Paragon of Immortal Path Chapter 838

Chapter 831

Although the people of Ziyuan did not think that the people of the purple style would suddenly break out, let her calculate the setback. If this incarnation was destroyed, the people of the arsenal were destroyed in the past few hundred years, and now they are planning things with the east runners. It makes no sense.

However, under the joint pursuit of the three Taihun True Masters, in this cool jade mountain range, the asters incarnation actually has a seamless feeling of nowhere, the two purple styles are too strict. Repairing the lineage Divine Ability, not only Divine Ability, but also the ability of the search for the sea to test the sea is extraordinary, let the Ziyuan Taoist people rely on the topography, but can not get rid of the three people to chase, but it is falling Into the siege of the three people, the more and more successless.

Compared to the despair of Aster incarnation, the three Taizhen True Masters are more and more excited. Although the people in front of them are just an incarnation, they are related to the path of a canadian.

If in the past, the Huagao people aloof and remote, they only have to look up and can not climb, and now a Huagao Taoist life and death in the hands of three people, the only real stimulation can not be said.

Aster incarnation was already somewhat desperate, but never thought that every cloud has a silver lining, Yang Junshan actually crushed the secret message she left at this time, and Aster incarnation was surprised to find that Yang Junshan is not only in the cool jade mountain In the range, and it seems that the distance between the two is not too far.

“haha, asters lowly maid, I didn’t expect you to have it today!”

“Dignified the Huagao Taoist now falls to the hands of life and death, how happy it is!”

Compared to the two purple styles, the True Master villain is arrogant, and the money of the Golden Gate is quite exciting, but it is not as proud as the two. The money True Master thinks that the Golden Gate is far worse. The purple style is tyrannical, and he does not ridicule the courage of a Huagao.

What’s more, the money True Master always feels that the two purple styles of the True Master are too mad, and now the three people have teamed up to destroy one of the Incarnation that’s all of the Aoyuan Taoist, although the path of the Amethysts will be because of this. An incarnation is interrupted by destruction, but don’t forget that the deity of the people of Shion Dao is still not dead!

It’s because of the thought in the heart that the money True Master sees that the three people have already had the upper hand, but they have never relaxed their vigilance. Instead, they have become more cautious, and it’s because of this cautiousness that the money True Master escaped. A robbery.

The three people besieged the Aster incarnation, the two purple styles of the True Master are very tacit, and the two seem to have some secret technique Divine Ability, after trapping the Ain incarnation, they can The incarnation was firmly suppressed, so that the money True Master became a helper, and he was happy.

However, when the three people were arrogant for this battle, a huge city phantom drops from the sky, the money True Master realized that the crisis was coming and retired, and the moment when the city fell Out of four or five miles away.

Waiting for money True Master feels no danger to recover and stop to look back and forth, but is sucked in a cold breath!

But I saw a huge almost heavenly daylight covering most of the giant | the height of the object hanging in the air, the golden phantom hanging down with the sun, the three people originally besieged the aster incarnation where the formation of a huge city The light curtain, while covering the incarnation of the Aster, also covered one of the purple-style Taizhen True Master, while the other one was pushed away by the fallen light of the city. In addition, at this time, the Taizhen True Master is madly smashing the Divine Ability to the front of the city, although from time to time destroy a certain female wall of the city, a loft, on a certain city wall Open a few cracks, but for the whole city, the law is not helpful!

Money True Master pours took a deep breath. The name of a Divine Ability suddenly rises from the bottom of my heart!

If you are a golden soup, you will be ranked XIUX on the Divine Ability list.

The other party came to help, the money True Master first reaction is to escape!

The people who are being chased by them are just an incarnation, but that is also the incarnation of the ancestors, the helper who can come, and that is naturally the helper of the Taoist ancestors, when the city’s law drops from the sky, money True Master even feels dead!

A twilight trailed from the horizon, and rushed into the city of the city when the money True Master was still on the verge!

Like the money True Master, he could have stopped the light. Although the money True Master did not shoot, the spirit has already noticed that the arrival is just a scorpio True Master that’s all!

“Fellow Daoist Qian, please help me wait a bit, my purple wind will be very grateful in the future!”

The other is madly attacking the city of the law, intending to break the Divine Ability, and the trapped on the inside side of the True Master moved toward money True Master loudly shouted.

Money True Master is hesitating, but he hears the too old True Master shouting: “As long as Fellow Daoist helps, and will help Fellow Daoist go to the ancient land, he will help Fellow Daoist win a secret!”

Money True Master hearing this Immediately blurted out said: “Really?”

That too True Master is busy said: “Fellow Daoist knows the power of my purple wind in the wild, if there is a lie, and call me body dies and Dao disappears !”

