Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1928


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Inside the post hall.

Dugu Feiying explained the scene he had encountered in the Star Wolf’s house and the rhetoric of Wang Chengwu as it was. Everyone was silent after listening.

After a while, Li Tai condensed his eyes and opened the mouth and said: “Combining the news that General Dugu brought back from Wang Family and what General Feiying just said, this king thinks that Wang Family II Elder is most likely to be related to Zhao Deyan. Collusion, as long as you catch him, I believe we can find Zhao Deyan’s hiding place!”

Dugu Xin nodded agreed: “Your Highness’s statement is reasonable. Although there is no conclusive evidence, Taiyuan City is currently in a special and critical situation. I will finally think that Wang Family II Elder can be arrested for interrogation first!”

As the so-called special case, if it is done in normal times, if Wang Family II Elder does something that violates the “Great Tang Law”, the government will not dare to do anything without solid personal or physical evidence. Arresting. But now it’s different. Zhao Deyan and other Turkic spies lurking in Taiyuan City are threatening the safety of the entire Taiyuan City, and Wang Kui, the second Elder of the Wang Family, has colluded with Zhao Deyan. Even if there is no evidence, he has to send someone to If he catches it, he would rather kill it by mistake than miss it!

After all, the teachers and students of Li Tai and Yanhuang Academy of Science are all in Taiyuan City. If these people have any accidents, the loss would be too great for the Imperial Court!

Li Tai’s face was solemn, and stood up to say solemnly:

“Okay! In that case, General Feiying, this king has ordered you to take someone to Wang Family immediately, capture the second Elder of Wang Family, and send it to Provincial Governor House. Let’s interrogate him overnight with Provincial Governor Wang! From the Wang Family Patriarch, if he is obstructing, you will say that you have followed the king’s order and asked him to come to the king afterwards, and the king will give him an explanation!”

As the person with the highest status and status among the crowd, Li Tai knows that it is time for him to make a decision. This order must also be given by him. After all, the other party is the second Elder of Taiyuan Wang Family, although there is no one in the Imperial court. The official is no job, but behind it is a thousand-year-old Aristocratic Family. If Wang Kuizhen colludes with the Turkic people, it would be better to say that if it is proved afterwards that Wang Kui is innocent, then those who order the arrest will definitely bear the anger of the Wang Family!

So Li Tai did not make Dugu Xin and Dugu Feiying embarrassed, so he ordered directly.

Dugu Feiying got up and cup one fist in the other hand and said: “The last commander takes his orders!”

After that, he hugged the cup one fist in the other hand towards Village Officer Han and Dugu Xin, then turned and left.

But at this moment, two imperial soldiers rushed in, and then they gave a salute to Dugu Xin and Li Tai cup one fist in the other hand. One of them said: “General, Your Highness, it’s not good Go! Wang Family II Elder is gone!”

These two people are Zhao Erhu and Shen Quan who Dugu Xin stayed in Wang Family to monitor Wang Family’s movements!

Dugu Xin face changed and said: “Run? Why did a good person suddenly run away? What is going on~?”

Dugu Feiying, who was about to go out and take people to catch Wang Kui, couldn’t help but turn back after hearing what Zhao Erhu said.

Zhao Erhu gasping for breath said: “The subordinates don’t know! We followed the Wang Family guards all the way to the south of the city, but they met Wang Chengwu halfway and turned back, and the two subordinates also turned back. Then they returned. It didn’t take long before I heard a noise in the Wang Family’s ancestral house. Many of the guards were sent out by the Wang Family’s owner. The subordinates found out that Wang Family II Elder Wang Kui brought us before we returned to Wang Family Killed the guard of the Wang Family gatekeeper with all his heart, and escaped!”

“Impossible! This Wang Kuiding is a guilty conscience, worried that Wang Chengwu will bring back evidence against him, and then fled early!”

Dugu Xin frowned, a bit annoying Fire Dao.

By the way, it is almost time to find Zhao Deyan’s hiding place, but one of the key criminals absconded in advance, and everyone will be depressed if this matter is changed to anyone!

Li Tai was looking thoughtful after listening to Zhao Erhu’s narration. At this time, he opened the mouth and said: “So it seems that Wang Family Patriarch and Wang Family Elder are not the same people, or else they were in Bao earlier. In Shengfang, Wang Chengwu will not stop and kill Wang Li, and now Wang Yu will not send people to find Wang Kui with great fanfare!”

Dugu Xin nodded, said: “Wang Family Patriarch is indeed impossible and Wang Kui is the same person. At the end of the day, he should be more anxious to find Wang Yu than we are now!”

Dugu Xin did suspect Wang Yu before, but after a series of things, he had already ruled out Wang Yu’s suspicion!

Li Tai thought for a while, and suddenly a single thought emerged in his heart. He pondered then said: “Wang Kui’s escape is to settle his accusation of colluding with Turkic spies. Right now we cannot rely on Wang Family alone. The power came to find him. First, immediately send people to the Provincial Governor Mansion to inform Provincial Governor Wang and the Bingzhou camp to search for Wang Kui overnight. Second, the king is now going to interrogate the assassin. There are various signs that the assassin It was very likely that Wang Kui’s person was from before. Where Wang Kui will go after he escapes from Wang Family, he must know better than us!”