Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1929


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“It’s dark now and it’s not safe outside. Your Highness, you should stay in the post house, and the general will lead people there, right?”

In the post house, the cell, seeing Li Tai’s face be eager to have a try, Dugu Xin immediately felt bad, he quickly opened the mouth and said.

Now it’s pitch black outside. Not to mention that there are Zhao Deyan’s men and horses lurking in the city. Even without Zhao Deyan, Dugu Xin would not dare to let Li Tai take people to the manor that Star Wolf said. Inside are all the killers and dead men raised by Wang Kui. In case one of them hides in the dark and stabs Li Tai abruptly, the matter will be serious!

Dugu Xin must not take this kind of risk. He would rather take the risk himself than let Li Tai take the risk!

Sure enough, listening to Dugu Xin’s words, Li Tai’s face flashed with disappointment. Little Fatty is getting used to his rich and comfortable life. It is inevitable that he likes to take risks and seek excitement, but mainly because he thinks he is under the protection of the Forbidden Army , He was impossible to make a mistake, so he wanted to visit the manor himself!

“cough cough! When did the king say he would go there himself?”

Li Tai gave a dry cough and forced a hard word, and then he said resolutely: “But General Dugu, you are still injured, so it is not suitable to go. According to the king, let others go on this trip!”

He has not forgotten Gongsunliang’s previous instructions. Although Dugu Xin is within the body most of the toxins have been removed, he cannot use force for seven days.

Village Officer Han stood up at this time and said to Dugu Xin and Li Tai cup one fist in the other hand: “If your Highness and General Dugu can trust the old man, the old man is willing to take someone to the manor with him!” p>

Dugu Xin and Li Tai looked at each other, and finally Dugu Xin opened the mouth and said: “Junior naturally trusts Lord Han! Now Feiying has taken people to the Provincial Governor Mansion and Bingzhou Camp, and I am injured again. Body, Han Lord can take this trip on his behalf, Junior is naturally very grateful!”

Village Officer Han Peak’s strength should be around Qi Formation Peak. Although he was injured on the battlefield and is now older, he can still be “topped” under Enlightenment Realm! Of course, the most important thing is that now Dugu Feiying is not in the post, and Dugu Xin is seriously injured. Among the Forbidden Army, it can be said that the top battle strength is incomplete. In the current situation, Village Officer Han is indeed the most suitable trip. Candidate!

Village Officer Han hugged cup one fist in the other hand and said: “It shouldn’t be too late. Please also ask General Dugu to order a team of soldiers and horses and go to the mysterious manor with the old man!”

Dugu Xin turned his head and looked towards Star Wolf, and asked: “Su Yuncheng, how many killers and dead men are there in Wang Kui’s manor?”

This time, Dugu Xin brought only a thousand imperial troops to the north, but Longshan was divided into half of the troops. Previously, Dugu Feiying also took away a group of troops. At the moment, there are not many imperial troops staying in the post , He had to decide how many soldiers and horses to send based on the number of killers in Wang Kui Manor.

Star Wolf thought for a while, replied: “If you don’t count me, there are a total of 120 people. Most of their strength lies in the Body Tempering to Qi Formation!”

“One hundred and twenty people? Body Tempering is around Qi Formation!”

hearing this, Dugu Xin immediately felt troublesome. If what the Star Wolf said is true, then the assassin team trained by Wang Kui is completely comparable to a banned army of the same size!

Of course, it’s just the superficial strength. Fighting doesn’t mean that you can win if you have a high level. It depends on the battle formation!

“Zhao Erhu!”

After thinking for a moment, Dugu Xin shouted.

“The end will be!”

Erhu Zhao, who ran back to the post house to report the news, ran in from outside the cell and bowed.

“Let you count two hundred people immediately, and go with Lord Han to a manor near Longshan!”

Dugu Xin Shen Sheng is instructed.

The Star Wolf is very vague. He only said that most of the 120 assassins are from Body Tempering to Qi Formation, but not at all said how many of them are in Qi Formation. If Qi Formation realm experts account for more than 50%, then the two hundred forbidden troops he sent will have a hard time winning!

But there is no alternative. Two hundred people are already the largest force that Dugu Xin can send out, because after these two hundred people are sent out, there are almost only two hundred people left in the Forbidden Army here. Up!

“We will follow the order at the end!”

Zhao Erhu hugged cup one fist in the other hand, took the command loudly, and then turned around and went out to count the people!


Suddenly, Village Officer Han looked up towards the roof, shouting loudly. Then, he drew out the strange knife from his waist like lightning, threw it hard, and the long knife went straight through the roof, with a “crash-bang” sound A big hole was pierced in the roof of the cell, but at the same time, a black clothed person leaned back from the roof, eluding Village Officer Han’s this blade, and then the black clothed person saw I have been exposed, and quickly stepped on the roof again, took advantage of the strength to fly up, and left!

