Peerless Genius System Chapter 859

“Impossible, impossible, start the self-explosion program, start the self-explosion program!!!”

褥刖 杩竦 杩竦 杩竦 杩竦 恢 恢 览 览 览 览 览 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 恼 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 奉 拖 拖 拖 拖 拖Rickets

However, Golden’s armor and system still have no meaning for his instructions. At the same time, the mechanical tentacles that entangled the body of Baihua Xiao Luo slowly loosened.

“It seems that you still don’t understand.” Bai Luo Xiao Luo cold with said a with a smile.

“I do not understand?”

褥脬 叮婕闯逅蠛穑 叮婕闯逅蠛穑 也 也 也 靼 靼 靼 靼 靼 靼 靼

“It’s not that you are controlling the system, but the system is controlling you. In other words, you are the system’s flaw. After you merge with the system, the system takes the leading position.” Bai Luo Xiao indifferently said.


System dominates?

褥氲 褥氲 竽 竽 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘 艘Strong 埽 闫 闫 癫 癫 癫 癫 癫 芰 芰 虢镄Π肆 阌 阌 阌 阌 阌

“Sorry, I am afraid I will let you down again.”

Xiao Luo sneered at the smile, the white armor covering his surface instantly collapsed into countless pieces of debris, revealing his original human face, the clothes are ragged, but the strong breath of his body can not help but quietly Su.


褥胝龃罅怂浚桓 嘈 嘈 ぢ寰 ぢ寰 ぢ寰 豢 豢 宰 宰 宰 汕 汕 汕 汕 蛔 蛔 蛔 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹 詹

Xiao Luo said indifferently: “I am essentially different from you. You are totally dependent on the power of high technology. I can have the cultivation base of today and today, mainly relying on my own step by step, system from Start to finish is in the position of assistance, I think this is the difference between Wuzhiji and technology. The former tends to improve its own ability, the latter prefers to rely on the products of science and technology, and the products of technologicalization belong to external forces. After relying on external forces, there are hidden dangers of backlash.”

Cannes 硖逶谖 (10) 5. 牟叮蛭 boiling judgment ぢ逅 煤 诶恚 诶恚 诜 诜 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍 悍绦俜(17) 瓜氯ィ stupid from the lucky 惶炜峙 惶炜峙 萍 贾 娜 娜 蓟岢晌 蓟岢晌 蓟岢晌 蓟岢晌 刂 刂 刂 刂 拮 拮 拮 拮 拮 拮 拮

“The host life is dying, unbinding, unbinding!”

At this time, the 褥氲 院 院 锍鱿 锍鱿 锍鱿 锍鱿 讼 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆 溆

褥胪 杷 杷 劾锫蔷笙 劾锫蔷笙 劾锫蔷笙 劾锫蔷笙 劾锫蔷笙 隽 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿 ㄗ猿

He is not Xiao Luo, what is the all-powered combat system invented by their technology.

The armor of golden disappeared and finally condensed into a golden dot and flew deep into the universe.

Lost the armor of the phoenix 翟谡馔馓 翟谡馔馓 挥 ┯詈 ┯詈 ┯詈 ┯詈 薹ㄉ妫 薹ㄉ妫 薹ㄉ妫 薹ㄉ妫 撬乜诒恍ぢ逋诘袅诵 撬乜诒恍ぢ逋诘袅诵 撬乜诒恍ぢ逋诘袅诵 撬乜诒恍ぢ逋诘袅诵 撬乜诒恍ぢ逋诘袅诵


褥肫嗬鞯牟 凶 凶 凶 肷淼 秆 秆 秆 秆 苷 痰 痰 痰 痰 痰 痰 し蚓捅涑 し蚓捅涑 し蚓捅涑 し蚓捅涑 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1痪哐

“Lost system, you are nothing.”

Xiao Luo slowly raised his hand, and then a blood black energy light ball spurred him toward him.


褥胫 颖 颖 ǖ昧 ǖ昧 O O O O Olong

After the battle ended, Xiao Luo locked the Xia Hai on Earth and swooped down at the photoelectric speed.



Su Li stands on the top floor of a broken building in Xiahai City, looking up to the sky, the beautiful face, limpid autumn water-like scorpion, such as snow skin, waterfall-like black hair, long and delicate body, although experienced After a big fight, her body was contaminated with some dust, but she still couldn’t hide her dusty temperament.

At this time, a pair of men’s big hands stretched out from behind and hugged her waist.

Su Li was shocked and immediately turned around. When she saw her man Xiao Luo standing behind her, she was stunned.

“Is it scared to you?” asked Xiao Luo.

Su Liang’s beautiful eyes were red, and he shook his head and threw himself into the man’s arms, clinging to him tightly.

The four kings of the Guang family Holy Land have been looking up at the sky, wondering what the battle will be, until they suddenly saw their Lord’s Highness and a man hugged together to regain their gaze.

“Holy shit, isn’t that Xiao Luo? When did he come down?” Lei Wang blinked and couldn’t believe it.

“I completely avoided our exploration, and his mother’s strength became stronger.” The war king swallowed the swollen saliva.

Lei Wang said: “Which big pen can catch the key point, the question that is the first thing to figure out is who wins, is it alien or Xiao Luo?”

“Seeing that he and our Lord’s Highness are hugged together, is it not clear who wins and who loses?”

Knife Wang Yan drank a big sip of wine, and then laughed happily. “Good, such a man is worthy of our Lord’s Highness, hahaha…”

Swordmaster brief remark, after recovering a trace of True Essence, he returned to the secret with a broken arm.



The news of the defeat of the aliens quickly spread throughout the World, and all parts of the world were caught in a carnival celebration.

