Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2908


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“How is it possible!”

In an instant, everyone present was ignorant, and each and everyone could not believe their eyes.

You know, it’s the dignified little night king. Without Saint, he is one of the most powerful existences in the entire Yuantian mining area. Such a powerhouse will be killed by a sword. This is a subversion. Their imagination!

“Holy Artifact! Divine Sword in his hand is Holy Artifact!”

next moment, a cry of exclamation sounded, and a powerhouse’s eyes fell on the Sheng Yuan sword in Lin Yu’s hands, and his eyes suddenly burst into incredibly hot rays of light.

His Master is a powerful quasi-saint powerhouse, possessing a Holy Artifact, and at present, Sheng Yuanjian gives him the feeling that he is not inferior to that of his Master’s Holy Artifact, even To be better.

Undoubtedly, being able to own such an aura is definitely a true Holy Artifact, and it is still an extremely powerful Holy Artifact!

“He actually owns Holy Artifact!”

“No wonder, this person can kill the little night king!”

His exclamation suddenly made the whole audience an uproar, looked towards Lin Yu’s eyes became incredibly incredible, and then his breathing became heavy, his eyes full of jealous, hot rays of light.

For the Peak powerhouse among the invincible Daojun, having a semi-Holy Artifact may not be a big deal, but Holy Artifact is completely different!

Although there is only one word difference between Holy Artifact and Holy Artifact, the power of the semi-Holy Artifact is like a cloud, and the power of the latter is almost ten times more than the former!

Even if it is a quasi-holy powerhouse, not everyone can own Holy Artifact. Such a treasure is enough to set off a bloody storm in the entire Yuantian mining area, making countless powerhouses crazy!


Without any hesitation, the people around them all scattered towards all directions.

They know that even Xiao Ye Wang has been beheaded. They want to take Divine Sword from Lin Yu, which is obviously an impossible thing. However, they can report this to the powerhouse behind them to make the stronger There is a shot!

whiz whiz whiz!

With a splitting of the air sound, a lot of powerhouses disappeared in the same place. In a blink of an eye, the wasteland became empty, leaving only Lin Yu and the Tibetan knife.

“Blood You……”

Looking at Lin Yu in front of him, the Tibetan knife and the others’ faces are filled with complex colors.

For Lin Yu, they have always had great guilt in their hearts. Didn’t expect that Lin Yu not only survived, his strength has been so greatly improved, and even has a Holy Artifact!

“Thank you, we owe you another life!”

But soon, the Tibetan swordsmen adjusted their emotions. They saw Lin Yu fall into the center of Sword Mound with their own eyes. No matter what chance they had in the future, it was all his life. Will cause jealousy.


next moment, as if remembering something, the face of the Tibetan knife became solemn, said solemnly: “Blood You, you should not have used that Holy Artifact.”

“After all, under normal circumstances, only Saint powerhouse is qualified to own Holy Artifact, the powerhouse of the invincible Daojun level. Even if you are lucky to get such a treasure, it is also cautiously. It is extremely low-key and you dare not take it out in public.”

“Just now, you used Holy Artifact under the eyes of everyone. This matter will soon spread throughout the Yuantian mining area. It is conceivable that countless powerhouses will be crazy, even quasi-sacred powerhouses. May be staring at you!”

According to the potential Law of Yuantian Mining Area, under normal circumstances, Saint powerhouse will not shoot, but that is only the Law, and it is not an inviolable death rule.

Under the temptation of a Holy Artifact, it is very likely that Saint powerhouse will shoot regardless of the rules, and in their view, Lin Yu’s strength is no longer an opponent of Saint powerhouse!

“Relax, I know.”

Listening to the Tibetan sword, Lin Yu’s face is unexpectedly calm.

The so-called wealth is moving people’s hearts, and the use of the Shengyuan sword will cause huge trouble for themselves. How could Lin Yu not know this?

With his current strength, even if he does not use the holy element sword, he is sure to kill the little night king. At the same time, if he really does not want to expose this matter, he can completely watch the battle except for a few people who have hidden swords. All beheaded.

As long as there is no witness, his possession of Holy Artifact will naturally not be exposed. In fact, Lin Yu does not do this because he originally wanted to take this opportunity to sharpen himself!

His cultivation base has already reached the ultimate level of the five-step monarch. It is only one step away from the level of the six-step monarch. Only a slight opportunity is needed, and it may be able to break through smoothly.

And this opportunity is undoubtedly the easiest to trigger in the great battle of life and death. Through the holy element sword to attract all parties to the powerhouse, this was originally his purpose!


After hearing Lin Yu’s explanation, the Tibetan knife and the others are all held breath cold air.

If they get Holy Artifact, they will definitely treasure it cautiously, and they will not be exposed until as a last resort, but Lin Yu, even regarded it as an opportunity to sharpen their own self. Shocked to the extreme!

At this moment, they finally realized the gap between themselves and Lin Yu. This is not only in innate talent comprehension and other aspects, but also the gap between courage and spirit.

With the ebbing of time, their gap will only become larger and larger, until the end, only to look up to Lin Yu’s back!

“You, in order to avoid putting you in danger, let’s move apart for now.”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, the Tibetan swords are nodded. With their strength, if they act together with Lin Yu, it is not only a burden, but it may cause them to fall in vain.

Immediately, after a round of communication, both the Tibetan knife and the others left, and Lin Yu also continued to plunder.

In the process, he can clearly feel that there are a lot of “tails” behind him, which are obviously the spies sent by all influence. For this, he does not at all mean the meaning, as if he did not notice it, it is still neither fast nor slow’s skimming.

At the same time, news of the birth of Holy Artifact spread through the entire Yuantian mining area at an explosive speed. For a time, countless powerhouses were crazy about it!

“After so many years, the Yuantian mining area has finally appeared another Holy Artifact!”

“Xiao Ye Wang was beheaded? Huh, he was just too careless. Didn’t expect that the other party could have Holy Artifact that’s all, where is the real strength of that guy, where is the impossible strength? Then Holy Artifact grab it!”

“I have a feeling that this time, it is my closest opportunity to Holy Artifact. Then Holy Artifact is destined to belong to me!”

Countless whispers sounded, and on this day, there were countless powerhouse figures rising into the sky!

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