Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 2049

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on the prairie.

Black Robed Man At this time, the direction of the face is just in the direction of the war horse. He stood on the horse back in a super highly difficult posture, which seems to seem to be Verge of Collapse, but no matter How is the horse bumpy, he is on the horse back Completely Motionless!

It is completely in this posture, it is entirely in the hands of the weapons, and there are hundreds of feathers from three direction Moved Towards Black Robed Man. It is said that it is in the horse’s horse, unless he has Three Heads Six Arms, it is difficult for the horse to block the attack on the three directions at the same time!

Black Robed Man, a pair of eagle glance, facing this moment, there is no better way, although his Battle Stregth is unparalleled, and the warrior on the grassland is god, but he is not a god, He is a person, he is not Omnipotent!

“white shadow, you will go first ~!”

just sitting, but not his act, Faintly Muttered to Oneseelf After a while, Black Robed Man made a decision, only to see him with plenty of weakness, the whole person slammed from horseback, got up In an instant, he used the right foot to play the horse behind the horse, and smash it.

Ma Ying, this is not an ordinary horse. It used to be the Ma Wang on the grassland. At the beginning, Black Robed Man tame this horse, it costs a lot of work, and calculates time, this horse With him almost seven or eight years, he is naturally not willing to die, so the key moment, Black Robed Man is decisively leave the horse back, and let the love suddenly accelerate to get out of this batch of air attacks. !

p, g and I suddenly be embarrassed, and the battle of Mart suddenly aggravated the crazy, in A Flash, LOOKED TOWARDS before going out! Black Robed Man At this time, people were in the sky, and the horse was also separated from the scanning range of the arrow, so the round of the Turkic cavalry was all empty!

However, although these Turkic soldiers’ intentions are empty, their purpose is also reached, because Black Robed Man has no horse to ride!

The end of these two legs is running over the four legs. When the Black Robed Man is landing, it will immediately fall into the surrounding of these two thousand cavalry!

“rush ~! All around, can not let him escape ~!”

headed Turkic will see this scenario, first, then it is big, and loudly ordered.

“is ~!”

Two thousand cavers will homite, and they have put away the arrows, and they have a hip of the horse to the fastest speed, and the direction of the Moved Towards Black Robed Man flutters!

Before the Black Robed Man is about 150 pieces from them, but after the Black Robed Man landed, there is only one hundred and thirter of the distance between the two sides!

This distance, with this cavalry now, about only a few breathing, you can completely catch up!

Black Robed Man is unwilling to fall into the surrounded by this cavalry, he will not stop, quickly turn it, and turn the light CultiVation Technique to the ultimate, the whole person is like a flash, Moved Toward, first, his horse The direction of the rush is flaslive ~!


is really too fast!

Black Robed Man This moment has been out of the moment, which is more than twice as fast as this cavalry, and the distance from one hundred thirty zhang has been opened to more than one hundred and sixty. The festival, and there is also a more and more open stand!