The next thing is to rebuild the homeland. For the first time, all mankind has united as one to contribute to the reconstruction of a beautiful home. At the same time, the Heavenly Eye of China and the Hubble telescope preserved by Magnesium have found a ship near the sun. Ufo, by comparing the indifferent 褥 肭 厍蚴钡 厍蚴钡 厍蚴钡 朔 梢 梢 fo fo fo ufo is a 抟 抟 抟 ufo

With Earth’s current state of the art, it is impossible to ship that spaceship back.

Xiao Luo personally came forward and brought the spaceship back to Earth, and he was very ruthless and stunned. Chewing coarse 海 海 抟晌 海 抟晌 抟晌 褥氲 芄蝗 芄蝗 芄蝗 芄蝗 芄蝗 芄蝗 芄蝗 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜 俜

In the face of the dark law of the jungle, you can’t ask yourself to be a hunter. Make sure you don’t be a prey!



One day after the war, the sky was clear and the clouds were not stained, and the warm sunshine covered the earth.

On this day, Luo Village is very lively and, to be exact, Xiao Zhiyuan’s home is lively.

In the farm, the lights are on the knot, and the frame is posted everywhere.

3-Layer outside the farm XimonX-Layer are all guests who come to the wedding. There are villagers in Luo Village, senior leaders from all over the world, and there are Guangli Holy Land visitors. In short, people whom Xiao Luo knows come, don’t know The people are here too.

“Mom’s egg, I really envy the old Xiao, you can marry four wives, and all of them are first-class beauty, not afraid of kidney deficiency!” At a table, Zhang Dashan envious and hate, talking to himself. One sound.

As soon as the result was finished, the ear was forced by Chai Zhiying: “What do you envy? You can’t feed the old lady, you want to learn Xiao Luo? Do you have this ability?”

This statement immediately caused a laugh at the same table Su Canye and Tang Ren.

“Hey…wife, so many people are here, give your man a little face.” Zhang Dashan seconds.

At the other table, Chu Yue was unhappy, and he was always drinking and drinking, and kept groaning in his mouth.

Chu Yunxiong raised his eyebrows, how could he not know the heart of his baby daughter, but in this matter, he could do nothing.

“Well, today is the day of Xiao Luo’s big joy, you don’t curse people.” Bai Yan advised.

“I don’t, he likes that many women. Why can’t you like me? It’s unfair, it’s fair, obviously I know him first, and I don’t lose it to them at all.” Chu Yue muttered a small mouth.

“Month Princess, feelings can’t make sense. There is a feeling that there is a feeling. If you don’t feel it, you can’t come to power.”

“That is, why hang on the tree in Luoge, or consider us?”

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were comforted.

“Nobody doesn’t talk, you don’t want to be dumb, hmph!” Chu Yue panting with rage, they yelled and licked their heads.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai can only be self-deprecating, shrugged closed their mouths.

Luofang’s top management of the table, the wind has no trace of five people happy to eat and drink, for Xiao Luo sincerely happy, all the Luofang high-level, only Li Wei Meng looked at the farmhouse’s house, the wind is perfect, the eyes are with A touch of sadness.

The duck king and the ghost two big foods, quickly ate the delicious food on their table, and immediately went to the table when they finished eating.

The four kings of the Guang family Holy Land bowed to Curris, because they have not yet started, and the dishes in front of them are only left with rotten vegetables.

Curris’s cold sweat falls and immediately pays for the ghosts: “I’m sorry, I…”

“I have done it. Today is the day of the wedding of the Lord’s Highness. I will not rebel with you. If it is normal, I will not be able to discipline your daughter. I will kill you!” Knife Wang said with a smile. words.

Curris scared his legs weak and almost fell to the ground.


Hehe had been eating for so long, but he did not see the bridegroom and the four brides coming out. The big guys looked at the gates of the farm.

“What happened, how can the bride and groom not come out?”

Vajra was an acute child, asking loudly with his rough voice.

This also tells everyone’s voice, especially the senior leaders from abroad. They are not interested in wine, mainly to meet the great hero who protected Earth.

At this moment, Xiao Ruyi ran out of the farm and said to Xiao Zhiyuan and Hua Heying who were greeting the guests: “Dad, Mom, it’s not good, my brother is carrying four sister-in-law and Beckham. Elope to the secret.”

Her voice is not so small that many people have heard it.


Going to the secret?

Everyone stood up from the seat and looked in the direction of Xia Hai.

After a disaster involving human survival, the mystery and the original World have been opened, and the entrance and exit is in the picture of the mirage in the sky above Xiahai.



The vast and vast, beautiful scenery.

Xiao Luo wore an ancient groom’s suit and flew in the air with four beautiful people wearing red bride clothes.

They are Su Li, Ji Siying, Fu Yiren and Gu Qianxue. They read the mountains and have a beautiful view. Su Xiaobei is on his back. A pair of big eyes are curious and look at the wonderful scenery. .

“so beautiful!”

Su Xiaobei couldn’t help but marvel, and the wind opened her bangs, revealing the white jade-like forehead.

Xiao Luo looked at her and looked at Ji Siying, Fu Yiren and Gu Qianxue. The three women looked at him with deep affection.

“Xiao Luo, the position of the Lord is handed over to you.” Su Li said in his ear.

“No, you just want to be a shopkeeper?” Xiao Luo frowned.

“Yes, can’t you?”

Su Lijiao stunned him, but she didn’t mind that Xiao Luo married Ji Siying, after all, in the secret world is polygamy.

“Well, I will do something before this.” Xiao Luo said.

“What is the father?” Su Xiaobei curiously asked.

“There is a guy who owes money to Father, and Father goes to him to come back!” Xiao Luo lightly smiled.

Of course, he said that it was not money, but hatred. On the same day, the Great Elder of Dan Huizong made him almost killed in the transmission channel. This hatred must be reported.

(End of the book)

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