Overgod Ascension Chapter 850

Jingyang City, the suburbs.

The clouds in the city are rolling, the thunder bursts, and there are more bright dragons coming out, and the momentum is heaven-shaking.

Rainstorms poured out, and the winds and clouds gathered, and in an instant, the city became a Zeguo.

It was just halfway down in a green hill, quietly inside the Dao Institute, and it was full of rain and water, and it was not affected.

“Demon Immortal?”

With a slightly confused voice, in the depths of the Dao Institute, a slightly dusty threshold was pushed away. The sword-like gaze seemed to penetrate the sky: “Seven? Wu Zhi Little Sister is afraid of embarrassment.” !”

A Priestess stepped forward, and the skin was crystal-clear, eye-catching, and with a cold air.

“Daoist is the most untrustworthy, and those who have been sealed by Nine Songs Heavenly Immortal and Dragon Transformation Heavenly Immortal are at this time, and half of the silhouettes are gone!”

Priestess sees this, and feels that some of the hidden Divine Sense in the void is paying attention to the battlefield and can’t help but shake his head.

Dao Sect has always been happy, and the imperial court is difficult to restrain. Even though Wu Zhi forced one of them by force and dynasty Destiny, at this time, when Dragon Qi is weak, it will not be dead.

It can be regarded as a conscience if it can be guaranteed to be on the wall and not fall into the stone.

“Just… I’m bullying to my house, how can I hold my hands?”

Priestess waved, next to the great hall, and the red magic Sword that had been enshrined in the center of the constellation suddenly had no wind and long sounds. The surrounding road Scarlet Qi emerged like a sea, shooting a path of Sword Qi, smashing through the wall to Priestess In the hands.

“This sword, I have not touched it for five years!”

Priestess faintly sighed, right hand.

Cī la !

A blazing white Sword Qi suddenly skyrocketed, with a ray of rays of light, instantly torn the sky and came to midair.

“I am waiting for a class, pick me up!”

The next moment.

Sword light !

Amazingly, the dazzling sword light, like a white dragon, rushed into the battle group above the Imperial City.

“Immortal Venerable !”

Under the sword, a Demon Immortal can’t dodge, directly punctured and defended, half of the body is bloody, even if you use Source Power immediately, it is difficult to heal.

“Is there Immortal Venerable?”

Many Divine Senses have come together.

“Also, I recognized it. It is the Miao Qing True Daoist of Pure Jade Dao Lineage – Wu Qing. I don’t think this woman has been seen for many years, even breaking the Earth Immortal and Heavenly Immortal, and achieving the word cultivator!”

“It’s really amazing, only under the Wu Ming Immortal Venerable!”


“It turned out to be this woman!”

A lot of Demon Immortal was slightly stagnation, but it was only a moment of effort, and it was besieged.

When things get to this point, it is already the game of the fish dies or the net splits. Don’t say that there is an Immortal Venerable. Even if the legendary Heavenly Emperor and Wu Ming Immortal Venerable arrive at the same time, it is necessary to complete the Dragon Slayer.

“I don’t think elder sister is coming!”

In the flash of golden light, Dragon Qi spread out, revealing Wu Zhi, who is still full of grace. The whole body is surrounded by True Dragon. It is inconspicuous and integrated into the Martial Path, which makes her every punch enough to tear Heaven & Earth. Even if Immortal Venerable doesn’t dare to pick it up.

“have to come!”

Wu Qing is taking the road of sword cultivator. The first of the Immortal Dao is the first attack. The Scarlet Virtue Magic Sword is widely used by Destiny Virtuous merit. It has already become a fairy. Under the cooperation of two, it is also a group of people. Mo Dang.

“Good! Good! Good! I can’t think of the big Wu Dynasty, there are still two Immortal Venerable guardians, this Destiny, really terrifying matchless, a three Heavenly Immortal, who has ancient and modern?”

Outside the Jingyang City, several Silhouettes of Heavenly Immortal emerged.

One person looks like a young man, with a dragon’s horn, like a Dragon King, is the Dragon Transformation Heavenly Immortal of the Dragon Transformation Day, the other is a woman, the palace dress, the warmth and the moving, is the Nine Songs of the Yellow River. Heavenly Immortal.

They are similar to Rong Chen Heavenly Immortal and Cloud Mountain Heavenly Immortal. They were the main force against Jue Heavenly Immortal Venerate. At this time, even though they were bound by the court, they did not immediately take the shot.

“How does fellow daoist feel?”

Nine Songs Heavenly Immortal asked with a smile: “The Wu Ming Immortal Venerable, after all, is old with you and me, and this Destiny is not small. Perhaps the rumor, the Heavenly Emperor is hand-picked, not necessarily fake!”

“Well, even though these two women are very powerful, ordinary Heavenly Immortal is hard to match, but with two enemies, it is still too reluctant!”

Dragon Transformation Heavenly Immortal shook his head.

These onlookers, Heavenly Immortal, have long seen it. If they are one-on-one, both Wu Zhi and Wu Qing can easily clean up a Demon Immortal. One-on-two, one-on-three can barely stalemate, but now two-to-seven, However, it is in a complete disadvantage, and the defeat is only in the moment.

“That depends on the opinions of Rong Chen and Cloud Mountain!”

Dragon Transformation Heavenly Immortal again looked toward void Somewhere: “What are the two looking for?”

“haha, I have only a little doubt with my brother, Rong Chen, and I’m going to patrol around. If you have any discoveries, such a drastic change, Divine Dao is too quiet!”

