Overgod Ascension Chapter 847

Jingyang City.

At the time of the early dynasty, the hundred officials were silent and the atmosphere was extremely dignified.

Wu Ding was solemn and stunned, and Zir Yu, the Sir Prime Minister, was looking at the nose and nose, and looked like a sinking voice.

He naturally knows that this person is a great talent, and he is heavily dependent on the mother, but the brows that are slightly raised are obviously troublesome with the major event.

‘The southwestern rebellion was originally a trivial matter… But the northern Xinjiang and the Eastern Sea have been unstable, and these are outsiders. When are they connected together? ‘

As a Crown Prince, Wu Ding naturally knows much more than others, knows it faster, and is very confused.

“Sage to!”

Just thinking, accompanied by the voice of a eunuch’s male duck, the ministers are a shivered.

“Wu Long live long lived absolutelyly!”

Even though Wu Ding is at home, but on this great hall, it is still a Chenge, and has to follow it down. Long live in the mountains.

“All the brides are free and flat!”

Wu Zhi wore a phoenix robes, a crown of crowns, a little powder, and covered the younger face, looking very graceful, slowly sitting on the dragon chair, another wave of hands, sound throughout the temple.

“Thank you!”

In the face of the woman body, but the under the heaven, even more rumored to destroy a Heavenly Immortal female emperor, the group of ministers did not dare to breathe, and repeatedly thanked, only slowly got up.

Wu Ding and Zeng Yu are in a very high position. It is natural to see that there is a chair on the side of Wu Zhi’s dragon chair. It is parallel and respectful, but it is empty. This is Wu Zhi’s insistence on preparing for Wu Ming. In the past, it was very reprimanding a group of old stubbornness.

“The original mourning was decided at the beginning of Dawu, and the people needed to recuperate, not to mention the people in the southwest. If they were enrolled in the south, they would also be the people of the heavens and the people, and they would give life-force to the front line. I couldn’t think of those who were the kings of the toast, and they were so mad and even so!”

Wu Zhi directly sneered at the opening, which was extremely direct, so that the following Wenwu seemed to see the dictatorship of the past, and the master of the financial administration.

“Who is willing to share the worry for this, and destroy this!”

She said coldly, but the lower ministers immediately felt the coolness behind them, and there was a single thought in their hearts: ‘It seems that Sage is also an indignant long time, ready to solve this problem completely! ‘

“I wish to die for my majesty!”

As soon as the voice fell, the right row of military commanders came out to express their attitudes.

They are all veterans who have played under the Heaven together. There is really no fear of military affairs. Instead, they are eager to try.

“Chen Jingzong !”

Wu Zhi phoenix eyes swept, seemed to be somewhat satisfied, but finally ordered a person from the civil servant.

“His Majesty!”

This Chen Jingzong is a sacred sage, and the handle squad like a God. In the early days of Wu Zhi’s early days, he repeatedly made meritorious deeds. Later, he paved the way for the scorpion and turned to civilian, but at this time the influence in the army was amazing.

Of course, at this time, he is already very old. He only thought that after he had done this book of the Ministry of Military Affairs, he would feel at ease and care for the elderly. With Wu Zhi’s generosity, it is indispensable to give him a seal and a glory.

But in the face of Wu Zhi, Chen Jingzong feels that he has become an ordinary person who does not have a cultivation base. It is just a short sentence, and there is a cold sweat on his forehead.

‘Heavenly Power is not tested! ‘

Wu Ding looked at this scene, but he muttered in his heart: “The mother cultivation base, really deep and unmeasurable, just a name, a military department book, 1st Grade, and the military sage, actually changed That’s it…”

He is very clear that this is not only the deterrent of the throne, but also the Martial Path bonus of Wu Zhi itself.

“Ai Qing thinks, who is the right person to be properly?”

Wu Zhi asked quietly.

“The underworld is under control, and the micro-ministers are ignorant, not in case…”

Chen Jingzong took a deep breath: “In the DPRK, all can be chaotic, but the southwest is remotely guarded, hard to attack. If you want to recover the County City, you need the Great Army 20,000, the husband is hunting thousand, if you want to plow The court sweeps the hole and solves those toasts in one fell swoop. It is not the Great Army hundred thousand. The folk husband is one hundred thousand not OK!”

This argument is more splendid than Lin Feichong, and some views coincide with each other, making Wu Ding secretly nodded.


Only a lot of Wenchen military commanders listened, but some sucked cold.

Great Army 50,000 hundred thousand, that is nothing at all, but the number of hunterred thousand people? I am afraid that the entire Dawu will be hurt, and if you don’t pay attention, you will lose money.

“Since the ancient elites will be easy to get, and the logistics and logistics, it is rare to be honest…”

Wu Zhi licked his lips and sighed a little, and his tone was slightly aggravated: “Just Chen Qing, it seems that I have not said what I want to recommend?”

“Chen Yuchen, Zhang Hall, Bao Guo, Chen Shuncheng, all of them can be Great General, Governor of the military!”

Chen Jingzong bowed down.

“Sure enough, I don’t avoid the pro!”

Wu Zhi lightly smiled.

“Your Majesty, Chen has a present!”

At this time, a writer is suddenly coming out of the crowd and bowing his head.

“Well? Li Wu, the minister of the Ministry of Rites?”

Wu Ding blinked at the clerical officer and recognized it at a glance: “This person has no reason to insert a hand, is it a good idea?”

