Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1930


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“Father, where are we going here? Also, why did you order the doorman to be killed just now? If the uncle knows, how can you spare us~?”

In the dark night, a team of more than 40 people is led by three men riding horses toward the Southwest of Taiyuan City, and for the sake of concealment, only a few people in front of the team are hitting torch, and behind The person in front of the team followed in the footsteps of the person in front. At this time, the middle-aged man riding a horse in front of the team turned his head and asked the old man beside him.

“If we don’t kill the concierge, how can we escape? Now we can only make a living if we escape the Wang Family!”

The old man replied gruffly.

The old man is Wang Kui who killed the concierge and escaped from the Wang Family ancestral house. The two people beside him are Wang Hong and Wang Xinyuan.

When I ran away from Wang Family, I was too rushed. Wang Kui never explained anything to Wang Hong. So until now, Wang Hong is in a state of perplexity. He doesn’t even know why his father is. Want to escape with yourself?

However, when Wang Kui ordered the killing of the Wang Family backdoor guards, Wang Hong had already realized a little bit that they were in trouble, and they were afraid it would be difficult to return to Wang Family again in the future!

“Escape? Father, we didn’t do anything wrong, why did we escape?”

After listening to Wang Kui’s words, Wang Hong was puzzled.

Wang Kui slightly startled, and then, if he feels deeply moved, he said: “Yes! We didn’t do anything wrong! The old man just wants to control the Wang Family and let the Wang Family restore the glory of the Millennium clan that’s all! “

In the first half of this sentence, Wang Hong still feels quite normal, but the second half… When Wang Hong heard it, he almost fell off his horse in shock. He cry out in surprise:

“What? Dad, do you want the second room to control the power of the clan? Are you trying to create the opposite of the uncle and the big brother? Our second room has spent the past few years on food and drink, and we don’t have to worry about it. Good days, why do you Are you going to be in power?”

Wang Hong is a standard Aristocratic family. He just wants to live a comfortable life with his back to the Wang Family. Wang Family is his backer. Not only does he not worry about eating and drinking merrily, but basically he can Walk unhindered in Taiyuan City. As for the position of the head of the family and the power of the clan, this thing is doing other things? He never cared!

Of course, as the so-called Nobody understands one’s son better than his father, it is precisely because Wang Kui knows that his son has “no big ambition”, so Wang Kui did not “take refuge in Turkic, kidnap Li Tai” and so on. Let Wang Hong participate, and never mentioned before Wang Hong.

So, it’s no wonder that Wang Hong is so stubborn now!

“Fart! Your youngster is not only proud and incompetent, but also not a little motivated! Our second room has been pressured by the big room over the years. Wang Yu and Wang Renbiao, relying on family resources, are now Provincial Governors , High and powerful, are you willing to subdue others for the rest of your life?”

Hearing Wang Hong’s bastard remarks, Wang Kui cursed a little bit hate iron for not becoming steel.

Probably because he was used to being sprayed by his own father, Wang Hong shrank his neck subconsciously, a little afraid, but still couldn’t help whispered in a whisper, “I’m living in the clan? I’m doing well in the clan. Are there any succumbs?”

Wang Kui is an old man, and his hearing is naturally not as sharp as a young man. Wang Hong’s whispered words, he not at all heard.

Everyone walked forward for a while, and then Wang Hong opened the mouth and said: “Then father, in order to control the power of the clan, what have you done recently? Oh, no, what are you doing? If someone is wrong when we go back now, can the uncle and big brother forgive us?”

Even though the man in front of him is his own son, Wang Kui has an urge to kill him at this moment. He glared at Wang Hong and said bitterly: “You are a disappointing thing, the old man doesn’t I should take you away!”