(This knife was not brought by Village Officer Han from Yifang County, but before he went to Baoshengfang with Dugu Feiying, Dugu Feiying had someone configure it, and there was no time to return that’s all after he came back. p>


One shot was defeated, and Village Officer Han didn’t have time to say more, he rushed out of the cell, moved towards the black clothed person and chased him in the direction of escape!

“Come here! Chase with Lord Han!”

Dugu Xin face sank like water, they stayed in the cell for so long, but they didn’t realize that someone was listening on the roof, strictly speaking, this is the negligence of his commander of the forbidden army! But in fact, it’s no wonder that he is seriously injured, he has not healed, and his strength is not one. Naturally, his perception of danger is not as good as before. If he was not injured before, this kind of thing would definitely not happen.

In the post house, there was a loud noise and crowds of people. A forbidden army quickly mounted and moved towards Village Officer Han and ran away in the direction where he left.

In the cell, Li Tai looked at the big hole in the roof, looking thoughtful on his face.

Tiedan is worried about his father’s safety, but it is undoubtedly more important to protect Li Tai’s safety at the moment, so he not at all followed suit.

Dugu Xin didn’t go out because of his injuries. Like Tiedan, he was guarded by Li Tai.

About 5 minutes later, Village Officer Han finally came back. Dugu Xin asked quickly: “Han Lord, how about it~?”

Village Officer Han is now full of sweat on his forehead, he shook the head, a little ashamed, said: “The black clothed person martial arts is very high, and the Lightweight Art is also excellent. The old man followed for a while and then lost it. !”

Although he is the strength of Qi Formation Peak, he is good at fighting in battle, not Lightweight Art, and the opponent’s strength seems to be above him. It is almost impossible to catch up with the opponent!

Dugu Xin hearing this was a little disappointed, but he still uttered comforted: “That person can enter the post house and hide on the roof without being noticed by us. His strength must be extraordinary. Han Lord can’t catch up. Can be forgiven!”

Li Tai opened the mouth and said at this time: “The king guessed that the person was probably a spy under Zhao Deyan. If he had just listened to our conversation, Zhao Deyan would definitely send someone to the manor of Longshan to Wang Wang Let’s report, our people must set off immediately and reach Longshan Manor before Zhao Deyan’s people. It is best to intercept Wang Kui halfway!”

“Your Highness’s words are reasonable! Old man will take people to Longshan!”

Village Officer Han nodded, cup one fist in the other hand.

After the voice was over, Zhao Erhu happened to walk in and said to Dugu Xin cup one fist in the other hand: “Reporting to General, the crew has been counted, and you can set off at any time!”

Dugu Xin has a serious face and said solemnly: “Okay! Zhao Erhu, you take someone to follow the establishment of Lord Han and Su Yun!”


Zhao Erhu cup one fist in the other hand lead.

Two imprisoned soldiers came in, untied the star wolf on the torture frame, and then led out of the cell.

After a while, a cavalry composed of two hundred men, each holding the torch high, rushed out of the post, moved towards the south.


“The Forbidden Army and the people of the Union State Camp were so aggressively engaged, it was only for a sick Old Lady?”

Tongfu Inn, in the Heaven-class guest room, Tianying gave a detailed account of what he had seen and heard in the private house in Baoshengfang, Zhao Deyan frowned and couldn’t help muttering to himself Tao.

Because Tianying and the others arrived at Baoshengfang, Wang Li had been killed by Wang Chengwu, and Dugu Feiying’s people had also brought out the old lady of Star Wolf, so he didn’t know much information, so he could only get them What he saw, and Xuan Ye’s inferences afterwards, told Zhao Deyan that Zhao Deyan couldn’t figure out the key points and it was normal!

“You just said that there was a big battle in that room, and Tianying concluded that one of them was probably Wang Family Shadow Guard Great Commander Wang Chengwu?”

Zhao Deyan’s brain was running fast, he closed his eyes and passed what Tianying had just said in his mind several times. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked towards Tianying solemnly asked.

Tianying cup one fist in the other hand said: “Xuan Ye inferred by relying on a few knife marks on the scene. He said that he fought against Wang Chengwu in the morning. Taiyuan City has that strength, it is only possible It’s Wang Chengwu!”

“Wang Chengwu! Wang Family! Wang Family has also come in! It seems that the identity of this Old Lady must be extraordinary!”

Zhao Deyan is nodded, looking thoughtful.

After a while, he came back to his senses and said to Tianying in front of him: “Okay! I know it! When Xuan Ye comes back, see what news he can bring back!”

The useful information Tianying brought back was too little. He could only infer from the information that the Old Lady had a special identity and was related to the Wang Family and the Forbidden Army. But as for why Wang Family should be involved in this matter In China, relying on this little information, it is really hard to guess!

It’s just to see if Xuanye will find out more useful news while tracking Dugu Feiying and the others!

“Yes! Subordinates retire!”

Hearing what Zhao Deyan said, Tianying felt a little bit savory in his heart, and he finally became an errand runner, and Xuanye did all the work of merit.

But who makes him worse than the opponent? With his strength, following Dugu Feiying and the others secretly behind, it is very likely to be detected.