As it is said that there is no profit and cannot be too early, to some extent, Wang Xinyuan and Zhao Deyan are actually the same kind of people-people who are crazy to survive under adversity, Wang Xinyuan understands that if he and Wang Kui go to rely on Zhao Deyan empty-handed If so, Zhao Deyan will not only not accept their surrender, but he is also likely to betray them to Wang Yu or the ban!

Because they have no use value for Zhao Deyan!

“You’re right! It should not be too late. The old man will gather his staff to clean up the gold and silver and prepare to leave the house! However, most of the killers cultivated by the old man are not in the house. After we escape, we Go find them!”

Wang Kui also woke up when he was reminded by Wang Xinyuan, he said quickly.

Immediately, he shouted to the door: “Qize, immediately summon your trusted brothers, 5 minutes later, gather in this courtyard!”

Someone outside the door immediately responded in a deep voice: “Yes! Subordinates comply with the order!”

In the house, Wang Kui knew that there was not much time, so he didn’t let Wang Xinyuan evade him. He went to the table next to the bed directly in front of the latter, gently twisted the vase on it, and just listened to “ka ka”. There was a sound, the wall was twisted randomly, and there was a hidden grid of about one square meter. Standing behind Wang Kui, Wang Xinyuan couldn’t help but flashed his eyes. A hint of surprise and inexplicability appeared on his face. Obviously he didn’t expect it. To Wang Kui, the Old Guy hides so deep!

A moment later, when Wang Yu took out a big red box from the secret compartment, Wang Xinyuan hurriedly greeted him and wanted to help, but Wang Kui motioned him not to intervene with his eyes, and Wang Kui put the wooden box on the table. , And said to Wang Xinyuan:

“There are some gold and silver jewelry, land deeds and deeds for servants that have been saved by old man over the years. It should be worth about 40,000 to 50,000. There are others. It is estimated that it should be too late to clean up. Just bring these. Leave first!”


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