Money True Master no doubt, and reached out to move towards the sky, a piece of gold bricks fell in the air, but in one fell swoop collapsed a section of the city wall of the city.

Money True Master naturally knows that the true core of this Divine Ability is the magical scorpion-like magic weapon over the Divine Ability. However, the True Master is naturally able to see the money. The magic weapon is a high-quality Treasured Artifact. Although his BRIC magic weapon is out of the ordinary, it is not the opponent of the giant clam. Instead of risking damage to his magic weapon to attack the giant clam, it is better to attack the city itself. Anyway, it’s just saving people and not killing them!

Divine Ability drops from the sky, in isolation of Aster incarnation and a purple-style Taizhen True Master and other two people, the already indecent asters incarnation suddenly sneered at this time, that person was also The Trevi Master, who is trapped in Divine Ability, still doesn’t know where the other person has come to help. Where is the courage to fight with the Aster incarnation, and then turn around and move toward the Divine Ability to rush to the city, to be isolated from the same side. Convergence.

Aster incarnation was chased all the way, and even almost ruined the deity of the Tao, the heart has long been ignorant of how much anger has accumulated, at this time Yang Junshan finally shot, a cavity killing intent can no longer be suppressed, the whole body suddenly in the air Rotating, a cloud of fog dissipated, a gray hoist that appeared more than one foot in the air, and then a gray light with a phosphorus fire moved towards the too True Master.

That too True Master is not a mediocrity. As a master of the Purple Wind, I naturally know that I have reached a desperate moment at this moment. I can see the assaults the senses, but I am raising a handful of sands. He formed a golden wind roll in front of him, and he was firmly guarded in it.

However, in the moment when the gray-light phosphorus fire fell on the golden sand wind, there were countless strange and sour headaches, and the soul-sucking gourd was suspended in the air, completely motionless, and the too True Master was a white face, he suddenly I found that my original refining in the magic sands was being eroded and expelled, but fortunately the process was extremely slow, but he was able to hold on. Now he can only hope that the same side outside the city’s law can be as soon as possible. Break the shackles and save him.

However, at this time, a brilliance suddenly flashed in his eyes. Too True Master immediately noticed that it was not good, but it was already eaten. A huge force was entangled in the gray light and phosphorus fire that he was incarnation with Aster. In the meantime, I was able to break through the guardian of the sands from behind. The True Master only felt that my heart was boring, and the whole person flew forward to the severe ten zhang, and the blood of the heart turned into the blood. sand!

“Not good, he wants to escape!”

The sage incarnation of the Asterie people suddenly made a sharp cry.

And the too old True Master flew in the air, the blood sand of the whole body again gathered and turned into a cone-shaped bloody wind, and one hit the city side of the other side!

Yang Junshan’s dawn just converges to reveal his body shape, and he feels his heart swaying slightly. When he looks up, he sees the Mountain Monarch, which is hung in the air, and starts under the full impact of the too True Master. Shake.

At the same time, the two Taizhen True Masters outside the city’s law seemed to have received the message, and at the same time attacked the city’s law. The too old True Master outside the city even took out an azure’s signature. Above the city wall of the city.

Under the circumstances, this city wall finally began to collapse, and at this time, the symbol attached to the city wall was also launched at the same time, the money True Master felt the top of the head slamming, when looking up, but see The giant python that covered most of the sky was actually overturned, and the entire city of the city began to collapse.

A shout of screams came from the collapsed city wall, and the trapped True Master turned into an azure stream from the inside, and the money True Master was in a hurry with another purple-style party, the True Master. After rushing to the front, the three people did not stop after the confluence, and turned straight into a streamer moving toward the north.

At the moment when the three dawns left, a blue-grey rays of light followed, but in the end it was caught up.

“Kid, you just could have blocked it!”

Aster incarnation has a bit of a questioning tone that makes Yang Junshan very unhappy.

Yang Junshan knows that the incarnation of the Shioyuan Taoist has just suffered a big loss from 80%. It was so ravaged by the three Taizhen True Masters that a dignified singer was afraid that the dough had been thrown away, so he held back his heart. Unpleasant, faint said: “How can you stop? You and I can get together with three Taizhen Masters? Serious don’t forget, but the attack on the next shot can only hit one person. The fault is not the Senior deity. Otherwise, True Master is not so good to kill, not to mention the appearance of the Great Prestigious families.

Aster incarnation just just anxious, Yang Junshan’s words calmed her down, then nodded, said: “You are right, this time is the person’s care, I did not expect the purple wind people will suddenly kill, almost broken The Taoist major event!”

Having said that, Aster incarnation turned look towards Yang Junshan, said: “You Divine Ability cultivation is good!”

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