It’s just that the other person’s words are more difficult for him to sit still.

Just listen to Wu Dawei’s voice: “Zhang Hall, Bao Guo General are the Great General of the court, Chen Shuncheng General, not to mention, killing chickens and using slaughtering knives? To deal with these barbarians, only I have to go to court, and I must bow down to the minister… Chen Baochen, the Military Officer of the Crown Prince, will be the main player!

“Crown Prince ?!”

In an instant, Wu Ding only felt a lot of skeptical gaze shot, squatting on himself and Wu Yue.

But Heaven & Earth conscience, this Wu Yue is not his people at all!

However, even if it wasn’t for him, Wu Yue’s appearance at this time seemed to blow the charge. From the civil servant camp, more than a dozen people were brushed out, all of whom were: “Chen and other consecrations.”

“you guys……”

Wu Ding eyes red light flashes, barely hold back, then look at Zeng Yu, I saw this stunned looking down at the Wenchen, and even the constant addition of military commanders, his face flashed a sorrow.

‘Really… really…’

The indignation in his heart is really hard to say.

Knowing that Wu Yue was a horse, many people thought of it as their own. The ‘Crown Prince’ sentiment was moving, and they moved. Some wall grasses followed up. The most terrible thing is that where fish swim with dragons, they can’t tell. Who is loyal to whoever rapes.

What’s more, Wu Ding still doesn’t know Wu Zhi’s temperament? The next move of the lower court, the same as the forced palace, will definitely make him angry and unhappy, when the time will inevitably scatter the anger on his head.

After all, even if he explained that this is not his own meaning, which letter?

And what reaction did the emperor see when Crown Prince responded?

“Crown Prince, what do you think?”

Feeling that Wu Zhi’s eyes fell, Wu Ding took a deep breath and said: “Children…the children think that Lin Feichong has the ability, but the humble officer is low, it is difficult to serve…”

“Since it is quite good, the quantity is there…”

Unexpectedly, Wu Zhi waved his hand: “And this person’s resume has also been seen. It is not without foundation. The humble officer is low. It has its own court, and it has recorded the will, and Lin Feichong is the right to break the General and give Wang Mingqi. The rate of the Great Army is 10,000, and the local conscription of the people is hunting thousand, going to the southwest to chaos!”

Even if it is just a miscellaneous General, and also added a ‘right’, which is temporary meaning, but the fire line is promoted, but still let a lot of veteran eyes appear envious color.

After all, since the establishment of the new dynasty, set the rules, this is promoted, but few are few.

“Children are obeying!”

Wu Ding listened, but it was expression 怔怔, and I couldn’t say that my heart was awkward.

After all, Wu Zhi did not follow the common sense, making his thoughts more primal chaos.


After the next.

Originally, I saw Zeng Yu’s frame. Wu Ding still wanted to come forward and ask for one or two. However, after looking at the sharp eyes of Jinwu around the court, he was forbearing again and returned to Crown Prince.

“humble officer pay respects to Crown Prince!”

Lin Feichong was found, and after listening to the news, his face was hard to hide the excitement.

“Well… I don’t have to say anything else, this is your chance, it’s a fly-in! If it’s a defeat…”

Wu Ding leaned on the soft chair, sipped his sour plum soup in his mouth, and frowned, his face showing a trace of fatigue.

“Please rest assured that His Royal Highness, humble officer, even if he is desperate, he must earn his face for His Royal Highness!”

Lin Fei Chong loud.

“You are the person who went out of my Crown Prince. I naturally want you to be good… just, be careful!”

Wu Ding smiled bitterly, and again warned repeatedly.

In fact, he is already the crown of Crown Prince. His glory is extremely good. Even if Lin Feichong wins this time, what good is it for him?

On the contrary, the war is fierce, and once it is defeated, it is attacked and it is inevitable that it will become a collateral. At least one evaluation of ‘sense of people’ can’t run.

If a country’s Chu Jun is detained with an unidentified hat, what will happen?

At least Wu Ding doesn’t want such a large negative political asset.

“Humble officer knows!”

Lin Feichong complexion is serious, obviously also heard the key.

“Well, you should go out first and let Zhang Han Lin come in!”

Wu Ding waved his hand and sent Lin Feichong. He also met Zhang Han Lin. Suddenly eyes opened. The quiet room seemed to have a flash of electricity. The eyes were filled with Murderous Qi: “The Ministry of Rites Wu Wu, to the lone Check this person well, remember, check it out!”

“As you bid!”

Zhang Han Lin naturally knows the seriousness of the matter and solemnly replies.


“The major event is already!”

Just as Wu Ding was bothered by this, within a secret room, several Daoist secretly gathered together with a happy face.

“The Wu Yue, no problem?”

“of course!”

Another Daoist replied, with a smug look on his face: “Because he is not ours at all! Even self-proclaimed as the loyal minister of His Royal Highness, it is just stupid, I can’t see the situation, I am slightly suggesting a few words. Then, next to the impact of the side impact, suddenly he thought that Crown Prince wants to consolidate his position, he must set up Military Achievement…haha…the fish is hooked!”

“Great Good! ”

“It’s seamless!”

Several Daoist have to smile and smile: “Without leaving traces, even if it is defeated, we can’t find us on our heads, so loyal to the minister, see how Crown Prince’s Highness disposes of it…haha… Anyway, this poor Daoist has this under the hand. People, it is inevitable that a Thunder Palm will kill early, and it will only save people’s minds…haha…”

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