Cloud Mountain Heavenly Immortal emerged and shook his head and asked.

“Hey? It’s amazing!”

Dragon Transformation and Nine Songs Heavenly Immortal startled, immediately nodded: “The ancient Central Emperor was Heaven’s child, protected by Heavenly Emperor, and Wu Zhi got Heaven’s Fate, otherwise it would not be possible to achieve True Dragon, but at this time, even a god. Didn’t show up and rescue?”

St. Heaven’s child has always been a bodyguard, saying that the country is not alive, the emperor who has not reached the end of the world, travels with Divine Dao guardian, will not be enchanted by the ghosts, and demon Daoist Magic.

But at this time, the big Wu Dynasty is new, it is a waste of time, and there is not much resentment in the people, but it is still so confusing.

“Not to mention, when Crown Prince was born, it was possessed by the gods…”

Nine Songs Heavenly Immortal is very confused.

This is Divine Dao’s own person, there is no reason not to escort.

“The actual reason is out of this!”

Rong Chen Heavenly Immortal shook his head. “Everyone didn’t know. I looked at the foot of the Crown Prince of Dawu, but I didn’t find any Divine Dao traces. If it is a reincarnation, it should be obvious. Later, after many speculations, and then contacted Wu Ming Immortal Venerable, I thought, with the sex of Immortal Venerable, how can this be allowed? It must be that the Deity refining of the reincarnation is not saved… Because of this, it is evil that Heavenly Court gods, if the Heavenly Emperor is hand-picked True Dragon, there is a crackdown, this time it is not so simple…”

“originally is this way! One drink, one is the first!”

Several Heavenly Immortal have their jaws.

Heavenly Emperor is a well-known thing, and Heavenly Court has always been a detachment. Even though those gods are sitting on the sidelines, there are some reasons to evade. Anyway, the responsibility of k is only to protect Divine Dao and Heavenly Court that’s all. How can it be?

At the time of these Heavenly Immortal discussions, the battle has become more intense.

In the field, Wu Zhi and Wu Qing’s horns were slightly scattered, even though they were still very fierce, but they gave people a sense of returning light.

“jié jié … can be supported by the seven of us, and it has been very difficult to support it now. This devil has decided that it will give you the most painless way to die and be my own food. How? haha…”

The madman was smirking and leaping out, his fists clenched in both hands, and Heaven & Earth trembled.

‘elder sister! ‘

Wu Qing only felt the pressure was unprecedented. Suddenly, Wu Zhi’s voice came from the ear: ‘The king died, I can’t go, let’s ask the elder sister to retire, take the husband’s bloodline…’

With Wu Zhi’s temperament, it can be said that it is completely poor.

“Do not!”

Wu Qing took out a sword, and Hui shined through the capital. The word stopped was: “I don’t want it!”

“I had already missed it once and couldn’t follow Adi. I don’t want to miss it for the second time, which leads to regrets for a lifetime!”

She licked her lips with a strong color on her face.

“Well, nothing…”

Wu Zhi smiled: “Being a number of days, losing is also a number of days. At least I have worked hard, and I have tried my best to bring the world back to the formal, but why… I have no husband, I really have nothing to do?”

The two women sighed and found that at the last moment, they thought about it, but they still couldn’t get around that silhouette.


The next moment, accompanied by the roar of seven Demon Immortal, the majestic force surged, and the two women flew out in an instant. Demon Immortal laughed wildly, and the palm of the palm fan directly grabbed Wu Zhi.

“Female Emperor!!!”

Underneath, Wu Ding looked at this scene, but he was stunned.

Regardless of the outside rumors, this after all is the mother of his birth.

Hong long!

In the meantime, Heaven & Earth is one of the quiet.


Wu Zhi and Wu Qing looked at the doubts and saw a familiar back in front of them.

“Sorry, I am late!”

Wu Ming turned back and revealed a trace of apologetic smile.


“It’s him!”

Off the court, Rong Chen Heavenly Immortal and Cloud Mountain and other Immortal Venerable exclaimed: “This is actually coming back! Isn’t the rumor that has already broken the border? The Return must be changed!”

“You are… Wu Ming Heavenly Immortal, Wu Zhi’s husband, the legendary Immortal Venerable!”

Demon Immortal, like Shuhan, has a big bell-like eye, but I can’t remember how the other person arrived.

“Lord Father !”

Underneath, Wu Ding looked at the silhouette and was also lost.



Wu Zhi and Wu Qing look at each other, even though their minds are tempered, they are all complicated at this time: “You are finally back!”

“Yeah, I am back, and for a long time, I will not leave!”

Wu Ming smiled.

Rank 10 eternal way, it is there! It is a long process to the extreme.

In the meantime, he had enough time to swim around in each and everyone Universe world, and broke everything that belongs to him.

Just like the fish in front of you!

“Even if it is the Immortal Venerable, what about the legendary Golden Immortal?”

Many of Demon Immortal’s foreheads have a creepy black texture: “At this point, what other retreats do I have?”

“You… when you didn’t pay attention to it, the tumor turned out to be so big, it seems to be a mistake!”

Wu Ming looked at Demon Immortal in front of him and the familiar aura on their foreheads. The smile became more and more secret: “Since it is a mistake, it should be corrected!”

On the periphery, Nine Songs Heavenly Immortal and the others are watching this scene nervously.

But in the next moment, they were all starred wide-eyed, because before the arrogance, the seven Demon Immortal of the boast shamelessly disappeared disappear without a trace.

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