Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 1976


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“hmph! I was an old man just now, but I heard someone was going to send someone to tie me over from the Returning Spring Hall. The young general is such a powerful official!”

In the post house room, facing the warm welcome from Dugu Feiying, Gongsun Liang didn’t appreciate it. He coldly said, while moving towards the room, he said sarcastically.

No matter how the Dugu Flying Eagle is not afraid of the heavens and the earth, he dare not fool around in the face of the Elderly in front of him, because this old fellow is related to the life and death of his brother, “Mr. Sun, you misunderstood At the bottom, it’s just the injury of the anxious family brother, so…it’s just being unabashed. Your eldest has a lot of people, so don’t worry about Junior!”

Who would have imagined that the Dugu Flying Eagle, who has always been stubborn, actually bowed his head in front of an old man at this time. If this was seen by the forbidden army guarding outside, I would lose my eyes!

“hmph! Today, all of you are good people, but the old man is a bad person! Some people want to tie the old man over, and some people use Wang Situ to press the old man, hmph! In your eyes, old man Is it the kind of person who is cold blooded and emotionless?”

Gongsunliang ignored Dugu Feiying’s apocalypse at all. He moved towards the bed where Dugu Xin was lying on, while each minding their own business was dissatisfied.

old fellow this remark naturally refers to what Hu Lang and the others and Wang Chengwu did when he was in the Returning Spring Hall earlier, and the Wang Situ in his mouth is not Wang Bing, who else can he be?

“You…Of course not!”

Dugu Feiying wanted to say yes subconsciously, but fortunately, he responded quickly and “broke the car.” Otherwise, if the word “Yes” is spoken, the old man in front of him might just turn around and leave.

“Hey! You old fellow, if you weren’t cold and ruthless, no one would be saved!”

Although Dugu Feiying smiled on his face, he couldn’t help slandering in the heart.

The rest of the room except Li Junxian couldn’t help but corner of mouth twitching after hearing their conversation, with an expression that wanted to say but didn’t dare to say.

It’s really that Gongsunliang’s impression of everyone this morning is too bad!

“hmph! Insincere!”

Gongsunliang glanced at Dugu Feiying, but he was not at all planning to entangle on this issue. He sat on the side of the bed and began to check Dugu Xin’s injury.

Actually, Dugu Feiying and the others really misunderstood Gongsun Liang in this matter. When he was in the Returning Spring Hall earlier, after Hu Lang talked about why Dugu Xin was injured again, he was deeply moved. Gongsunliang had originally planned to go to the post to treat Dugu Xin immediately, but Wang Chengwu just came to Returning Spring Hall with Wang Bing’s orders. After being so dealt with, Gongsunliang seemed to be a dead man. Like an unscrupulous doctor!

“Mr. Sun, how about my big brother?”

Gongsunliang first rolled Dugu Xin’s eyelids, then looked at Dugu Xin’s tongue coating, chest and other parts, and finally put his right hand on Dugu Xin’s pulse, and not long after, he put his hand up and stood up. At this time, Dugu Feiying quickly asked.


Gongsunliang shook the head, a heavy one, and then he complained a little bit: “Knowing that he has not healed from his serious injury, how can you still get him injured again, and it is still such a serious injury? Now this situation, seriously It’s tricky!”

“…This is my fault!”

Dugu Feiying looked ashamed, and he continued: “The poison that my big brother was poisoned tonight is exactly the same as in the morning, Mr. Sun, if you can save my big brother this morning, you can definitely save it now! Please! You must be my big brother!”