Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2906


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The appearance of Lin Yu made the hairs of those people explode in an instant, and his face even showed a terrified look.

In Lin Yu, they feel an extremely dangerous aura. This is definitely a character they can’t afford to offend. Once they offend the other party, I am afraid that the end will be extremely miserable!

“Sir, we are talking about Xiao Ye Wang’s exit.”

Forcibly suppressing the thrill and anxiety in my heart, one of them braced oneself and said: “This matter has been in the uproar in the entire Yuantian mining area recently, hasn’t Sir heard of it?”


Lin Yu shook the head, indifferently said: “Tell me, what the hell is going on!”


Feeling Lin Yu’s gaze, the man only felt extremely cold, but he did not dare to have the slightest hesitation, even if he told everything obediently and honestly.

After leaving Earth Palace, Tibetan knife and the others did find a way to rescue Lin Yu, but after two major setbacks, the status of Xingyan team inevitably suffered a linear decline.

If you fail once, you have the opportunity to prove yourself again. You can fail twice in a short period of time. No matter what the reason is, you are destined to be labeled as “incompetent”.

After the Tibetan knife and the others returned to Feng Li, they not only failed to get Saint powerhouse to take action, but even the title of the ace team was deprived, and another team replaced the position of Xing Yan team.

The Tibetan knives, phantom feathers and the others were all punished and distributed to a remote area of ​​the Yuantian mining area to explore the unknown mining area.

If this is the case, the situation is not too bad, but what is even worse is that the white clothed youth that Lin Yu and the Tibetan knife beheaded in the Earth Palace have a great beginning!

The white clothed youth led by Nanchen was the brother of “Xiao Ye Wang”. Just a few days ago, Xiao Ye Wang just came out. After hearing this, he launched the Tibetan knife and the others A big chase.

Under the chase of Xiao Ye Wang, the Tibetan knife and the others are extremely embarrassed. If it is not just in a special mining area, Xiao Ye Wang will be delayed for a while, I am afraid it has already fallen!

“Who is that little night king?”

Hearing here, Lin Yu’s complexion completely sank.

Although they have been in contact with Tibetan knife and the others for a short time, they were members of a small team after all, and the white clothed youth was also beheaded by them. This matter also has a certain relationship with him.

Seeing the Tibetan knife and the others being hunted down, he is naturally impossible and indifferent!


Hearing Lin Yu’s words, the man shuddered, and immediately said with a bitter smile: “Sir is this taking me a cracking joke? Dignified Xiao Ye Wang, how could Sir not know?”

Although he said this, he still obediently and honestly talked about it.

Little Night King, in the entire Yuantian mining area, is a fierce figure!

He is the next generation descendant of the “Night King”. That night king used to be a powerhouse close to the princely level, but his killing was too heavy, causing too many killings, and eventually led to many powerhouse siege and fell.

As the inheritor of the night king, he also inherited the night king’s temperament. From his debut, he was cold Xue Wuqing, and he was extremely murderous. Once anyone opposed him, he even slightly offended him. , Will be mercilessly killed by him.

This kind of character is naturally extremely prone to anger, but his strength is indeed indomitable, and he is invincible and invincible. In the case of Saint powerhouse, it is almost invincible!

In the beginning, there were dozens of invincible Daojun powerhouse teamed up to siege him, including three invincible Daojun Perfection level.

However, the final result of this battle is that all the powerhouses involved in the siege of him were all killed by him, and none of them survived!

After this battle, Xiao Ye Wang’s fame really spread throughout the Yuantian mining area, and it was called one of the most unprovoked and offended existences under Saint.


Looking at the person’s description, a cold glow burst out in Lin Yu’s eyes, indifferently said: “I would like to see if this so-called Little Night King is not just in name only, but also in reality!”

The words fell, Lin Yu didn’t care about these people anymore. He rose into the sky and soon disappeared.


Lin Yu’s figure disappeared, but those people were unable to bear held breath cold air, and their hearts could not help setting off a raging wave.

“Listen to what this means, does that person want to challenge Xiao Ye Wang?”

“If it is someone else who tries to challenge Xiao Ye Wang, it must be a sure death, but this person gives me the feeling that it is extremely dangerous, I am afraid that it will not be much worse than that Xiao Ye Wang!”

“An unfamiliar powerhouse that has never been heard of, an old powerhouse that kills a lot of reputation, if these two people are right, it will definitely be a terrifying big collision!”

“Go, follow us and see!”

In my heart, there were various thoughts, next moment, and these people immediately responded, quickly moved towards Lin Yu, following along the direction of departure.


Three days later, a desolate and dead plain.

whiz whiz whiz!

Splitting the air sound suddenly sounded, breaking the silence of this plain, three silhouettes were madly scouring, it was the three of Tibetan knife, fantasy feather, and cloud charm.

At the same time, there is a corpse behind the Tibetan knife, and that corpse is another member of the Xing Yan squad, Fengmo!

“Damn it!”

In the process of madness, Huanyu’s face was full of unwillingness, grief and indignation, and he growled: “The wind demon will die, all for the purpose of covering us. I am unwilling, I hate!”

“To blame, we can only blame our inferior skills!”

The face of Zang Dao is equally ugly. He said solemnly: “Compared to that little night king, our strength is still too weak. The most important thing now is to find a way to escape from this place. !”

“Do you still want to escape?”

This is where a cold voice suddenly sounded, the voice was so cold that the whole void was filled with a chill.

At the same time, the whole sky became dark, as if night fell, and then, a man wearing black robes and black long hair shawls, with extremely cold eyes, appeared in the Tibetan knife and the others before.

“Little Night King!”

When I saw the advent of the black hair man, the faces of the Tibetan knife and the others showed a desperate look.

The people in front of you are the fierce little night king!

Not long ago, it was this man who beheaded the wind demon, forcing them to be able to flee in fright, but only one hour later did not arrive, this little night king, he was catching up with them again!

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