Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1927


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“Tiedan, General Feiying, why haven’t they come back? Is there something wrong with Baoshengfang~?”

Taiyuan Posthouse, Li Tai and Tiedan are sitting in a side hall, anxiously waiting for news from Baoshengfang, Li Tai couldn’t help but ask aloud when it was approaching Xu.

Tiedan frowns, in fact, when Dugu Feiying and Village Officer Han went to Baoshengfang, he originally wanted to go with him, but his father insisted that he stay and protect Li Tai personally. Before that, Village Officer Han has already heard about Tiedan’s “civil cat for Crown Prince” in the afternoon, pretending to be Li Tai and attracting unknown forces in the city. In Village Officer Han’s view, Tiedan’s personal relationship with Li Tai and Tiedan’s own martial arts are personal protection. Li Tai’s best candidate!

“…General Feiying personally goes out, and there is my father here, what should happen to It shouldn’t be! Let’s wait patiently!”

Tiedan was worried, but he still said that he was comfortable.

“I hope so!”

Li Tai sighed, at this moment, there was a chaotic sound of footsteps at the gate of the post building. The two of them looked at each other, got up quickly, and greeted them.

“General Dugu is back~!”

It turned out that Dugu Xin took the Carriage and returned from the Wang Family with the entire group. With the support of the imperial army, Dugu Xin got off the Carriage, gave a salute to Li Tai, and asked: “Your Majesty, I will listen Say that you have asked the assassin about his family, and Feiying has taken people there. Is he back now?”

On the way back, the Forbidden Army reported to Dugu Xin. Therefore, Dugu Xin learned that Star Wolf had spoken under Li Tai’s interrogation, and that Star Wolf had an old lady living in Baoshengfang, Chengnan.

Li Tai shook his head and said: “Not yet! But General Feiying and the others are about to leave for one hour. If things go well, I think they should come back soon!”

Dugu Xin looked serious and nodded, and then he said deeply:

“Wang Family also had an unusual move. At the end, two people were left to watch. Tonight’s Taiyuan City should be very lively! Maybe we can find Zhao Deyan and the others lurking in the dark. !”

“Oh~? There are also changes in Wang Family~?”

Li Tai eyes shined and quickly asked: “What is the change? Could it be that this king’s previous guess was true, that someone in Wang Family really colluded with Zhao Deyan~?”

In the evening, when Village Officer Han came to the post with the intercepted secret letter, Li Tai, after learning the content of the letter, guessed that someone in Wang Family was in collusion with Zhao Deyan, and this person is likely to be The second Elder of Wang Family Wang Kui!

Dugu Xin shook his head and said: “It’s still not clear. At that time, the final judge only heard that the main Wang Family sent someone to follow a guard in the second room of the Wang Family, and the final general asked Erhu Zhao and Shen Quan to stay under surveillance, etc. After the two of them come back, everything will be the truth Dabai!”

“so that’s how it is!”

Li Tai looking thoughtfully nodded, and then said solemnly: “Although there is no clear evidence yet, this Wang Family second room must have a major suspicion. General Dugu will send more people to watch it!”

“I will understand at the end!”

Dugu Xin cup one fist in the other hand lead.

Two people while speaking, there was a sound of hong long long horses hoof outside the post. It was estimated from the sound that there were more than hundreds of people, and they were all cavalry. Li Tai excitedly said: “It must be Feiying The general is back! I don’t know if he brought back the old mother of the assassin! This king will go and see!”

“His Royal Highness, wait!”

Dugu Xin was complexion slightly changed, because this time they came from Cháng’ān, they only brought a thousand forbidden troops in total, plus they have to disperse a part of their troops on the Longshan side and a part of their troops on the post house. , Dugu Feiying went to Baoshengfang tonight to bring hundreds of people there, and judging from the deafening horseshoes from the street outside the post, it was clear that there were hundreds of cavalry!

Although Taiyuan City is still under the control of the government army, for the sake of caution, Dugu Xin still dare not let Li Tai take risks. He grabbed Li Tai who wanted to run out, and then shouted to the forbidden army behind him. : “You guys will go out with this book!”


The sergeants led the command. After Dugu Xin led them to the gate of the post, they saw a long Fire Dragon on the street moving towards this side. Just as Dugu Xin had judged before, this The size of the team is about four to five hundred, and the cavalry at the front of the team is only three more than ten zhang away from Dugu Xin.

Because the sky is too dim and the opponent is still far away, Dugu Xin can’t see who the opponent is.


Dugu Xin shouted in a low voice.

At the same time, he shook the saber around his waist. Although he was not healed from his serious injury, he could not use force now, but if the opponent is really not Dugu Feiying’s men and horses, but instead is coming to Li Tai, he will have to Draw the sword desperately!


The forbidden army behind Dugu Xin pulled out the long knives around the waist one after another, and looked at the Fire Dragon running towards the post with a vigilant look!

“dong dong dong ~!”

The chaotic hooves of horses are getting closer, and Dugu Xin and the others are also very nervous. If the opponent’s man and horse are really coming to Li Tai, they are now fighting with infantry, I am afraid it will be difficult to win!

“It’s Feiying!”

When the Fire Dragon was about ten feet away from the gate of the post hall, Dugu Xin finally saw the appearance of the lead general. He breathed a sigh of relief, turned his head and said to the forbidden army behind him: “No Be alert and return to their respective positions!”


The Forbidden Army complied, they actually sighed in relief.

Li Tai and Tiedan in the courtyard saw this and hurried out to greet them. Dugu Xin didn’t stop them this time. Although he still doesn’t know why Dugu Feiying followed so many troops, as long as he knew Dugu Feiying can be in that team, he has always believed in his brother!


After a while, the “Fire Dragon” had arrived in front of the post, Dugu Feiying, Village Officer Han, Fang Gongteng and the others dismounted and came to Li Tai, bowing to cup one fist in the other hand. : “Your Highness!”

Li Tai hurriedly said: “No need to be polite! Huh? Fang Canjun is also there?”

It was only then that he saw Fang Gongteng on one side, and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Going back to Your Highness, after returning to the camp from the Provincial Governor’s Mansion, the general summoned all the soldiers who searched the city during the day…”

Fang Gongteng hugged the cup one fist in the other hand, and simply told Li Tai what he said to Dugu Feiying.

Suddenly, Li Tai looked towards Dugu Feiying and hurriedly asked: “General Feiying, how is it? Did you find the assassin’s mother in Baoshengfang~?”

In the cell before, although Star Wolf agreed to Li Tai’s willingness to inform his behind-the-scenes chief, there was a prerequisite, which was to take his mother over and then ask Sun Simiao and other famous doctors to treat his mother.

So Li Tai still has great expectations for the results of Dugu Feiying and the others.

Dugu Feiying did not disappoint Li Tai, but saw him laughed and said: “Going back to your Highness, you will never be insulted!”

After that, he turned his head instructed: “Bring the auntie here!”

Surrounded by two sergeants, the two little maids helped the Old Lady out of the crowd, Dugu Feiying suddenly remembered something, and quickly whispered something in Li Tai’s ear, and then pulled Li Tai Stepped back a few steps.

Apparently, Dugu Feiying was worried that the old lady’s tuberculosis would be transmitted to Li Tai.

Li Tai was not angry. He was in a good mood and said, “Good! Good! Take this lady to see her son, and then settle her in the post house!”

“Yes! Your Highness!”

Dugu Feiying waved his hand quickly and motioned to the two sergeants to take Old Lady down.