Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2907


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whiz whiz whiz!

next moment, one after another splitting the air sound sounded, and dozens of powerhouses came, all of them invincible Daojun powerhouse.

No matter how cold and cruel the Xiao Ye Wang is, but after all, he is one of the strongest beings under Saint, and naturally can attract enough fans. These people are all followers of Xiao Ye Wang!

apart from this, there are a lot of powerhouses approaching quickly around, all of whom are spectators who come from the wind.

Several decades later, Xiao Ye Wang went out again. Naturally, many people are very interested in his current strength. He hurried to witness Xiao Ye Wang’s shot.

“It’s finished!”

Looking at the little night king in front of him, there was a bitter smile on the face of Tibetan knife, and the back face became firm, looking at the two of Yu Yu, saying: “Fantasy Yu, Yun Mei, I will try to fight for you for a while , Hurry up!”

“Captain, let’s run away!”

Fantasy feather low shouted: “Among the few of us, your strength is the strongest. If you escape, there will be a trace of hope in the future to avenge us!”

“So far, do you still want to escape?”

Wait for the Tibetan knives to continue talking, Xiao Ye Wang’s indifferent voice rang out: “You don’t have to argue anymore, anyway, the three of you, one can’t escape today!”


The words fell, he suddenly shot with a palm, the power of terror broke out, and turned into a monstrous giant palm, which directly suppressed the Tibetan knife and the others!

“You are too arrogant!”

The Tibetan knife roared, and even if it was killed, the divine force of his body surged, and one saber slammed out, and the saber glow burst out. However, just a touch, this saber glow is directly It broke apart.

“pu! “

At the same time, the Tibetan knife took a big spit of blood, and the whole person flew out like a broken kite.

With just a palm of his hand, the Tibetan knife was lost to Xiao Ye Wang, and was directly hit hard. This gap is really too big!


Yan Yu and Yun Mei shouted immediately, and immediately rushed up to support the Tibetan knife, and at the same time, their faces showed a decisive color.

The matter is here. They want to run away. It is already an impossible thing. Now that they are destined to die, they must at least have some dignity!

“Fight with him!”

Due to the anger, the two feathers were killed at the same time, their divine force burned up, and the battle strength soared to the limit. This is the last counterattack before dying!

“overestimate one’s capabilities!”

For this, the little night king just spit out four words coldly, and a long spear of one pitch-black as ink appeared in his hand, a spear waved out, and voids suddenly showed numerous ripples, and then turned into amazing storm.


A dark dragon emerged, and a horrible aura was surging all over it, bombarding the two to the magic feather at an alarming speed. The aura emitted by the two was not on the same level.

It is conceivable that the moment when the two contacted, it was the death of both Yu and Yumei!

“Stop it!”

At a critical moment, a burst of shouting suddenly sounded from a distance, and then, a ray of sword light whizzed like a falling star, Single Sword East-Rising, instantly cut the dark dragon into two cut!

whiz whiz whiz!

Swiftly, a splitting the air sound sounded, and a youth wearing a blood robe and carrying a long sword quickly descended and appeared in front of everyone.

“Blood You!”

After seeing the appearance of the blood robe youth, the face of Yu Yu, Yun Mei, and the severely wounded Tibetan knife all changed completely, and I could hardly believe my eyes.

In their view, Lin Yu had already fallen into Earth Palace long ago. For this, their hearts were full of guilt, but at this moment, Lin Yu appeared in front of them again!


Fantasy pinched his palm subconsciously, a sudden pain came, and suddenly made him realize that all this was not the illusion he saw before he died, Lin Yu, really reappears!

“Who are you?”

At the same time, the eyes of the little night king also fell on Lin Yu’s body, a chill appeared on his face, coldly said: “Dare to stop me from killing, do you want to die?”

“Courting death is you!”

Lin Yu’s eyes flicked on the Tibetan knife and the others one after another, and then fell on the body of the wind demon. His eyes became extremely cold, and the cold voice suddenly resounded.


His words fell, and caused a sensation in the audience. Everyone around was in an uproar, and they all showed incredible colors.

What did they hear?

In front of them is the dignified Little Night King. The entire Yuantian mining area is famous for killing stars. How many people dare to challenge him when the Saint powerhouse is out?

But nowadays, some people dare to say such words to Xiao Ye Wang, which can’t even be described as arrogance, it’s just death!

“You are good!”

A cold glow erupted in Xiao Ye Wang’s eyes, and he looked at Lin Yu coldly and said, “It’s been a long time since no one dared to talk to me like this. Let you die slower, let you enjoy all the tortures in the world, and die in despair!”

In the icy voice, he directly stepped out, and the black long spear in his hand burst into amazing rays of light, as if the night came, and the dark rays of light covered everything.

In the endless darkness, one dark god spear illusory shadow emerged out of thin air, with enough hundred zhang, exuding aura of horror, which directly hit Lin Yu.

Obviously, the little night king is really angry at this moment, and the killing move is directly exhibited!

“Little Night King, merely this!”

However, in the next moment, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice also sounded, and the voice fell, and he took off his long sword, and the monstrous baleful qi suddenly filled up, as if the Asura field came and flooded. The whole world.


Immediately, Lin Yu cut it out with a sword, and a sharp sword light broke out. The sword light was too sharp, and it instantly illuminated the void!

The endless darkness was wiped out, and only a loud noise of “peng” was heard. The dark long spear of several hundred zhang was already broken.

After that, the sword light still did not stay in the slightest, but in a flash, it had already fallen on the top of Xiao Ye Wang’s head, and under the awkward gaze of the other party, it fell directly!


A plume of blood bloomed, and poignant to the extreme, the little night king opened his mouth, but failed to speak any words, a thin blood line emerged from his forehead, and then quickly fell and spread to his body up and down.


next moment, his entire Divine Physique split into two pieces, and then exploded together, turned into a blood mist, and covered the whole void.

Just a sword, Xiao Ye Wang, was directly beheaded by Lin Yu!

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