Overgod Ascension Chapter 851

“Wait… why are we here?”

“It seems that Demon Immortal attacked the big Wu Dynasty, I am waiting to see the situation…”

Outside of Jingyang City, several Rank 6 Heavenly Immortal, still watching, all have doubts in their eyes: “Just the Demon Immortal? Why am I not impressed?”

Rank 9 exists, almost omniscient and omnipotent, with every move, with incredible power.

Just a moment before the Wu Ming killing intent, the seven Demon Immortal were “disappeared” from the world, not only the ‘disappearing’, but even the existing ‘concepts’ were completely erased, even k They also carry a little World Origin Authority, which is completely useless!

“Next, that is…”

Wu Ming turned his eyes and saw Rong Chen Heavenly Immortal and the others: “Treaching the trust, standing by, the death penalty is exempt, the living sin is difficult, when knocked out the fairy, become a mortal!”


Rong Chen Heavenly Immortal waited for a surprise. Suddenly, I felt that with the body Magic Power disappeared quickly. Even Boundary really fell, losing the grasp of the Strength of World, and even Grotto Heaven was fading.

In just a few breaths, when they fell below Earth Immortal, Heavenly Master, and so on, they became truly ordinary people!


This incredible scene immediately made Wu Qing and Wu Zhi grow their eyes.

In the Great Zhou world, they are the best ones for Wu Ming. Naturally understand his deep and unmeasurable. This Return must have another breakthrough.

If the Grand Divine Ability is applied, and many Heavenly Immortals are destroyed, perhaps they are not so surprised.

But now?

The mouth contains the heavenly constitution, and the words Immortal Venerable are lost. I am afraid that even the Heavenly Emperor can’t do it?

“Oh, yes, and Heavenly Court!”

Wu Ming’s thoughts, in the Divine Dao Heavenly Court, a huge black ball fell, from which a lot of annihilation thunder, a lot of gods were rubbed to the edge is a heavy blow, Divinity once had a bad thoughts.

“That is……”

This huge movement immediately awakened the Heavenly Emperor, who was sleeping in the depths of Heavenly Court.

However, he looked at this scene, but his face only showed a smile.

After all, even though I don’t know Wu Ming’s Boundary at this time, the feeling of deep and unmeasurable is that he understands the gap between them.

Even now, in the eyes of Wu Ming, there is only one ant.

“This is really a sin in the sky, no prayers…”

k looks at the direction of Jingyang, the expression is complex, knowing that Wu Ming at this time is not ‘day’, but more terrible than the sky!


For the Jingyang people, today’s weather is abnormal, there are tumultuous thunder and so on, maybe it is just a talk after the meal, and on the second day, what should be done, what to do, to fight for a livelihood, but in many people with a heart In the eyes of the people, this represents a great horror.

Seven Demon Immortal, what is the concept of destruction?

Even before the Great Zhou world, the entire Central Plains plus four domains, there may not be this accumulation in a hundred years!

And the layout of Jue Heavenly Immortal Venerate, all the targets, but was once destroyed?

The Aristocratic Family, which was originally a little bit eager to move, almost immediately caught the tail and began to sing the songs of Sage.

The Barbarian chaos in the southwest and northern Xinjiang was quickly settled. Several of the kings and toasts were defeated and captured and ready to be sent to Taimiao for prisoners.

Of course, Wu Zhi did not intend to let go of other aliens, but was prepared to solve these problems once and for all.

This place is not Wu Ming previous life, the habit is to speak with a knife.

Now, since the defeat is defeated, it must bear the cost.

As the saying goes, force can’t solve the problem, but it can eliminate the problem!

However, Wu Ming is not very concerned about all of this.

His Return is still unusually low-key, and there is no such thing as a publicity. After all, this kind of world is praised and honored. In his opinion, it is also a slight thing in spider webs.

Crown Prince House.

“Child has seen Lord Father!”

Wu Ding looked at the youth who were almost younger than themselves and who were completely coincident with the memory.

“Good, Ding’er…all are so big…”

Wu Ming is a bit shameful.

Before that, he entered the palace, met with Duan Rui Princess and other servants.

It is a pity that even though everyone and everyone are now the honor of the Princess of the Prince, but seeing him, still strange and very restrained, only Wu Ding because of the oldest, but also some familiar feeling.

“Speak, my descendants can’t stop this…”

Wu Ming casually said this with Wu Ding, but his thoughts were divergent.

While exploring All Heavens and Myriad Worlds, he also left a lot of bloodline, especially on the Seurre continent, and even established a kingdom.

Just like the ancient Evil God, there are more descendants of descendants, plus a long time no see, the emotions are naturally thin, and there is no feeling except for a few bloody people.

In fact, these great Zhou children are no different from those.

Most, because it is crossed over the beginning of the land, so the sentiment is also a little more that’s all.

