Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 2048

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“driving ~! Driving ~! Driving ~!”

On the grassland of the 15 miles away from the northern sides of the gorge mountain, more than two thousand somewhat rows, a row of hundreds of people, and their UP Ahead Hundred Zhang, there is a mysterious person wearing Black Robe Also in the longitudinal horse, and that mysterious person turned his head from time to time, it was a “drama” that was chasing and chased, and Black Robe mysterious Person was obviously chased, and Two thousand cavers are chasing people!

I just don’t know that this Black Robed man is who are you, actually leads two thousand Turkic cavalry to chase, thinking that it will be unique!

“xiū xiū xiū ~!”

Turkic cavalry legs clamping the horse stability Silhouette, while the Black Robed Man in front of the Moved Towards, the black robed man in front of the Moved Towards, the featherth Hiding the sky and covering the Earth, but Overwhelming Majority Before the Black Robed Man, I have lost the force. After all, they have a Two Hundred ZHANG, even if there is a long arrow, but whether it is not enough to shoot, or after BLACK ROBED MAN I saw the scene, “sideways have been escaped, so the Black Robed Man actually did not lose!

“shoot horse leg ~! All gave me a horse leg shot ~!”

See Black Robed Man Sharp Six SENSE, the body is agile, and the headed Turkic will be sinking, and the sergeants around you shouted.

This is a very correct decision!

Because Black Robed Man can make a variety of ultra-high difficult movements on horsebacks with strong Inner SECT TRUE QI to avoid the arrows of him, but he can’t let yourself The horse hiding away the arrow, as long as his horse is shot, the Black Robed Man will plant the horse to catch up with them!

“is ~!”

Military Complied, then in the horseback of Bend Bow and Place Arrow, Moved Towards Black Robed Man’s horse legs!

“xiū xiū xiū ~!”

Hundreds of feather arrows, like a meteor, Moved Towards Black Robed Man’s war horse rapidly, although the distance is rising in the horse, some soldiers shot the arrows, and their quasi-head may be some Insufficient, but the direction of the general is no problem, this hundred fertile arrows, nearly 80% of the battle horses under Black Robed Man!

At this time, Black Robed Man has never gaoming, I am afraid I can’t let my own horse hide to escape this round of arrow!

Qianjun, Black Robed Man holds the horse back, the whole person comes from a hundred and eighty-degree rotation on the horse, and at the same time, his Right Hand has reached back, and he completes it After that, Right Hand has taken a black black Wolf Fang Club on the back, this time, he happens to face the two thousand turkic army!

If you don’t understand what Entire Process Of Developments, I thought that this Black Robed Man was in pair of riding!

After completing the turning on the horse, Black Robed Man does not stop, he clamps the horse’s belly, the whole person stands straight into the body, and the direction of the Turkic army is obliquely, the body and horizontal line will probably a four The fifteen degree angle, then, Black Robed Man’s Right Hand quickly waved Wolf Fang Club, and danced a dense “protective wall” after the horse hip!

speaking of which is very long, but this series of movements made by Black Robed Man are completed in in A Flash!

“ding ding ding ding ~ ~!”

I only heard a crisp with “ding ding ding ~”, hundreds of feather arrows have not hit the horse legs, and they are shot on the “protective wall” built by Black Robed Man with Wolf Fang Club, and Moved Towards. All Directions rebound!