“Well, the potential of Ding’er is still not bad. After all, swallowing a god, the foundation is deep. If you practice practice in this world, you will achieve Rank 6 in the future, and 50% will count on it!”

Rank 6 is superbly sacred, naturally it is not so simple to achieve, nor is it to swallow a Rank 6, you can immediately create another.

50% grasps Rank 6, no matter which world it is placed in, it is a kind of genius, the son of fate.

“It’s my blood, it seems that unlike the ancient Evil God, is the relationship of the road? Or are they born too early?”

The ancient Evil God, a descendant who does not know how many generations can be turned into an infinite tail snake, extends straight into Rank 8, but Wu Ding is still a mortal one.

This is naturally because the road is different.

The second is because when Wu Ding was born, Wu Ming is still far from Boundary.

Wu Ming estimates that if you are left behind, you may have Rank 6 at birth and Rank 7 at adulthood!

Just doing this will inevitably have some impact on yourself, and it will be similar to Divinity. Although it will not come up with a god, but what kind of form it will be, it is quite difficult to say.

“I am both full and one! The strength is too much not one drop of water can leak out…”

The bloody people of the past, because Wu Ming strength converges too perfectly, can’t get an increase.

Of course, to give Wu Ding this time, Wu Ming also has a way to do it. If you let go of this source, you can make the other person into a heavenly Heavenly Immortal in an instant, even straight into Rank 7 and Rank 8. .

Just like this, it is equivalent to becoming his ‘female’, and the probability of breaking through in the future is very small.

What you need to gain must be paid.

It is like the ancient Evil God’s bloodline, even though there is a earth-rooted strength at birth, but the ancestors’ bloodline to the end, it has become the embarrassment of the k, making it difficult for the k to advance.

“How to do it, or choose his own choice!”

Wu Ming has a slight movement in his heart, said with a slight smile: “Ding’er, you are the nephew of me and you, some things, you should tell you…”


Wu Ding is a shivered, but the head is dizzy, only a lot of information is poured in, filling his Sea of ​​Consciousness.

All Heavens and Myriad Worlds … the level above Heavenly Immortal… and the strange customs of the various…

“That is, Lord Father’s experience?”

Wu Ding murmured, he knew that his father was a pretty great figure, but he couldn’t think of it. Wu Ming’s journey was never in Great Zhou.

“Yes, with my present strength, you can become a Heavenly Immortal or even Golden Immortal in an instant!”

Wu Ming means to be authentic: “I prefer you to choose this path. After all, my family’s foundation in Great Zhou is unbreakable. It is not impossible to turn the court into a fairy. ”

“child ……child ……”

Wu Ding expression is excited, wants to promise, but in an instant, it is a shivered, slamming down: “Child only wants to bear Lord Father knees, but also hopes that Lord Father will allow me to change back to the surname!”

He thought quite clearly, with Wu as the surname, and inherited a Great Wu Empire at most, but what about the entire Great Zhou world, in front of All Heavens and Myriad Worlds?

If you can follow Wu Ming and be his heir as a heir, you may not be the owner of an empire in the future, but the master of countless worlds!

The difference here is naturally like a firefly and a moon.


Wu Ming lightly smiled.

This is a foundation. I know that I have to choose, but I have too many descendants. If Wu Ding thinks that changing his surname is his first heir, it is too naive.

“Your mother is negligent about you, and it is my fault!”

Just from this point, he can see that Wu Ding and Wu Zhi do not say that they are enemies, and they are usually not very close, and they can’t help but sigh.

“But at this time, I have already cleaned the Wu family. If you change it again, she will be more sad. Can you do this unfilial person?”

Wu Ming has a slight look at her eyes.

Originally, Wu Ding also wanted to say that several younger brothers were enough to choose the dice, but at this time a shivered, but half a sentence did not dare to mention.

“This matter, no need to discuss it again.”

Wu Ming swings his hand and directly hammers it: “I will stay in this world for a long time, even if you have a knot with you, you can adjust and unlock it…”

Finish, just get up and leave.

“Lord Father is going where, my parents…”

When Wu Ding was halfway through, he saw Wu Ming leave in a teleport, and his face could not help but emerge.


Suburb of Jingyang City.

Beyond a Taoist temple.

Even though it is possible to enter directly, Wu Ming still chooses to walk slowly along the stone steps.


He looked at the plaque and pushed the door.

This view is very quiet, after the great hall, there is another peach forest.

Wu Ming walked slowly and looked awkward. From the beginning, crossed over Great Zhou, and then to All Heavens and Myriad Worlds’ crossed over, a trace silk memory emerged.

By now, he has achieved Rank 9, the almost omniscient eternal.

The scenery along the road is also very exciting, and some are worth stopping to stop.

Wu Ming was so light and sullen, his face was a trace of smile.

After turning a peach blossom forest, a clever smile of Priestess was born under the peach tree, and the water-like scorpion seemed to say: ‘You are finally here! ‘

The two looked at each other and smiled, everything was in the air…

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